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Nokia’s Terminal Mode connects your car’s multimedia system with your smartphone

Nokia’s engineers managed to fully connect your mobile phone to your car’s dash head unit. Thanks to the Terminal Mode you can control the most important phone features directly from the car controls (touchscreen, wheel shortcuts, BT audio).

On the video below Nokia demonstrates some scenarios when a N97 is connected to a specially equipped VW Passat CC.

The concept is simple: the moment you connect the phone to the car, you are able to fully control it from the car’s display and keys. That way you can use it as a music player, voice guided navigation, Bluetooth calls, etc. – everything without bothering to hold your phone and put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

Of course all apps that can distract you will be forbidden in that mode.

Nokia is working hard on Terminal Mode, but VW says this technology is far from the mass-production stage. Terminal mode is developed to be compatible with all touch and non-touch controlled smartphones, which it won’t be limited to Nokia phones only.

I’ve met various similar ideas over the past years, but this is the first time when a big manufacturer strives to make it happen. This time I hope Nokia will get the things to the end and change the way we use smartphones in cars.



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