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Qualcomm showcases Snapdragon’s energy efficiency with the help of…bugs [VIDEO]

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A couple of days ago, we told you about Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon chipsets, designed with strong emphasis on power-efficiency. In order to fortify its commitment to the cause, Qualcomm has released a rather fascinating video for all of us, with bugs (real, not software ones, mind you) as its unusual cast.

The video clip Read more »

Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition: The new sound of Finland’s phone royalty [VIDEO]

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When you have the most iconic and recognizable mobile theme in the world, you’d have to be pretty confident to let the general public loose on it, with a mind to then putting the result on 100 million handsets worldwide, but that’s exactly what Nokia have gone and done.

Nokia goes dubstep

The Nokia Tune competition opened at the start of September and asked musicians, music lovers and Nokia fans everywhere to reinvent the iconic Nokia theme in their own style.

Update: Nokia just came up and made it clear that this new controversial DubStep remix is not replacing the original Nokia tune.

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This new Playstation 3 ad is truly an awesome watch

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You know that here on the GSMArena Blog we like throwing cool video your way every now and then and this Playstation 3 ad is just that.

It promotes Sony’s gaming console in a rather extraordinary way by gathering all the iconic PS3 game characters like Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series and Kratos from God of War. The list goes on and on, but you should really get this video playing by now. Read more »

N64oid for Android devices gets an update, makes me nostalgic [VIDEO]

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If you’re of a certain age, you will have fond memories of a little console called the Nintendo 64. Being able to play with three friends in local multiplayer on Starfox 64 (aka Lylat Wars for you Europeans and Aussies), Mario Kart 64, Golden Eye and the wealth of other titles that helped make the transition from 2D to 3D all those years ago was a blast.

multiplayer gaming on a Samsung Galaxy S II with the N64oid emulator

For some, you might still have a working N64 in your attic, but for others unable to relight their retro-gaming fire so easily, N64oid has a solution. Read more »

Samsung takes the Galaxy S II to London Fashion Week, we come along for the ride

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The mobile phone in its infancy was, let’s face it, a bit of an ugly duckling. Just take a look back at the older pages of our databases and you’ll find failed attempts at style, trying to rectify this with sometimes disastrous results (see: Motorola StarTAC Rainbow for example).

Nowadays however, the mobile phone has been transformed in practically every way. Read more »

Toyota’s new ad: Prius goes Plural, but in a creepy way [VIDEO]

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The Toyota Prius is probably one of the most iconic and well known hybrid cars in modern motoring. Not only is it well regarded by the eco conscious Joe Bloggs, but Hollywood seem to have adopted it as the eco-celeb car of choice too.

All that aside, the Prius has been around for a while now, but been a lone hybrid in a sea of petrol and diesel Toyota’s, no longer though as this add aims to promote the complete Prius line. Read more »

Apple App Store icons get featured in a Samsung store

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It is no secret that the legal battle between Apple and Samsung is one of the hottest news topics in the world of mobile telecommunications. It is truly grand in scale, spreading over markets on just about every continent. Having this in mind, we can qualify the picture, which we stumbled upon, as nothing short of strange.

As you can see above, Read more »

Footage of how it would feel to fly over Planet Earth [VIDEO]

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Space has always captured the minds of people for centuries, from those who the spent time to map and document stars and planets across the night sky, to the first men and women who actually took flight beyond our atmosphere into the unknown.

curvature of the earth's ionosphere visible

Despite a lull is televised space exploration and media attention on space research in recent years, our love for this mysterious void is alive and well. Read more »

[IFA 2011]Sony announces HMZ-T1 Head Mounted 3D Display, makes 3D officially cool again

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Sony has announced the HMZ-T1, a new Head Mounted 3D Display, which they like to call “Personal 3D Viewer”. It’s basically the equivalent of watching a 750-inch 3D TV from a distance of 20m, along with a pair of surround sound headphones, except this time it’s personal.

The crux of the HMZ-T1 are the two OLED panels. Each of these panels is only 0.7-inch in size and have a resolution of 1280 x 720, which gives them a mind-blowing pixel density of 2098-PPI. Read more »

New Extreme Retreat ad shows how to use the Galaxy Tab 10.1 the farmer’s way

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Is it just me or Samsung seems to be having way more fun with their ads nowadays than they did before? And more than their competitors, that’s for sure. The latest ad for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a very upbeat one about a wacky boss that tries to toughen his employees by making them live on a farm.

The scenario has all the ingredients you’d expect on a farm – barns, horses, cattle, flocks of goats, the great outdoors, and some Galaxy tablets with incredible internet connections for good measure. Yep, just what I’d want to bring on a farm. Read more »

BlackBerry ad shows how cool BB OS 7 and their new touch phones are – no wait, that’s an Android

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Well, someone really needs to start doing QA on the commercials phone companies make – check out this (now pulled) BlackBerry ad. It’s a “#BB7FanNight” party with people saying how cool the new BlackBerry OS 7 and the phones running it are.

Hey… that keyboard kind of looks like an Android keyboard. Is BlackBerry saying Android’s on-screen keyboard is so good that they’ve copied it? No, wait – false alarm. It’s just an actual Android phone – check out the Home button. Read more »

Here’s a crafty fake video of the iPhone 5 – still a great rumor roundup

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We came across a really good fake video of the Apple Germany website, detailing the iPhone 5. Someone really gave their all when creating this one. It details everything from the new design, the new dual-core A5 chip, better 8 MP camera with FullHD video recording and the bigger display.

The video is obviously fake – you can bet your good money on that fact and I’ve prepared the proof that’s needed. Still it’s pretty well made and makes for a good rumor roundup so checking it out is worth it. Read more »

The new Panasonic Toughbook S10 promises to hang tough

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We haven’t seen a Toughbook walk the halls of this blog for over a year, but what we have here is the newest in Panasonic’s family of super hard-wearing laptops.

The S10 is in fact near enough a clone of the Toughbook S9, but what’s under the hood is where this hard nut differs from its predecessor. Read more »

Apple Stores even allow you to bring in a goat, among other things

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Apple Store employees are some of the nicest people you will find in any store around the world and are far more tolerant of erratic behavior than others, proof of that being people bringing in pets and dancing in front of the camera right inside the store without being thrown out.

But there has to be some limit to their tolerance and so to test this limit American comedian and writer Mark Malkoff decided to do some stunts in the Manhattan Apple Store. These involve ordering a pizza, having a romantic date, dressing as Darth Vader and even bringing a goat inside the store. You can find out how all that went yourself by checking out the video below. Read more »

Sugar Rush: A look back at the life of Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In the short time that Android has been around, it’s evolved at an unprecedented rate to become one of the leading smartphone and now tablet OS’s out there.

droid icons

With its confectionary-themed branding as of version 1.5 (Cupcake), it also stands out as the more lighthearted alternative amongst its main rivals Read more »