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A new EVO-styled HTC leaks, 8 megapixel camera and kickstand await at the back

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This HTC fella is rumored the have everything that EVO 4G and Desire HD have, and even more. It wears the Nexus One clothes and comes with an awesome kickstand.

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Nokia N8 on pre-order in China, bundled with the coolest Bluetooth headset

by 42 comments

The Nokia N8 is available on pre-order in China right now. It’s available in two bundle deals with headphones, car charger and the chance to win egg-shaped speakers. And while we’re on the topic of N8, we’ve got a demo video of the its email prowess…

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World record in fast texting broken, 160 characters typed in 25.94 seconds on a Galaxy S

by 638 comments

Yesterday a 27-year-old British lady broke the world record in fast typing on a mobile phone, typing 160 characters in just under 26 seconds. Using a Swype-enabled Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Melissa Thompson managed to better the previous best achievement by 9.6 seconds.

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HTC Aria pays us a visit, still trying to tell it apart from the HD mini (Updated!)

by 9 comments

Shhh… The “La donna e mobile” aria is about to start. By which I mean, we just got the HTC Aria and we’re on to unboxing the little fella. We somehow missed how the Aria went from AT&T USA only handset to a worldwide phone, but here it is in our hands – a genuine quad-band Android smartphone with dual-band “Euro” 3G support all in a mini form factor.

But we digress. Here’s what this Android loving HTC HD mini look-alike has to offer…
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Vodafone HTC Desire to get the Froyo treatment tomorrow

by 664 comments

Good news for all HTC Desire owners in Vodafone. Tomorrow their devices will start getting Froyo updates over-the-air.

The Android 2.2 Froyo deployment will happen gradually over a period of two weeks. The update campaign starts tomorrow and will end on 5 September.
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Dell Thunder prototypes previewed, liked, still no official announcement

by 225 comments

Remember the Dell Thunder and the other weather-themed droids that leaked in April? The Thunder even starred in a video. No, it’s not official yet but it already has its first preview…

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Rumored Samsung Galaxy U cuts screen size down to 3.7 inches, will stay in South Korea for now

by 28 comments

Another day, another Galaxy phone from Samsung. This one is called the Samsung Galaxy U and it should be announced next week in South Korea. Would you be surprised if I told you it runs Android, has a 1GHz processor, an AMOLED screen and a 5MP camera with 720p video capture? Of course, you wouldn’t…

Update: It’s official and the specs check out. It will be available on LG U+ (formerly LG Telecom), though there’s nothing on the price/availability front.

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HTC Desire HD spotted on Amazon UK, could be what’s coming on 15 September

by 12 comments

Blink and you’ll miss it – Amazon UK had HTC Ace/Desire HD listed for sale (actually it was “temporarily out of stock”). It was a slip up, which they quickly corrected, but it does confirm the name and gives us a price point too…

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HTC will announce something on September 15 in London, is it the Desire Z or Desire HD?

by 753 comments

HTC are prepping a surprise for September 15 in London. It’s probably an announcement for new phone(s), but which one(s) is it?

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Motorola Droid 2 R2-D2 edition and X-Wing GPS app redefine awesome

by 37 comments

Finally! Here comes something to make up for the presence of Jar Jar Binks in the first three episodes of Star Wars. We’ve got the first shot of the R2-D2 limited edition of the Motorola Droid 2 and an incredibly cool app to go with it.

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Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint coming August 31, brings QWERTY and WiMAX along

by 8 comments

The Samsung Epic 4G will be available at the end of the month – it’s the first Galaxy S phone with a hardware QWERTY keyboard and WiMAX connectivity. Plus it packs all the goodies characteristic for Galaxy S, 4” SuperAMOLED and all…

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Dell Streak launches on AT&T this Friday, a day early for those who pre-ordered

by 13 comments

The big phone/small tablet Dell Streak finally has a launch date for AT&T. It’s been on pre-order since late July and if you’ve signed up for that you’d be able to snatch it a day early…

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Motorola Droid Froyo update starts making its way OTA

by 143 comments

Rejoice Droid users! Even though Motorola already released its successor, the Americans haven’t forgotten about the original Droid. It’s getting a fresh new software update as we speak, bringing all the goodness of Froyo 2.2 to the QWERTY-packing slider.

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Motorola DROID 2 unleashed, hits the Verizon Wireless stores on August 12

by 1 comments

After DROID comes DROID 2. Logical, huh? Motorola’s newest Android-powered smartphone, the DROID 2, has already made several public appearances without its parents’ permission so it was high time that the company finally announced it officially.

As a matter of fact, Motorola’s press release (see the source link) reveals much less than the numerous leaks starring DROID 2.

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Nokia N8 goes on pre-order in Germany as well, quite pricey yet again

by 351 comments

Nokia fans in one more country can now go to the company’s web page and pre-order the upcoming Nokia N8. However, once again, the device is priced higher than promised.

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