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Apple introduces refurbished iPad 2, lets you save up to $100 compared to new units

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As if the iPad 2 wasn’t well-priced already, here’s your chance to get one for an even lower price. Apple has started selling refurbished units from their online store and prices start at a very attractive $419 for the base 16GB Wi-Fi-only model, which usually sells for $499.

You will find a similar $80 discount on the 16GB 3G model and a $100 discount on the 32GB and 64GB models. You can even find the first generation 64GB 3G + Wi-Fi model for a $499, a whole $230 less than what it once used to sell for. Read more »

iOS 5 finally gets an untethered jailbreak, public availability coming soon [VIDEO]

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Ever since Apple released iOS 5, a lot of its users have been waiting for an untethered jailbreak to come up. Well, it appears that the long wait is about be over as we got a video from the Chronic Dev Team that demonstrates a working untethered jailbreak solution.

The French hacker going by the name of ThePod2g announced that he found a bug that could be used for the jailbreak about a month ago and now he and his team have already found a way to utilize it. Read more »

Flipboard for iPhone review – shrinking the magazine style the right way

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Flipboard is a digital magazine-like application that combines all of your Facebook, Twitter, website news, articles, photos and more into one live feed for simple (and gorgeous) browsing from one dedicated place. It used to be an iPad exclusive up until the other day when Flipboard launched a version for the iPhone too and we thought we’d take it for a spin and do a little impromptu review of it.

Once the app launched yesterday things went seriously wrong and Flipboard’s servers were overwhelmed by the incredible demand. Today Flipboard updated the app and things started working again. We’ve prepared screen shots for you guys and also a video demo of Flipboard for iPhone, join us after the break for the full scoop. Read more »

Batman Arkham City Lockdown comes out for iOS, lets you fight crime on the iPhone

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Are you a big Batman fan? Then you must have enjoyed playing Batman: Arkham City that was recently released for the consoles and the PC. And if you enjoyed playing that game then you will probably love Batman Arkham City Lockdown as well, provided you have an iOS device.

Publisher Warner Bros. and developer NetherRealm Studios have brought the epic action of the Batman games on to the smaller screen of your smartphone and tablets. Batman Arkham City Lockdown makes use of the popular Unreal Engine that was found under the hood of the gorgeous Infinity Blade games and promises to be just as visually impressive. Read more »

My Xbox LIVE for iOS and Xbox Companion for Windows Phone give you new ways to interact with your Xbox 360

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Microsoft began rolling out the latest dashboard update for Xbox 360 consoles everywhere yesterday, bringing a new look and a number of new features to the platform.

the logos on their respective compatible devices

As well as the metro-style UI, Kinect support for controlling the dash and voice search powered by Bing, the update coincides with simultaneous launches of companion apps for both iOS and Windows Phone. Read more »

Reading rainbow: iBooks updated to 1.5, we like what we read

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iBooks for iOS just got a major update in time for the holiday season. Version 1.5 brings a welcome new feature set to the eReader app, including new view modes, new fonts and notable improvements on existing features too.

trying to show the new features on iBooks in pictorial form can get confusing

We gave the update a quick test drive with the help of Charles Dickens’ – A Christmas Carol (it is nearly Christmas after all) and the features most certainly do wonders for iBooks. Read more »

Chinese court denies Apple lawsuit, forbids it to use the iPad name in China

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Apple has just suffered a setback in China as the Intermediate People’s Court in Shenzhen rejected its lawsuit regarding the iPad naming rights. Apple was suing the local Proview Technology for infringing its iPad trademark, but the outcome wasn’t in its favor.

According to the court order, Apple cannot use the iPad name in China, which might turn out to be quite a big deal as the company is aiming for a rapid expansion in the Chinese market. To make matters worse, Proview Technology, which registered the iPad trademark in 2000, is now suing the Cupertino-based electronics giant, seeking 10 billion Chinese yuan ($1.5 billion) in compensation. Read more »

GTA III hitting Android and iOS on December 15, to cost $4.99

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Rejoice, mobile gamers! Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition will be hitting Android and iOS smartphones and tablets next week. We got actual screenshots from the game, a list of compatible devices and even an exact pricing.

