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Parrot shows AR.Drone 2.0 at CES – now with 720p video recording, easy sharing and sturdier hardware

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Two years after the original, the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 ascends the CES stage. The new version is easier to fly yet more capable than its predecessor. It packs an upgraded camera that shoots HD videos and photos in-flight, as well as a tougher exterior and new sensors.

The apps which control the drone are getting an update to support the new functionality – the update should hit the iOS and Android versions at the same time. The new app makes sharing the videos you shoot easier – one tap lets you share and upload to YouTube. Read more »

Apple iPad 3 will feature Retina Display and an 8 MP snapper, the iPad 2 to get an 8GB version?

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The announcement of the Apple iPad 3 is just a few months away now, so naturally the rumor train is starting to pick up speed. In today’s scoop we are talking display, camera and the fate of the current iPad after the release of its successor.

Once again, we are hearing that the iPad 3 will have four times the resolution of the iPad 2, which will reportedly be marketed as Retina display. Quadrupling the iPad 2 resolution on the same screen estate will give you pixel density of 264 ppi, which on a screen this big should feel as good as the 326ppi of the last two iPhones. Read more »

Gametel’s portable Bluetooth games controller to support iOS devices by CES 2012

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We had some fun testing Gametel’s Portable Games Controller last month and were impressed with its performance, offering Android devices far better gaming prospects than with touchscreen only controls (Xperia PLAY aside).

Gametel supporting iOS (literally)

Now, in the lead up to CES, makers Fructel have revealed that the hardware gaming goodness is no longer exclusive to phones that favor Google, with iOS getting in on the action in the coming days. Read more »

Double the data usage for Siri users could be costly for iPhone 4S owners everywhere

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It was effectively impossible to miss hearing about Siri, the ‘virtual assistant’, at the launch of the iPhone 4S and since it was unleashed on the world we’ve seen some impressive practical demonstrations and a far larger proportion of comedic ones.

Siri could be a financial black hole for users

But what if we told you that using Siri could potentially double your data usage compared to that of the humble iPhone 4 user, something you might not notice until your next nasty bill. Read more »

Untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad2 development hits a roadblock, might be delayed

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It appears that the promised untethered jailbreak tool for A5-touting devices isn’t as close to public availability as we all hoped. A couple of days ago the popular indie developer pod2g said that if we are lucky enough we might get it in a week, but maybe our luck just ran out.

It turns out that the jailbreaking tool for the newest iDevices – the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S that pod2g developed relies on the user having a developers account. And since most iPhone and iPad users don’t have such account (and it costs $100 a year to create one) it’s impossible to release the tool for public consumption. Read more »

iPad and GoPro camera drop from the edge of space in this impressive publicity stunt [VIDEO]

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Your personal electronics and an abundance of gravitational potential energy don’t always get along. We’ve seen drop tests emulating every day accidents and some recreating more severe scenarios, but this one takes the cake.

iPad in G-Form's Extreme Edge case on the edge of earth

G-Form, makers of various protective wares for both you and your gadgets have outdone themselves by dropping an iPad from a mammoth 100,000 feet up and filmed it tumbling back down to earth with a thump. Read more »

TidyTilt is the magnetic iPhone rear cover that holds your cables and headphones

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What do you do you call it when you take a Smart cover, downsize it enough to fit the iPhone and add a touch of genius to it? The answer is the latest Kickstarter project, called TidyTilt – one of the best rear covers for your iPhone that you are ever likely to see.

TidyTilt serves three different purposes – it can shield the back of your precious smartphone, act as a kickstand or help you keep your headphones or cable neatly organized. Using it does involve attaching a steel frame to the back of your iPhone, but that is supposed to be quite easy to remove if find it to be too much. Read more »

SugarSync gets automatic video-sync on Android, batch uploads on iOS

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The popular file syncing app SugarSync just got an update, which makes it even easier to keep the multimedia files on your computer and your smartphone/tablet synchronized. The update hit both the Android and iOS versions of the app, but the change logs for the two seem a bit different.

On iOS, the SugarSync version number jumped to 2.5 and it got batch uploads for multiple photos and videos. The rest of the changelog follows below: Read more »

This bizarre ultra-realistic looking Steve Jobs action figure is only for true Die-Hard Apple fans

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Steve Jobs changed the way the world perceived technology and during his time as co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. he amassed a fan base and following comparable to any top tier Hollywood celebrity, sports team or perhaps even religion.

Steve Jobs action figure

There were a number of tributes following his death in October last year, most notably in the form of the Post-it note covered Apple retail stores, but now the most devoted of fans have a somewhat more unusual new way to immortalize their favorite technological visionary in the form of this eerily accurate action figure. Read more »

Next Angry Birds Seasons iteration coming later this month, Chinese New Year-themed?

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We all know what Angry Birds is, right? Well if you don’t, chances are you’ve never owned a smartphone in your life or something. Anyway, the next Angry Birds seasons update is on its way to mobile OS platforms and is scheduled for this January.

The theme of the next Seasons chapter is Chinese in origin, which isn’t exactly the first we’ve seen. We’re guessing it will be connected somehow with the fact that Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 23 this year. Read more »

Child actor appears in both iPhone 4S ad and Galaxy Tab 8.9 ad, coincidence?

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Acting is a competitive career to say the least and there are two ways to keep steady work coming in, become a principle character on a long running TV series/stage show or carve a niche for yourself in TV ads, something one young female actor appears to be doing in the tech world.

Look familiar?

Dubbed “Little Miss Tablet” by the Sydney Morning Herald, this little lady has managed to land a part in not just one popular gadget ad, but two. Read more »

Apple reportedly holding a New York-based non-hardware event at the end of the month

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It has been sudo-confirmed by a number of sources close to the situation that Apple will be holding a media event at the end of January in the big Apple.

It’s unlikely that an iPad version will make its way to the masses so early and the event will not include any iTVs or any kind of hardware at all, which leaves software – most likely iBooks, iAds and the likes. Read more »

Apple’s latest iOS patent application aims at face unlock

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Another day, another patent to talk about, folks. Apple has applied for a fresh new iOS patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This time, it involves face unlock and presence detection.

In case this function rings a bell Read more »

Zephyr is $2.99 tweak that lets you have MeeGo-like gestures on iOS

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The MeeGo way of handling multiple applications is so cool that it was always a matter of time before it found its way to other platforms. And iOS users are the first lucky ones who get to try it, thanks to a tweak created by the popular developer chpwn.

The tweak called Zephyr lets you manage apps by pushing them away from the screen, just like you would on a Nokia N9. And the smoothness is all there too. Read more »

iOS 5.0.1 gets untethered jailbreak, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S not compatible

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Most of the iOS devices are finally going to stay jailbroken with the new untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1. It works on every iOS 5-compatible gadgets but the A5-based ones (the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S).

The exploit was discovered by pod2g and is now implemented into the latest redsn0w and PwnageTool. Read more »