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Sprint sells 300 000 EVO 4G units, despite shortages

Sprint is obviously doing great with the EVO 4G, having already sold more than 300 000 units of the Android-running smartphone. The thing is that number would have been much greater hadn’t it been for the stock shortages that the carrier is facing.

Sprint were hoping to gain a much more substantial advantage in the 4G race by getting more EVO 4G units to the market but HTC were simply unable to deliver them. It’s probably that the Taiwanese company underestimated the demand and is now unable to manufacture the handset quickly enough to satisfy the demand. I am certainly hoping that they will pick up pace soon and make up for the delay.

The really bad bit about Sprint is that they really don’t have another handset as attractive to offer, so by missing on a EVO 4G sales, they are probably losing customers all together.



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