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iPhone 4S gets torn down, reveals slightly bigger battery and Sony camera sensor

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You knew it was only a matter of time before iFixit got its hands on the new iPhone 4S and skillfully tore it apart and like clockwork, they have. As usual, this brought on some interesting discoveries.

First of all, even on the inside the iPhone 4S looks identical to the iPhone 4 although there’s more than what meets the eye. Read more »

Siri gets ported to iPhone 4, gives you even fewer reasons to upgrade to the 4S

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If you’re an iPhone 4 user who was contemplating upgrading to the iPhone 4S after watching the impressive Siri demo then you might want to hold on to your current phone a little longer. Because as it turns out you can make Siri work on the iPhone 4, sort of.

The hack you see below was performed by developer Steven Troughton-Smith who has been working for 9to5Mac to get Siri working on the iPhone 4. This was accomplished by copying the iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files on to the iPhone 4. Read more »

Siri would let anyone bypass your iPhone lockscreen passcode unless you tweak the settings

by 52 comments

The iPhone’s Voice Control feature is present for quite some time in the iOS. If you’ve ever used a passcode on your lockscreen for protection, you should be already familiar you should disable the Voice Dial from the settings otherwise everyone can call anyone he likes.

Well, enter the much more capable iPhone 4S Siri. Guess what, it would still work from your lockscreen by default even if you’ve set a passcode for your iPhone 4S. You can already imagine how someone who gets access to your locked phone can perform all these clever tasks you’ve seen on the demos like extract all sorts of info about you, your regime and they can even call whoever they like. Ouch! Read more »

Judge asks Samsung lawyers to tell the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1 apart, takes them a while

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Apple may have got an injunction against Samsung in Germany and Australia but they are still trying their best to win it in the US as well.

The court hearing took place on Thursday in California in front of US District Court Judge Lucy Koh, where a rather amusing incident happened. Read more »

GTA 3 coming to iOS and Android devices, as long as you’ve got dual core

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Rockstar Games, the team most recently responsible for the likes of L.A. Noire and creator of the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto titles, have decided to dust off one of the most influential names in the series, GTA 3.

10 years ago, to the month, the first all-3D Grand Theft Auto made its way to consoles and effectively kicked off a genre of games we’ve come to know as sandbox shooters, now a staple of modern gaming. Read more »

iOS 5 is officially available right now, go get some

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The title seems to say it all. If you didn’t try any of the beta releases of iOS 5 so far, then we guess you’re in for some serious upgrade tonight. The update brings lots of new features including the Notification center, the location-aware Reminders, iCloud and iMessage to the iOS compatible devices such as the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4, the iPod Touches (3rd and 4th gen) and of course, the two iPads.

For a fairly complete list of what’s new and our in-depth coverage, you are welcome to check out our iOS5 review while you wait for that download. Read more »

Find My Friends app now available in the Apple App Store

by 10 comments

The app Find My Friends that was announced a week ago at the Let’s Talk iPhone event, has just become available into the Apple App Store. It is free and compatible with both the iPhone/iPod and the iPad – given any of these run the latest iOS 5.

The app allows you to share your current location always with trusted friends or temporary with not-so-trusted ones. It works both ways – you can see your friends’ location too. Think Google LAtitude, but hopefully, less of a power hog. Read more »

$2 Samsung Galaxy S II phones stealing the spotlight from the iPhone 4S in Australia

by 96 comments

Samsung have undertaken less than subtle ways to continue its fight against Apple in Australia. They’ve set up a temporary shop in Sydney just outsides Apple’s own shop and are offering Samsung Galaxy S II droids for $2.

Sounds like a great deal, right? It is, but there’s a catch. Even so, the line to the Samsung store is reportedly longer than the line to Apple’s store. Read more »

Here’s a nice roundup of all early iPhone 4S reviews

by 52 comments

If you are waiting for the reviews of the new iPhone 4S to come up so you can make up your mind whether or not to go for it, you are in for a treat. What we have for you is a roundup of all iPhone 4S reviews that surfaced over the past days, courtesy of those lucky enough to have received their units ahead of schedule.

The review compilation, created by 9to5mac, suggests that the iPhone 4S is quite a worthy upgrade over any iPhone, prior to the iPhone 4. Whether or not it’s worth it to add an S to the already excellent iPhone 4 is a much tougher call, but it still seems like a decision you are unlikely to regret. Read more »

iCloud open to public, still cannot be accessed

by 26 comments

Apple has finally opened its iCloud service to the public. Till now it was only available to those who had a developer accounts but now anyone with an Apple ID can log in. Having said that the service is still not usable.

The reason for that is it requires iOS 5 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and 10.7.2 update on the Mac before you can start using it and neither have been released yet. Read more »

Apple iPhone 4S delivered early, gets the tear-down treatment already

by 45 comments

It appears that some iPhone 4S units were delivered a few days early and some lucky fellas got to play with the Apple latest smartphone earlier than expected. But hey, that’s good news for everyone as more information about the iPhone 4S is starting to flow.

The morning brought us the first benchmarks of the new iOS flagship, along with the first sample from its camera and now we have its first tear-down and a bill of materials estimate. Read more »

Facebook for iPad officially launches on the App Store, about time too

by 24 comments

Social networking sites don’t really get more recognizable than Facebook and for all the great things the iPad brings to the table, until now Facebook has amazingly not been one of them.

Excluding scaling up the iPhone app or accessing the site through Mobile Safari, Facebook has only really been available in app form via 3rd party solutions. Read more »

iPhone 4S has 512MB RAM, claims Infinity Blade’s developer

by 71 comments

As usual Apple didn’t specify the amount of RAM on the iPhone 4S announcement, nor is it mentioned on the official website. We are still a few days ahead of the iPhone 4S launch, so no one has disassembled it yet to discover what’s hiding inside the shell.

Still, there are iPhone 4S shipped to developers for months, so we can still have a confirmation on some specs before we get it in our hands. That’s the case here – the creative director of Infinity Blade 2 talks how cool is the new iPhone 4S: Read more »

AT&T said to be ‘working with’ Apple to add a 4G indicator to the iPhone 4S’ status bar

by 34 comments

US customers have been exposed to the term ’4G’ in marketing material for a while now. The problem is some 4G technologies are more legitimate than others.

With carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T marketing certain devices as 4G from their existing lines and now with AT&T rolling out their LTE infrastucture, confusion is bound to ensue. Read more »

Will the iPhone 4S rid Apple of the Antennagate woes by launch time?

by 51 comments

For some early adopters of last year’s iPhone 4, one question that undoubtedly needed answering was, will the iPhone 4S suffer from the same Antennagate issues as it predecessor?

no more deathgrip on the new iPhone 4S

Amidst the talk of Siri, the ‘all new’ camera design, and the developments in the iPod market, one small section of yesterdays keynote was devoted to the antennae design on the new iPhone 4S. Read more »