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SugarSync gets automatic video-sync on Android, batch uploads on iOS

The popular file syncing app SugarSync just got an update, which makes it even easier to keep the multimedia files on your computer and your smartphone/tablet synchronized. The update hit both the Android and iOS versions of the app, but the change logs for the two seem a bit different.

On iOS, the SugarSync version number jumped to 2.5 and it got batch uploads for multiple photos and videos. The rest of the changelog follows below:

  • Improved photo browsing performance.
  • Uploads: quality or speed? Now control photo and video compression.
  • Revamped Photos tab with album covers, sort, and more.
  • Upload and download files even when the app isn’t in the foreground.

There’s no official changelog provided for the Android update, but reports suggests that the main change is the auto-sync option for videos. It allows you to to automatically send any videos you capture to your computer windlessly (same as photos).

To get the latest version of SugarSync you may follow this link if you are on Android or this one if you have an iOS device.



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