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1 billion apps flew off the Android Market shelves

While the Android Market still can’t compete with the App Store when it comes to the total number of available applications, it sure is its most serious (and most rapidly improving) competitor. And here comes yet another proof of that: the billionth application recently flew off the Android Market shelves.

What does Wiki have to say about that? Currently, there some 225 000 apps over at the App Store and those have been downloaded more than 5 billion times. Wow!

How about the Android Market? Well, neither the total number of apps nor the downloads are as stunning but they are still quite impressive. The Android Market accommodates nearly 93 000 applications and the best part is more than 61 percent of them are free. Bravo! Go, Android Market!

Update, 16 July 2010: According to Google, the number of currently available applications for Android-powered devices is not 93 000 but only 70 000. Anyway, that still is a huge leap: some 40 000 apps have been added to the Android Market in just around 4 months.



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