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Samsung Galaxy S II will attempt to fly back to its space home, lifts off July 15

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Samsung Galaxy S II is about to enjoy a very special promotion treatment in Japan. On July 15 it’s going to lift off into the stratosphere, the second layer of Earth’s atmosphere, about 30 kilometers (98,000 feet) in the air.

While the Galaxy S II won’t go outside our own Milky Way galaxy, it’s going to join another astronaut member of the Samsung family, the Nexus S, which flew at the same height last Christmas. Read more »

Sony Ericsson Xperia active gets some water treatment by Maria Sharapova

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Sony Ericsson has just released a video where the tennis star Maria Sharapova demoes the newly announced Xperia active.

The best part of the videos is where she sinks the phone into a glass of water and then works with it while it’s still wet. No more teasing, here it is: Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic update is out, one sunny level at a day

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Angry Birds Season has been updated to match the just started summer (the astronomical season). The new Summer Pignic update works the same way as the Christmas one – as each day passes, we’ll get a new level to tackle.

The Summer Pignic update will include a total of 30 levels plus at least two bonus ones (from a golden egg and the one that unlocks when you get three stars on all levels). Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets a very cute new video ad

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Samsung has just released a new ad, this time about the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It’s a really sweet commercial with a father, his son and a Galaxy Tab.

It seems Samsung is on a roll these days – it launched two Galaxy S II ads within less than a week. Now is the Galaxy Tab 10.1 turn. Here is the video: Read more »

A racing game created with a printer, projector and some extreme nerdiness

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Some of us like to play a video game when we have some free time. There are others, however, who create video games in their free times. Then there are some, who like to go a step ahead and play their games on paper that is constantly being pushed out by a receipt printer and a projector.

That’s exactly what undef and Joshua Noble did. They had spare time, they had the skills and they had everything they needed for their project. And so they made a game using a receipt printer, a projector, a PlayStation 3 controller and a laptop. Read more »

How to make sure you don’t get robbed of your phone [VIDEO]

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You might want to make fun of those still sticking to their old Nokia phones but it seems they may be doing the right thing, at least when it comes to being robbed.

This video by BBC Comedy shows how it is better to have an ancient relic as your phone that has no modern features than having one with them and be robbed of it. Watch the video after the break. It’s hilarious. Read more »

It seems like Samsung Galaxy S II has a new advertising team, see why [VIDEO]

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This latest Samsung ad that I am about to show you is pretty cool and miles ahead of the last one, which practically was a total fail. You know, the one with the Tron crowd running into a single and a dual tunnel, showcasing the direct effects of dual-core power – with the Durex ad styling but worse?

Yeah, that one. Well this new one is way cooler and shows a young man doing incredible stuff with his hands and prompts us to “unleash” our own.

The art, practiced by this fellow is apparently called Tutting and is a form of street dance. In this case the body parts in focus are the arms. It’s cool and you should watch it. Here it goes. Read more »

Why I love and hate having a smartphone, an Oatmeal comic

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I love smartphones and I love Oatmeal’s comics and I know a lot of you do as well. So today when I came across his latest comic which talks about his love and hate for smartphones, I couldn’t help but share it with you.

As is usually the case with his comics, this one turns the dial marked ‘Awesomeness’ all the way to eleven. And being a smartphone user and a nerd it is easy to relate with what he has depicted in it. Read more »

Watch the dumbest Samsung Galaxy S II ad so far

by 822 comments

You possibly agree with me that most of the Samsung’s Galaxy S II commercials so far were stylish, but dumb. Well, today Samsung has outdone itself – the new ad is the dumbest one so far.

It focuses on the dual-core processor and supposedly demonstrates its advantages. Read more »

Australian inventor develops Hoverbike, the words “crazy” and “I want one” come to our mind

by 268 comments

Is it a bike? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Hoverbike. Developed by Australian inventor Chris Malloy, the Hoverbike is like a combination of a helicopter and a motorcycle that uses two massive rotors and a BMW boxer engine to cheat gravity and move around. The engine is 1170cc and develops 80KW of power at 7500rpm. According to Malloy, the engine is powerful enough to lift the Hoverbike 10,000 ft. into the air and travel at a speed of 172mph!

All the controls on the bike are handlebar mounted, which is also what you hold on to for dear life when it is travelling at those aforementioned speeds. The Hoverbike is made out of reinforced carbon fiber and foam core and uses Tasmanian oak for the propellers. Read more »

Hail to the king, baby! Duke Nukem Forever is out, I have the Balls of Steel edition [VIDEO]

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Today the world is coming to an end. All Hell is freezing. Pigs can fly. Many of you will sell their soul to the devil to repay those bets they’ve made years ago. Yes, it’s been 14 long years, but it’s finally here.

Duke Nukem Forever is out. And I’ve secured the special Balls of Steel edition in all of its glory – and here comes the unboxing on video.

Read more »

Angry Birds come to life thanks to T-Mobile [VIDEO]

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There is no doubt that Angry Birds is possibly the greatest mobile video game yet. It is simple, yet addictive – I have personally wasted hours of my time in pursuit of the coveted three stars for each level. What is happening lately with Rovio’s creation though is even more impressive – it appears that the game has already become a part of today’s pop culture. The latest commercial from T-Mobile is a living proof of this fact – it brings the popular characters from the video game to life in the middle of Barcelona.

As you can see, the live setup is quite impressive. There is a booth with a smartphone in the middle Read more »

Google pays tribute to Les Paul with a playable electric guitar doodle, let’s you record and share it as well

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Today’s Google doodle is a homage to Lester William Polfuss, otherwise known as Les Paul. He was a guitarist, songwriter and known for inventing many music styles as well as the first solid body electric guitar, which made the sound of rock and roll possible.

The cool thing about this doodle is that not only can you play it with your mouse or keyboard but you can also record it and then share it with others. The doodle uses a combination of JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas (for the strings), CSS and Flash (for the audio) to work, so you will need a modern browser along with the Flash Player. Read more »

[E3 2011] Nintendo unveil the next evolution of their home console: the Wii U [VIDEO]

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The Wii wowed crowds, broke records and opened the gates on the motion-control gaming environment, its innovative gameplay mechanics acting as the catalyst that spawned similar systems from both Sony with the PlayStation Move and Microsoft with the Kinect for Xbox 360, which too have reaped the benefits in the next-gen motion gaming market.

The Wii U controller on GSM Arena

As soon as the Wii became a smash sensation there were those who asked what was coming next. Read more »

Watch Apple’s iOS 5 promo video – the main features in focus, the Apple way

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Well in typical Cupertino fashion the new promo video is out for the premiere features in the latest iOS version – 5. The seats at the WWDC keynote hall are still warm and we’re hurrying to bring you the latest news.

The video follows suite in typical Apple style with the white background and nice tune to go behind the voices of featured Greg Joswiak (VP of iPod, iPhone and iOS Product Marketing) and Scott Forstall (Senior VP of iOS Software). They’re the ones talking us through the various key features of the new iOS release. Read more »