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New Nokia N8 camera samples are here, ready to blow up your mind

by 83 comments

Straight from the Nokia World 2010 show floor here comes a bunch of photos created with the Nokia N8 that might seriously shake you up. Or at least if you are one of those guys who thought mobile phones will never match digicams for image quality.

Prepare to be seriously impressed and check out some of those shots. Read more »

Full-touch Motorola EX300 breaks out the Android mould, runs Qualcomm Brew for a change

by 4 comments

The Motorola EX300 based on the Qualcomm Brew platform has just surfaced on the official Russian online store of Motorola. The device has a 2.8″ touchscreen, an integrated GPS receiver and few more goodies and is now available for pre-order.

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Red and white BlackBerry Torch color variants expected at AT&T US in Q4

by 3 comments

A leaked piece of AT&T Q4 roadmap just revealed some interesting devices that will hit the US carrier stores this holiday season. Along with two previously unseen color versions of the BlackBerry Torch (red and white) we’ll get to meet the AT&T-loving Samsung Galaxy Tab and a few more unannounced smartphones.

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Apple iPhone 4 Free Bumper Case Program will soon end, but you can still get a free bumper after that

by 14 comments

If you are one of those iPhone 4 users, who already got their free bumper cases, then you should skip the rest of this article. Otherwise, here is some good news for those who are going to miss the Free Bumper Case Program deadline one reason or the other.

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Pink Samsung Galaxy S headed for South Korea

by 16 comments

While most of the countries out there are still waiting for the recently unveiled white Samsung Galaxy S to start shipping, the South Korean version of the Android-powered phone just got its third paintjob. Say hi to the pink Samsung Galaxy S.

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First Windows Phone 7 Asus smartphone surfaces, extensive hands-on video inside

by 168 comments

First Windows Phone 7 devices are closing in from all directions and some of them have already started surfacing online. One of them, the first Windows Phone 7 Asus smartphone, just showed up in an extensive hands-on video.

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Nokia shows DVB-H enabled headset that adds mobile TV to the Nokia N8

by 14 comments

With ever increasing wireless Internet speeds, mobile TV has been watched primarily via the web. But Nokia isn’t ready to give up on handheld TV broadcast the regular way, so they’re launching the Mobile TV Headset, which imbues your compatible Symbian^3 handset with DVB-H reception powers…

The Nokia Mobile TV Headset will be sold separately. It plugs into the USB port (the handset needs USB-on-the-go (USB OTG) functionality for the trick to work) and it also functions as a regular handset for calling and listening to music with keys that can change channels and songs.
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Nokia N8 interactive unboxing is here – Brenda, Suzy or Ryan will do it for you

by 36 comments

Nokia has made a very interesting unboxing video – it’s an interactive one. You can choose between two pretty girls and a guy to guide you all the way to stripping the N8 naked.

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Verizon starts selling the Samsung Fascinate, you can buy one and get one free

by 2 comments

The CDMA Galaxy S variant – the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon is available online right now and it will hit brick and mortar Verizon stores tomorrow. The Fascinate will set you back 200 US dollars (after a 100 USD mail in rebate) on a 2-year contract.

And the best news is that Verizon is running a special offer – buy one, get one free… Read more »

Here’s the full 10-minute Galaxy Tab video advertisement for your weekend kick-back enjoyment

by 37 comments

Now that the hectic week is almost behind us, here’s are some longer Galaxy Tab ad materials that you can enjoy from the comfort of your sofa this weekend. We’ve recorded the following two videos from the Galaxy Tab unveiling event yesterday. We’ve split them in two but combined they make for a total of 10 minutes of high-quality ad material. It’s pretty nice to watch (though if I were directing I would have sped it up a little bit).

Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tab benchmark results are out, sweeps the floor with Galaxy S

by 30 comments

We managed to snatch a Galaxy Tab off the show floor and we ran a few regular Android benchmarks on it. Here go the shots, so you can see them for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy TabSamsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab benchmarks results

And now that you’ve seen those, check the Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.1 benchmarks that we’ve done for our regular review.
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Android keyboard shootout and your chance to get a beta Swype invite waiting inside

by 547 comments, a support site for Samsung smartphone users, has put together a nice shootout between the available software keyboards for Android OS. They have put through their paces the stock Android 2.1 keyboard, Better Keyboard, Swype, TouchPal, SwiftKey Beta, and ThickButtons.

While you should definitely check their shootout, the best way of picking a keyboard is testing it yourself.

While you can get pretty much all of those on your handset today, there’s one exception. If you own an Android smartphone that doesn’t have Swype preinstalled by the manufacturer, the only official way of tasting the Swype way of inputting text was by joining their closed beta program, which unfortunately has been closed for some time now.

Swype however has decided to give out a limited number of invites to the program. We have a total of 20 of those and we are going to give all of those to you, our readers.
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HTC HD7 to launch in October, it’s a renamed HD3

by 753 comments

A leaked O2 schedule reveals HTC HD7, which is in fact the previously rumored HD3. Its launch date points to 18 October, but you may want to hold your excitement for a while.

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Orange launches HD Voice in UK, opera singer breaks wineglass with it

by 166 comments

HD video recording has been the latest fad on mobile phones, but a new feature with an “HD” tag is coming – Orange is launching HD Voice. It improves on a feature that’s been neglected on mobile phones recently, you know, making phone calls.

HD Voice dramatically improves audio quality in a call and also reduces the background noise and hisses…
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Don’t update your DROID X with the leaked Android 2.2 ROM, says Motorola

by 7 comments

Motorola warns every Droid X owner not to update with the leaked Android 2.2 ROM. The reason is simple – there is no way to update your device with the official firmware in September. Or at least that’s what Moto says.

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