The title many of you have been looking forward to is going to cost $4.99 on both platforms and judging by those screenshots it will probably be worth it. Read more »

Chinese hackers bring a fully functioning port of Siri to the iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

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A group of Chinese hackers who go by the name ‘CD-Team’ have created a working iteration of the iPhone 4S‘s well known voice assistant, Siri. Since the inclusion of Siri on the iPhone 4S, hackers have been trying to modify, hack or in some way manipulate the underlying coding so that the unique service can run on other iOS-endowed devices, but as of yet, we haven’t seen a successful release.

Siri on the iPhone 4, hey Apple, you mad bro?

This latest solution only currently works on the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4G with a jailbroken version of either iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1, so if you were hoping for some Siri action from your iPhone 3GS or your iPad 2, you’re going to find yourself waiting a very long time. Read more »

Infinity Blade 2 hits the App Store, puts that A5 chip to good use [VIDEO]

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Infinity Blade is hardly known for its immersive gameplay or engaging storyline, but it has always been the game with arguably the best graphics in the mobile world. Well, now we have its successor in the App Store and things are looking better than ever.

After all, what’s that use of having the beast of a chipset that is the Apple A5 under the hood if you are not going to make it sweat. Read more »

Siri tested with in-car audio systems, seems to work fine most of the time

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One of the best places to use Siri in the new iPhone 4S is in your car while driving when you can’t be bothered to check the phone’s display every time you have to do something. Now a lot of people pair their phones with the Bluetooth system in their cars, which routes the audio through the audio system speakers and your voice is picked up by a microphone in the car. The question is, does Siri work well with such a system. Turns out it does.

Autoblog tested Siri with a handful of different cars that include couple of Mercedes Benz, a Chrysler 300, a Dodge Charger and a Nissan Maxima. Read more »

Apple seeds iOS 5.1 Beta to developers, hints at two iPads and iPhone 5

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Apple has just released the first beta version of the latest edition of their iOS mobile platform to all registered developers. Available for the iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS, the iPad and iPad 2 as well as the third and fourth-generation iPod touch devices, this is hardly the most major of updates.

iOS 5.1 focuses mostly on giving developers more APIs to work with and bugfixes. What might be more interesting to you than the update itself is the code of the new iOS release, which references three new iDevices. Read more »

Identity Crisis: Confused Nokia N9 can’t choose which OS to use, comes with 7 to cover all the bases [VIDEO]

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Proud owners of a new Nokia N9 are probably more than happy with its unique, quirky and individual OS MeeGo, but for some, that just isn’t enough.

Screen from the video demo of this confused device

This unusual looking lime green N9 has been demoed on video showcasing its ability to switch between not just one, but seven different mobile operating systems. Of course it’s not some special edition or in house unit leaked from the Finns but in fact a peculiar shanzhai/’Nok-off’ straight from the back streets of China. Read more »

Wonder how Siri would sound like in a French accent? Robin Williams shows us how.

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The fact that Robin Williams is an incredibly talented person is beyond reproach. There is no one that he cannot impersonate with his voice.

But what if it is something like Siri, an AI voice that lives inside your phone? Can he impersonate her? That too in a French accent? Sure he can! Read more »

HTC: We’ll re-evaluate S3 Graphics acquisition in light of the unfavorable ITC ruling

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HTC came up with an official statement about the S3 Graphics acquisition, after the ITC ruling the other day. The Taiwanese were hoping to use S3 Graphics patent portfolio to gain leverage in their ongoing patent battle with Apple, but the US ITC cleared the iPhone manufacturer of infringing any of the S3 Graphics-owned patents.

So with the main reason for the deal gone, HTC is reconsidering going through with it. The company said that it was disappointed at the outcome of the ruling and while S3 Graphics will appeal against it, the acquisition is now hanging in the balance. Read more »