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Sugar Rush: A look back at the life of Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In the short time that Android has been around, it’s evolved at an unprecedented rate to become one of the leading smartphone and now tablet OS’s out there.

droid icons

With its confectionary-themed branding as of version 1.5 (Cupcake), it also stands out as the more lighthearted alternative amongst its main rivals Read more »

An iPhone mockup pops up in China, is it the real deal?

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It’s that time again, folks – the time for the iPhone 5 rumor of the week. This time we came across some snapshots of a mysterious iPhone with a design unseen so far anywhere. So, naturally, the question is whether this 64GB would-be iPhone is the real deal or not – is this the fabled new design the next generation iPhone will offer?

Well, here are some arguments that just quickly popped to my mind – the volume keys are again a single piece – which is a step backward from the current design logic. The device looks tangibly thicker than the iPhone 4 (which is just 9.3mm) – a definite no-no in today’s tech design trends.

The outer rim of the phone doesn’t look like an antenna or even made out of steel (it just looks plastic – see how the Apple logo doesn’t seem reflective) so I can only assume this thing’s fake.

Oh, and also look at the bezel around the screen – and there’s also considerable slack space above the home button. And finally the sign – “Designed by APOLLO in California” doesn’t scream legitimate either. Read more »

Here’s the US spec Samsung Galaxy S II… Oh, wait

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It’s safe to say that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the most anticipated US market launches this summer. Here, across the Atlantic, we have been reading all the rave reviews of the mighty droid, and hoped we would soon see a chance to get our hands on Samsung’s flagship. Well, it looks like the wait will be over any moment now, people.

I just got this heavy parcel from the U.S. branch of Samsung. Inside was this box, and at the sight of it, my pulse skyrocketed. Read more »

Check out the Angry Birds Summer Pignic cinematic trailer – epicness all over

by 6 comments

The Angry Birds Seasons episode – Summer Pignic got its final level unlocked yesterday and if you’re already feeling sad to see it end you can watch this cool trailer made for the episode by creator RovioMobile.

The video shows the typical birds-vs-pigs battleground situation, a slingshot and the eggs being held hostage. It looks as though the pigs will prevail until the boomerang bird swoops in to save the eggs seconds before it’s too late. Read more »

Check out the most amazing photography Rube Goldberg machine

by 24 comments

Photography fans and Rude Goldberg machines fans checks this out. We stumbled upon the most complex setup, designed to perform the simplest of tasks – take a portrait photo. Created using almost exclusively photography gear this is certainly going to make every camera enthusiast tremble.

Obviously the amount of effort that went into designing this is mind-blowing, and the cost of the gear used could probably buy you a decent family sedan. And since words couldn’t possibly describe all the action that’s going on in the video, we aren’t even going to try. Read more »

$250 mount lets you use your Canon and Nikon DSLR lenses with your iPhone 4

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Okay, file this under “accessories no one will ever buy”, but the iPhone 4 DSLR lens mount just looks so cool that we couldn’t help, but share it with you. Here’s the deal – you part with $250 and get a case which lets you attach your expensive DSLR gear to your favorite smartphone.

You then get the ability to do close-up shots and ones with shallower depth of field, which are two particularly problematic areas of cameraphones. Adding a filter is also possible, if you feel like it. Read more »

Nexus Contraptions successful at wasting our time, unsuccessful at making us want to buy a Nexus S

by 4 comments

The Nexus S may be six months old now, which is a lot in this industry, but Google hasn’t forgotten about it yet. So to keep the interest alive in the device Google has come up with a nifty little game on YouTube called Nexus Contraptions.

The game involves playing with four of the default Google apps on the Nexus S that are essentially metal balls, that you have to guide through using various contraptions to a funnel at the end so they can be put on the phone. Read more »

Watch this slow motion video of water captured at 7000 fps

by 44 comments

If you slow something down enough, almost everything looks good. But when the subject is water, its results are nothing short of a masterpiece. Co-produced by Romain Glé and Thomas Séon, this music video titled ‘High Hopes’ is simply beautiful.

In case you are wondering, the recording is done by a camera called Photron SA-5 and has been recorded at a jaw-dropping 7000 frames per second. Head past the break to watch the full video. Read more »

Seagull flies off with a GoPro camera, apparently [VIDEO]

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You may have heard or seen the GoPro range of wearable cameras. According to the manufacturer they are the world’s most popular wearable HD camera for sports. They are pretty interesting. But it seems humans are not the only ones who find them interesting. According to this video below, a seagull flew away with one while it was on and recording, enabling it to capture its flight.

To anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet, only one word comes to mind after watching the video: fake. First of all, why was the guy carrying the camera almost close to the ground? Why did he drop it when it saw the seagull approaching? What was he doing while the seagull flew with it? And most importantly, how on earth did he manage to find that camera? Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S II will attempt to fly back to its space home, lifts off July 15

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Samsung Galaxy S II is about to enjoy a very special promotion treatment in Japan. On July 15 it’s going to lift off into the stratosphere, the second layer of Earth’s atmosphere, about 30 kilometers (98,000 feet) in the air.

While the Galaxy S II won’t go outside our own Milky Way galaxy, it’s going to join another astronaut member of the Samsung family, the Nexus S, which flew at the same height last Christmas. Read more »

Sony Ericsson Xperia active gets some water treatment by Maria Sharapova

by 27 comments

Sony Ericsson has just released a video where the tennis star Maria Sharapova demoes the newly announced Xperia active.

The best part of the videos is where she sinks the phone into a glass of water and then works with it while it’s still wet. No more teasing, here it is: Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic update is out, one sunny level at a day

by 6 comments

Angry Birds Season has been updated to match the just started summer (the astronomical season). The new Summer Pignic update works the same way as the Christmas one – as each day passes, we’ll get a new level to tackle.

The Summer Pignic update will include a total of 30 levels plus at least two bonus ones (from a golden egg and the one that unlocks when you get three stars on all levels). Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets a very cute new video ad

by 414 comments

Samsung has just released a new ad, this time about the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It’s a really sweet commercial with a father, his son and a Galaxy Tab.

It seems Samsung is on a roll these days – it launched two Galaxy S II ads within less than a week. Now is the Galaxy Tab 10.1 turn. Here is the video: Read more »

A racing game created with a printer, projector and some extreme nerdiness

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Some of us like to play a video game when we have some free time. There are others, however, who create video games in their free times. Then there are some, who like to go a step ahead and play their games on paper that is constantly being pushed out by a receipt printer and a projector.

That’s exactly what undef and Joshua Noble did. They had spare time, they had the skills and they had everything they needed for their project. And so they made a game using a receipt printer, a projector, a PlayStation 3 controller and a laptop. Read more »

How to make sure you don’t get robbed of your phone [VIDEO]

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You might want to make fun of those still sticking to their old Nokia phones but it seems they may be doing the right thing, at least when it comes to being robbed.

This video by BBC Comedy shows how it is better to have an ancient relic as your phone that has no modern features than having one with them and be robbed of it. Watch the video after the break. It’s hilarious. Read more »