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iPhone 4S has Bluetooth 4.0 support but not NFC – what’s the difference?

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Yesterday’s event put an end to the rumors that the next iPhone will have NFC – it doesn’t. The iPhone 4S does have Bluetooth 4.0 however, does that replace it? Well, my guess is no. But it does open up the door for improvement in some categories of wireless gadgets popular with the iPhone crowd.

Bluetooth 4.0 features a Low Energy mode that uses less power, has lower latency and higher range, but doesn’t have the bandwidth for bulk data transfers. Read more »

Apple introduces Find My Friends, let’s you locate and share your location with others

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One of the more interesting things announced at the ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event yesterday was Find My Friends for iOS devices. It’s basically an optional location tracking service that you can use on your iOS device.

What ‘Find My Friend’ does is let’s you share your location with your friends. People will ask you for your location and you can share it with them, provided you trust them enough. Read more »

Infinity Blade 2 announced, Epic Games’ next hack’n'slash stunner coming to iOS 5

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“Visuals like you’ve never seen on a mobile device”, were the bold words given to the many hundreds of press and the thousands following along around the world from Apple’s most recent press event at their home site in Cupertino.

Mike Capps, President of Epic Games (creators of the Gears of War series), took to the stage at the all important Keynote to talk about their latest creation for iOS 5, Infinity Blade 2. The follow up to the first iOS game to make use of the Unreal 3 Engine. Read more »

The iPhone 4S faces its Android rivals – iPhone 4S vs. HTC Sensation XE vs. Samsung Galaxy S II [TABLE]

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Well, with the new iPhone 4S finally revealed it’s time to take a look at how it manages to fight the mighty Droids. We chose to put it against the two most notable beasts in the Android world – the HTC Sensation XE and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

They are mighty indeed, but how do they stack up against the newly announced iPhone 4S? Let’s dive right in.

Read more »

Watch the the Apple iPhone 4S announcement right now [VIDEO]

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The Apple keynote speeches have become arguably the most important events in the cell phone industry. The unveiling of the next iPhone has always been closely watched by both Apple lovers and haters, as it tends to shape the smartphone race for months in advance.

This time it was Apple’s newly appointed CEO Tim Cook Jobs that led the show, rather than Steve, but that didn’t take anything away from the spectacle (okay, just a little bit perhaps). You can see about that by watching the whole thing on video, kindly provided to us by Apple. Read more »

iPhone 4 duo compared, how does the new iPhone 4S stack up? [TABLE]

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So, whether you like it or not, the iPhone 4 is a fact and now it’s time to answer the question that everybody is asking themselves. Should I get the new iPhone and why? Well, we’re here to help and we are going to do it by giving you this sweet table comparing the old-gen iPhone 4 against the new-gen iPhone 4S.

So give the table below a quick look and answer us the big one – will you be getting the new iPhone 4S?
Read more »

Check out the Apple iPhone 4S and iCloud promo videos

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As usual when Apple announces major addition to its portfolio, the Cupertino-based company released cool promo videos dedicated to each of them. With the Apple iPhone 4S and iCloud being the stars of the show tonight, it was only a matter of time before two videos popped app at the company’s official website.

So here they are for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t followed the Tim Cook keynote, those videos will do a good job of summing up the best parts of the iPhone 4S and the iCloud service for you. Read more »

This is the iPhone family in the US – prices, capacities and carriers (Sprint’s in)

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Well, there’s no iPhone 5, just the 4S. But what of the older models? In a surprising move, Apple decided not to deprecate the 3GS, which puts the number of iPhone models currently available to three.

First of all, the iPhone 4 was just put in the “old” category and it will remain in the portfolio only in its 8GB version. Read more »

iPhone 4S launch dates across the world – see when and where

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You couldn’t have missed it – the Internet almost collapsed under the pressure of people who wanted to see the next smartphone from Apple. Well, the announcement is over so here’s a list of countries that will get the iPhone 4S first.

Tim Cook says “This will be the fastest iPhone rollout we’ve ever had”. It will happen in three waves of announced launches. The first starts on October 14th (with pre-orders taking place from the 7th onwards), here are the lucky countries: Read more »

Apple’s stock plummets as the company fails to announce an iPhone 5

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In spite of the never-ending rumors that flooded us like torrential rain in the past weeks, Apple didn’t announce the highly anticipated iPhone 5 with its rumored 4-inch screen and new slimmer body. Unfortunately for Apple, this is having a negative effect on many of their shareholders.

It appears that the newly introduced Apple iPhone 4S isn’t what shareholders were hoping to see at this evening’s Apple event. The shares of the company took quite a plunge after the announcement, currently selling at 5% lower than their opening rate today.

Read more »

iPhone 4S photos pop up on Apple’s site, should be released on October 14th

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It’s time to shed any remaining doubt about the iPhone 4S (not that there was much left). Images from Apple’s own website show the black and white 4S model (the file name clearly says “4s”), that is practically indistinguishable from the iPhone 4.

However, have a closer look at the icon just above the “Phone” app. It’s the Newsstand app, which is a part of iOS5 – the OS that the 4S will launch with. Read more »

Adobe’s having an apps-plosion, announces Photoshop Touch and five other apps for tablets at Adobe Max 2011

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Yesterday, at its Adobe Max 2011 keynote, Adobe unveiled a whole family of Touch Apps designed to help creative minds throughout their design processes when they are on the go. Leaded by Photoshop Touch, the Adobe Touch Apps are going to be available for Android tablets as well as iPads alike.

The full Touch Apps family includes: Photoshop Touch, Debut, Proto, Collage, Ideas and Kuler. Let’s break them down and see what each of them is good for. Read more »

Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 now available for desktop and Android

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The i-dotting and t-crossing is complete and Adobe released the latest versions of their Flash Player and AIR. Available to desktop operating systems and compatible mobile platforms, Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 promise a dramatic improvement in performance.

The new releases finally enable 3D hardware acceleration, which should allow much more demanding applications to run smoothly even on mobile platforms. Android users will probably benefit the most from that, but some low-powered portable computers will get the chance to do Flash properly, too. Read more »

BBM for Android should be available by 2012, get your thumbs ready

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You read correctly, we heard rumblings of such peculiar goings on for a little while prior to this post, and this is just adding to the rumor mill.

BBM icon on Android OS

Purportedly the iPhone 4S is to play as guinea pig for the iOS build of BlackBerry’s Messenger service and now we are hearing through the grapevine that Android users might get in on some BBM action too. Read more »

Gameloft offers four Android games for $0.99 this weekend, and The Oregon Trail for iOS is free for a limited time

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Here’s a quick tip for droid users who are wondering what to do during the weekend – Gameloft has lined up a selection of four games, each of which will cost just $0.99 just this weekend. The games are N.O.V.A., UNO, Assassin’s Creed and Asphalt 6.

iOS users are covered too – UNO and Asphalt 6 cost $0.99 right now and you can snatch up The Oregon Trail for free (this is a limited time giveaway). Read more »