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RIM finally introduces GPS-free location service for BlackBerries

It’s been a few years since most of the major manufacturers started using the cell tower triangulation as a quick fix for the slow initial GPS position locking. Today even some cheap feature-phones use the cell-based location service, but still there is no BlackBerry handset capable doing this.

Well, that’s no more. RIM has finally added cell positioning to their Location Services and it’s ready to be used for all developers in their future or already released applications.

After Apple re-invented the video calls, it’s RIM’s turn to re-invent the cell-based location triangulation. The “new” Geolocation feature is included within the latest BlackBerry Location Service and requires BlackBerry Application Platform v5.0 or higher.

Now every BlackBerry, even the ones without a GPS receiver, will become location-aware.

Better late than never, I guess.

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