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Antennagate bears on: Motorola DROID X is the next death-grip victim

As it seems, Apple doesn’t plan on ending Antennagate any time soon. The iPhone 4 reception issues continue and so do Apple demonstrations of other smartphones losing signal just as well. And here comes Apple’s next victim, the Motorola DROID X, which “turns out” to be affected by iPhone 4′s decease, too.

During the test in the Apple lab, the DROID X dropped from 3 to 0 bars when held in a particular way. I guess, it is painful for Moto to watch that image above or the video below (as it is to me to wait for an Android 2.2 update for my Motorola MILESTONE) but they should have been expecting that since up until now Motorola and Sony Ericsson have been the only companies whose products haven’t paid a visit to the Apple lab yet.

I might be mad at Motorola but I certainly think that Apple went too far. Instead of fixing their own product properly it keeps attacking other devices and companies. After all, there weren’t any dropped call since I’ve been an owner of an Android-2-point-1-powered MILESTONE, but, as you might have read, my pal Kyle got his iPhone 4 yesterday and the first call he made dropped due to you-know-what.

Anyway, here’s the video “proving” that the iPhone 4 is not the only signal loser:



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