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Next Angry Birds Seasons iteration coming later this month, Chinese New Year-themed?

We all know what Angry Birds is, right? Well if you don’t, chances are you’ve never owned a smartphone in your life or something. Anyway, the next Angry Birds seasons update is on its way to mobile OS platforms and is scheduled for this January.

The theme of the next Seasons chapter is Chinese in origin, which isn’t exactly the first we’ve seen. We’re guessing it will be connected somehow with the fact that Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 23 this year.

Here’s the promo video which is not without subtle clues as to what we’re about to see. You’ll notice two dragon transitions in the video that have an apparent mighty eagle feel to them. We’re maybe in for a mighty dragon this time, as China is entering the year of the dragon.

Hopefully those who’ve paid for the mighty eagle add-on won’t be forced to pay for the dragon one too – if it actually makes it to the game.

If it turns out that the new edition is indeed dedicated to the Chinese New Year, it won’t be the first edition centered around Chinese holidays. Anyway, I bet it’s going to be fun.



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