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Holiday Inn hotel will test if smartphones make good hotel room keys

by 13 comments

Keys are notorious for being lost easily, but who needs keys anyway? A couple of Holiday Inn hotels are getting ready to begin a tryout, which will test how good are smartphones at being keys to your hotel room…

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Video pits the Samsung Galaxy S screen against the HTC Desire one in multi-finger tracking

by 23 comments

The SuperAMOLED screen on the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is getting a lot of attention – and it’s well deserved with its excellent image quality and sensitivity. But talking about it doesn’t give you a clear idea.

So, here’s a video of the Galaxy S screen making the screen on the HTC Desire look bad at multi-touch… Read more »

Nokia Instant Community lets you chat and share with strangers

by 410 comments

If you are looking for a way for making new buddies when you visit South Africa for the World Cup this summer, check out the latest bit of software that exited the Nokia Research Center. It let’s you initiate chats and share content with people in the vicinity. The most innovative thing about it is that you don’t need mobile internet access to connect to some distant chat server. Instead your cellphones connect directly using ad-hoc Wi-Fi mode that’s supported by all phones.

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Benchmark wars: Nokia N8 vs Nokia N97, guess who is ready to retire

by 79 comments

The new Nokia N8 is much better than the elderly N97 but I guess you already knew that. Well, if there is still someone among you that needs a proof to believe those words, here it comes. And one more thing: the N97 should better start packing because it’s time seems to have passed.

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Nokia announces new 3.04 version of Ovi Maps – faster and more accurate than before, demoes it on the N8

by 72 comments

On 21 January Nokia blessed (almost) all their smartphones with free lifetime voice-guided navigation with version 3.03 of their Ovi Maps application. Now, four months and 10 million downloads later the company has released an updated version of the app improving its speed, accuracy and adding Wi-Fi positioning in the mix.

According to the dev team, the new 3.04 version of Ovi Maps gives more accurate positioning, faster zooming and panning as well as faster tilting. Nokia have worked with local Yellow pages companies like Telegate in Germany and Cityvox in France as well as their partners from Michelin and Lonely Planet to increase the Ovi Maps points interest database size.

And in an attempt to make their devices an even better replacement for standalone SatNav units Nokia started shipping the N97, N97 mini, X6 and 6710 Navigator phones with a car holder and a car charger in box. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, 5230, E52 and will too get the car holder treatment but will miss out on the charger thingy.

And best of all, Ovi Maps data now includes additional 2 million kilometres of road: it now covers 77 countries throughout the world. Read more »

Android handsets batteries should last for more than a day, Google says

by 463 comments

While we never experienced this with our review units, there are plenty of Andriod handsets owners who claim that their batteries cannot last even a day on a single charge. One of Google co-founders Larry Page, however, denied that this has anything to do with the OS and claimed that there is something wrong with the third-party software installed on the devices experiencing such problems.

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Éclair becomes the Android community favorite dessert, fragmentation is still strong

by 458 comments

The Android OS development continues to amaze the mobile world – more than 10 thousand applications joined the Android market last month alone and about 12 000 more are expected in May. However the main weakness of the platform developed by the Open Handset Alliance remains its fragmentation.

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Japanese operator KDDI wows with its 2010 summer collection of 10 waterproof phones

by 23 comments

Summer is just around the corner, the guys over in Japan have already got the party started, thanks to the KDDI operator and its 2010 summer collection of 10 mobile phones. Despite being quite different, they have one thing in common, all 10 of them are waterproof.

Now, I’m not going to dig deep in details but each of those 10 phones deserves its brief moment in the limelight.

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Adobe vs. Apple war continues, Android 2.2 thrown in the battle

by 204 comments

Adobe and Apple won’t stop at anything to prove each other wrong and now Adobe have found a valuable ally in Google and their Android OS. As we are expecting Google’s announcement of Flash-flaunting Android 2.2 (Froyo) tomorrow, Adobe have already prepared a list of Flash-enabled websites to demonstrate the new Flash prowess Nexus one and Motorola DROID will get as soon as they update to Android 2.2.

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Symbian users go through twice more ads than iPhone users, study shows

by 172 comments

An interesting study, released by the mobile ad company Smaato reveled that Symbian users click more ads than the users of any other mobile platform. The numbers are based upon 40 mobile ad networks and over 6 billion ad requests served in the Smaato Network of more than 4 000 registered mobile publishers.

The click through rate of the Symbian users is 57% higher than the average, way higher than that of the next best performer (in the eyes of mobile advertisers, at least) – that’s feature phones (34% higher than average). Read more »

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S drops by our office on its way to market release, demo video inside

by 47 comments

We received a second unit of the Samsung new Android-running flagship, the I9000 Galaxy S. The mouth-watering smartphone is pretty close to being ready to hit the shelves so we are interested to find out how far Samsung have taken the thing this time around.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 is big in Japan, becomes the NTT DoCoMo best-selling smartphone ever

by 43 comments

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 is big. Yeap, it measures 119 x 63 x 13 mm. But it’s also is big in Japan. The company’s first Android-powered smartphone landed in Japan only a few weeks ago, but it has already become NTT DoCoMo’s best-selling smartphone. Ever.

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Dell Streak (a.k.a. Mini 5) goes to O2 in June, AT&T launch scheduled for later this summer

by 13 comments

What a nice surprise! The 5-inch MID Dell Streak (or maybe you know it as the Dell Mini 5) will apparently hit the shelves in Europe first. The Streak will be launched by O2 across the Old Continent next month. The US fans will have to wait a little longer to get it since it will arrive at AT&T stores later this summer.

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HTC EVO 4G coming to Sprint on June 4th, to bring fast mobile Internet at a cost

by 5 comments

We focus on GSM mobile phones mostly – but some CDMA offerings are just too mouth watering to ignore. The HTC EVO 4G is an Android phone with specs that trump even the HD2 and gobbles up Internet through its fast WiMAX connectivity. It’s on preorder already so if you are in the US you won’t have to wait longer – just under a month actually…

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Two new Wi-Fi 802.11n certified Samsung phones in the works, the I8330 and the I5500

by 4 comments

The Wi-Fi Alliance website is a really nice place where you can stumble upon some unannounced devices such as those two Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n capable phones: the Samsung I5500 and its bro, the I8330.

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