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Apple releases GarageBand for iPhone and iPod touch, makes it a universal app

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After making its way to the iPad from the Mac, GaregaBand is now coming to an even smaller screens, those of the iPhone and iPod touch. GarageBand for the iPhone and iPod touch is basically the same app found on the iPad so you get the same set of features but on a smaller screen.

The app is now universal, which means if you already have an iPad version you can download it on your iPhone or iPod touch for free. Or you can download it for the first time for $4.99. The app is available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the third and fourth generation iPod touch, running iOS 4.3 or later. Read more »

Opera Mini 6.5 now available on iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian, Opera Mobile 11.5 hits Symbian, too

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Opera Software has just announced that it’s expanding the availability of the latest versions of its two mobile browsers. Opera Mini 6.5 is now officially available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad), BlackBerry and Symbian as well as Java-enabled phones.

Symbian users are also getting the latest, 11.5, version of the Opera Mini bigger brother, Opera Mobile. As you probably know, the two new Opera browsers are also available on Android, so now they have cover the five most popular platforms worldwid. Read more »

Here’s what the AE/AF lock allows you to do – Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman UI shot on the iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

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The Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman came around our office a few days ago, but refused to get its clever user interface shot on camera. Now, though, it gave us permission to get its UI on video using nothing but iPhone 4S’ camera.

This gave us the perfect opportunity to test the iPhone 4S’ auto-exposure lock and auto-focus lock and show you what they can do for you. Read more »

Siri ported to the original iPad, doesn’t work properly just yet

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After Siri was successfully brought to the iPhone 4, now another talented developer managed to introduce Siri to a larger home, a jailbroken iPad 1.

Unfortunately, just like in the iPhone 4 case, Siri doesn’t feel quite at home on the iPad for now. Read more »

Android slates had a market share of only 26.9% in Q3, iPad still equals tablet

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The iPad continues to be the undisputed tablet market leader as the Q3, analysts show. During the past three months 16.7 million slates were sold and the mind-blowing 66.6% of those were iPads.

The few dozens Android tablets shipped a total of 4.5 million in the third quarter, giving them a share of 26.9%. Now that may be enough to make Android the only other major player in the tablet game, but it’s actually a step back for the Google OS, compared to Q2. Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons Ham’o'Ween available for download with a new crew member on board [VIDEO]

by 13 comments

Another pesky group of nasty green pigs irritates our favorite Angry Birds. This time it’s all about the candy with Halloween fast approaching.

Rovio has released a “Ham’o'Ween” update to its Angry Birds Seasons series with new 30 levels for you bash pigs in and a little big surprise. Read more »

16GB iPhone 4S costs Apple $196 to make, an iSuppli teardown reveals

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As usual iSuppli have torn the latest iPhone 4S apart and have revealed some pretty interesting things about its inner hardware parts.

The baseline 16GB model of the iPhone 4S costs Apple a total of $188 for materials only (Bill of Materials or BOM) and only $8 for the manufacturing process. Read more »

Camera comparison: iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

by 90 comments

The iPhone 4S is already sweating through our tests – and it has impressed us quite a bit so far. We’re busy shooting photo and video samples, running benchmarks and otherwise examining Apple’s newest superphone.

One part of the camera testing is done – a side-by-side comparison of the FullHD videos that the iPhone 4S shoots and a 720p HD video from the iPhone 4. Consider this a teaser of what’s to come. Read more »

Battle of the year: Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II [TABLE]

by 137 comments

At long last! After it was initially delayed because of the sad loss of Steve Jobs, the Unpacked event finally took place in Hong Kong where the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich were revealed to the world.

As we usually do here on the GSMArena blog, we like to put the hottest pieces of hardware in a dogfight against one another and that’s exactly what we’ll do now. The main star today is the Galaxy Nexus and it will stand up against the refreshed iPhone 4S, which now packs an A5 chip with a 1GHz dual-core processor and the Android-superstar the Galaxy S II. Let’s begin. Read more »

PCWorld does extensive shootout with iPhone 4S and top-end droids, we weigh in too

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PCWorld did a meticulous shootout with the new iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 and some of the best Android shooters. The shootout covers both still and video capturing capabilities and includes a point-and-shoot camera as a control.

Here’s what PCWorld found, along with our commentary on the sample images. Read more »

Here’s a nifty 1080p shootout between the iPhone 4S and a Canon 5d MKII DSLR, camcorder geeks rejoice

by 69 comments

With the hype circling around Siri there hasn’t been much talk of the new iPhone’s 8 MP camera and especially the bumped up 1080p video recording.

Let’s get down to it – an enthusiast decided to pit the iPhone 4S against the immensely popular among film makers Canon 5d MkII. The discipline of choice was video recording and the result is pretty damn interesting. Read more »

Samsung allegedly chosen to supply the next-gen Apple A6 CPU, regardless of legal quarrels

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An insider source has apparently disclosed to The Korea Times that Apple is indeed counting on Samsung to produce its quad-core custom A6 processor that should be showcased in the next iPhone and iPad incarnations – whether 5 and 3 or something involving the letter “S” and so forth.

A supposed exec from an Apple parts supplier has said that Apple is in talks with Samsung over the shipments of its A6 processor and that Apple still views Samsung as a “critical business partner”. Read more »

Starbucks launches “Pick of the week” in the UK – offers free iTunes downloads to customers

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Starbucks UK just announced it will be offering its iOS-using customers a free download with every purchase. This download will be received via a “Pick of the Week” download card with a 60-day period in which the customer will be able to redeem their complimentary item.

The offer has been available for Starbucks US coffee houses since 2006 and comes to the UK a week after the company announced free Wi-Fi access without the need to register. Read more »

The next iPhone – Steve Jobs’ final legacy, according to an analyst

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According to Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, the next version of the iPhone is the last project the late Steve Jobs was “intimately involved with from concept to final design” and that’s why the iPhone 5 will become a truly “cult classic”.

Continuing his analysis, Kumar goes on to saying that the iPhone 5 will be the same size of the current iPhone 4(S), but with a slimmer profile and a larger screen. Read more »

iPhone 4S dual antennas solve antennagate issue, Bumpers no longer required to make calls

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When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, one of the features they mentioned in the keynote was the new antenna system. The antenna system on the iPhone 4 caused a lot of controversy last year due to its failure to hold on to the network when the gap on the side was bridged by your hand, a very likely scenario. Apple’s solution to this was to provide free Bumper cases, a change in the network signal bar algorithm and a suggestion to hold the phone differently.

With the iPhone 4S, Apple changed the antenna system. It now has two antennas and it can automatically switch between them, even during a call, to ensure the phone remains connected regardless of how you hold it. But has it worked? Let’s find out. Read more »