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Instagram coming to Android “very soon”

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Speaking at the SXSW today, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger said that the Android version of the popular Instagram app is coming very soon. In fact, Systrom even said that in some ways the Android version of the app is even better than their iOS app and that it will be the most amazing Android app we’ll ever see.

Now we have been hearing about this Android version of Instagram for quite a while now when Instagram itself mentioned it on their blog a few months ago but we did not have any concrete date for the launch. Unfortunately, we still don’t have that yet but it’s nice to know that it will be coming shortly. Read more »

Apple will make less money per unit on the new iPad, will still rake it in though

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Based on some educated estimations made by analysts at UBM TechInsights, a 16GB 4G LTE variant of Apple’s newest iPad should work out to about $310 in components.

a table of the costs of the iPad family

This makes it the most expensive iPad Apple have had to manufacture to date, with the equivalent iPad 2 costing $276.27 and the original iPad costing $270.86 in parts. Read more »

New HTML5 version of iTether lets you tether to your phone using just the browser

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Last year, Tether submitted their iTether app to the App Store, which would let users tether to their iPhones even if the functionality was not available by default from the carrier. Although Apple initially allowed the app, it was later on removed, saying that the app burdens the network.

Now, however, Tether has come up with a new HTML5 version of iTether, which lets you tether to your iPhone using the Safari browser instead of a dedicated app. Read more »

The competition reacts to the new iPad, Nvidia and Samsung aren’t happy

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Usually, new Apple product announcements generate lots of commotion and make a stir in the tech community. The new iPad unveiling is another case in point, but this time Samsung and Nvidia have something to say for themselves in response to Apple’s claims on the iPad event yesterday.

Samsung has felt the need to make a short comparison table, not close to our in-depth one, and put their Galaxy Note 10.1 and the new iPad face to face and see how they differ on some key (according to Samsung) points. Nvidia on the other hand, feel that the comparison between their Tegra 3 chip and the Apple’s A5X won’t win any awards for authenticity. Read more »

Apple releases camera samples from the new iPad

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When Apple announced the new iPad, they made quite a fuss about the new iSight camera on the back. This 5 megapixel shooter uses the new 5 element-lens system that they first used on the iPhone 4S camera, along with an f/2.4 aperture, backside illuminated sensor, hybrid infrared filter and face detection that can detect up to 10 faces simultaneously. You don’t run into tablets with such camera specs that much often. On top of that the new iPad can also record 1080p videos with Apple’s excellent digital image stabilization.

But of course, a camera is only as good as the pictures it takes, so to prove that the new iPad camera takes great videos and images, Apple has uploaded some samples on their site. Read more »

New Apple iPad: expectations vs reality

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The rumor marathon leading to the announcement of the new iPad was one of the most intensive we have ever witnessed, so naturally we expected to see plenty at the Apple event tonight.

Now we’ll try and go through the rumors that came up most frequently on the web and see if the new Apple iPad actually matches the expectations or fails to deliver. Read more »

Tablet wars reloaded: Apple iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T

by 229 comments

Apple just unveiled its latest slate and one of questions you are probably asking yourselves is, “How does it compare to its market rivals?”. That’s why we decided to create a table, comparing the iPad 3 to what are currently two of the hottest slates out there – the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Now lets see if those brave Android tablet warriors will be able to take the smug smile off of the iPad 3′s Retina display. Read more »

Apple rolls out video commercials and walkthrough for the new iPad

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As the tradition goes, Apple released a bunch of videos right after it announced its latest iPad.

We got a product walkthrough of the new iPad as well as a bunch of commercials highlighting its key features. Read more »

Alleged photo of next iPad shows iPad HD name, home button on board

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Apple’s event will start in a few short hours and the iPad 3, rumors are flying high. The name “iPad HD” is mentioned quite often as the actual name of the next-gen product and there are even some leaked shots of the box to support that.

A retina display with quadruple the resolution is perhaps the most popular (and most probable) rumor, but the alleged photo of the new screen was declared as fake soon after it hit the web. Here’s the Retina display image that was sent out: Read more »

The Apple AppStore is having a wee bit of a hiccup all day

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Your payment method is not valid in this Store. Frustrating, isn’t it? This is the error AppStore users around the world are getting when trying to buy an app and they are requested a verification on the credit card.

Furthermore, users who need to change their payment method can’t do it and then can’t go back to the old one. Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons getting a new Cherry Blossom update

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Angry Birds Seasons is going to get a new themed update this week – Cherry Blossom.

There are no video teasers, just this Facebook picture for now. Read more »

Samsung says the iPad Mini is coming in time for Christmas, display suppliers named

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iPad rumors keep flying in. This time, it is not about the soon-to-be-unveiled iPad 3, but for its alleged little brother, the iPad Mini. And the topic is brought back to life by no other, but Samsung themselves.

Yes, Apple’s bitterest enemy has spilled the beans about a 7-inch iPad Mini, which is planned to top the sales charts this Christmas. Read more »

Opera loses title of King of Mobile Browsers according to StatCounter

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Opera has long held the top spot in mobile browsers and is still highly popular (especially Mini, which is the browser of choice in developing countries). According to StatCounter its reign has come to an end, with the two popular smartphone OSes battling for first spot.

StatCounter has Android’s browser on top, but they treat iPhone and iPod as separate. Add them up and Mobile Safari climbs on top. Read more »

iPad 3? Is that You? [VIDEO]

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The iPad 3 puzzle that irritates some as much as tickles the interests of others is starting to finally come to an end.

The folks over at M.I.C Gadget claim they’ve obtained some of the structural parts of the iPad 3. Namely, most of the exterior like the front glass panel, the aluminum back cover and cables for the dock connector and volume rocker. Read more »

iPad 3 previewed, Retina display, Siri and Gorilla Glass demoed in a magical way

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Apple’s iPad 3 event is just around the corner, but something extraordinary has happened. Magician Simon Pierro has got his hands on an iPad 3 ahead of its announcement and reviews its magical features.

As rumored, chief among the features is the Retina display, which Simon discovers can do a lot more than you expect it to. Next comes Siri for iPad, which, well, I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s pretty magical what Siri can become in its iPad 3 version.

Read more »