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You must see these aerial photos of Britain taken with the Nokia N8

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It’s been almost six months since the N8 hit the market, but the Finns have no intention of stopping its marketing campaign. I’ve already lost count of all the movies, covers, pictures, etc. shot with the 12-megapixel cameraphone, but here is a new batch. This time Nokia has invited popular aerial photographer Jason Hawkes to take some nice heli-shots of Britain’s most beautiful places as part of Nokia’s HD Horizons project.

Nokia N8 camera sample (click to enlarge)

All shots under this UK project are taken with the Nokia N8. Here are some of the best picks:
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A clever infographic shows a decade of mobile phone sales in pictures

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I’m not particularly keen on statistics. Unfortunately, tracking the trends in the mobile industry (its winners and losers) requires a heavy dealing with the aforementioned science. The people over at VisionMobile – a mobile industry market analysis and research company, have been kind to present us with graphic expression of the developments in the mobile phone market over the past decade.

It’s somewhat overwhelming to watch the change in ranks for some companies as well as the utter disappearance of others. Especially when I’ve witnessed these industry developments along the years in person. Enjoy the show!

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This green XPERIA Android mascot really knows the robot dance

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Android has legs, hands and it already got some thumbs. What’s next then? Well, it can always try to dance.

The video you are about to see is shot in Taiwan in front of an XPERIA Arc stand. I doubt that this dancing robot was meant to star in a viral video clip, but it’s exactly what this video has turned into.

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Asus shows bad taste in a new Eee Pad Transformer tablet ad

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Asus has made an ad for their upcoming Eee Pad Transformer and it looks surprisingly… bad. It’s based on the popular Big Bang Theory TV series and consists of dorky humor, 70s hair styles and a “I know where this is going before it’s happened” plotline. The actors also use the word “product” one too many times.

The Eee Pad Transformer itself is being released today in Taiwan and in the US in April. It will have Android 3.0 Honeycomb preinstalled, 10.1-inch 1280×800 display and a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor inside. By the way, pictured above is the real cast of The Big Bang Theory, not the fake ones from the Asus ad. Read more »

HP Pre 3 and TouchPad celebrity guests in Dr.Dre and Eminem music video

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Nowadays we’re already very used to seeing the latest gadgets in music videos, prior to even those getting to the shelves. And in most cases those gadgets are doing the impossible stuff, nobody thought they can. And in most cases they really can’t do it, it’s just some visual trickery to make us want to buy it pronto.

In this case, though, we caught the HP Pre 3 and the HP TouchPad, sharing a scanner picture wirelessly without even touching each other. All the while among them are music superstars – Dr.Dre and Eminem. Read more »

New XPERIA Play ads get creepier and creepier, even iPhone isn’t safe anymore

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Sony Ericsson is hard at work with the XPERIA Play media campaign. You can really tell it’s very important for Sony Ericsson to sell the life out of this device.

The latest slew of ads feature this lunatic woman (in real life american actress Kristen Schaal, who’s actually not insane or possessed ), which absolutely looses it in front of the camera, delivering satanic messages and plain old craziness. Read more »

Angry Birds go 3D and highly amusing at the SXSW, check it out on video

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Hold your horses – it’s not a 3D version of the insanely popular game just yet. What we have here is a 3D promo video that Rovio developed in collaboration with Nokia. However it is nicely done and pretty funny so you won’t regret sparing some time to check it out.

The spectacle happened at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas and it shows what happens when those pesky green pigs steal an N8 from the birds’ nest. You guessed that right – the birds get angrier then ever.

Now sit back and enjoy the video. Read more »

Opera launches its own mobile app store, available almost everywhere

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Opera is a world leading company in making cross-platform browsers for most mobile and desktop platforms out there. And today Opera officially announced its own mobile app store – called Opera Mobile Store.

Virtually every mobile platform out there now has access to the store, which amounts to over 100 million people. You can go check it out through your mobile device or even through your PC. The current covered countries are 200 (whoa!) and you can count that this is just the beginning.

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Watch the official iPad 2 overview right here [VIDEO]

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Apple iPad 2 has just been announced and Apple rushed out to post a video overview of the device. The iPad 2 features the same 9.7-inch 1024x768px capacitive touchscreen display as the original iPad, but it’s more powerful with the all-new dual-core A5 chip, which includes up to 9x faster graphics chip.

I can continue to go about the iPad 2′s re-design and features, but Apple has tried pretty hard to make this 6-minute-plus video, so here it is. Read more »

The Honeycomb statue joins the Android sweetness in the Google backyard

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Since the dawn of the Android breed, Google has this tradition of decorating its backyard with statues corresponding to each major release. Well, the Gingerbread reign is over, Honeycomb has just stepped in.

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A funny Nokia C7 ad shows just how useful a front-facing camera can be

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Well, I don’t know how much truth there is in advertising but I’m willing to bet such encounters like the one shown in this ad are purely fictional. Either that or I should have become a taxi driver.

Anyway, if a pretty girl does walk into your taxi then you’d better have a Nokia C7 at the ready as this ad shows… Read more »

Here’s an amazing Angry Birds inspired birthday cake that you can actually play on [VIDEO]

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Okay, I know you guys haven’t been very fond of the Angry Birds news that we’ve posted here lately, but you MUST check this out! It’s probably the coolest and yummiest Angry Birds news ever to hit our blog page.

Here’s this loving and caring dad, who every year makes some crazy birthday cakes for his children, the now six-year-old Ben and the three-year-old Sofia. This year he decided to make an Angry Birds inspired cake, and what a cake it is! Check the video for yourself! Read more »

Microsoft Rally Ball will make you wish you had a Kinect-ed Xbox and a WP7 smartphone

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Here’s a video showcasing how your Windows Phone 7 smartphone could be turning into an Xbox 360 controller (Kinect included). It’s a tech demo only and it’s not certain whether the integration between the Windows Phone and the Xbox ecosystem will ever run so deep.

But it’s a cool video nonetheless and it surely deserves your geeky attention. Read more »

LG Optimus Pad kicks the butt of another tablet in a Transformers-inspired commercial

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LG has issued a new action-packet ad inspired by the Transformers movie, where the LG Optimus Pad is represented by Optimus Prime fighting some Mega…tablet… tron.

Even though the clip is not Hollywood material, the latest advertisement for the Optimus Pad from LG is sure worth a thousand words (and laughs). Just watch the epic battle between good and evil, and I’ll see you after the break. Read more »

Angry birds gets a 15-level worth of an update, we get a sneak peak at Valentine’s Day edition

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Angry Birds needs no introduction, so let’s just cut to the chase – Rovio has just released an update to the game. There are some 15 new levels plus 15 soon-to-come levels. The update is not the rumored St. Valentine’s day edition. But we have new news on that last one too. We found a series of screenshots that show what this new romantic level pack will look like.

Also today is one of the biggest Sundays in the USA NFL season – the Super Bowl. And if there’s one thing this sports event is famous for (besides the game itself), it’s the ads. Watched by millions of Americans each year, the Super Bowl advertisements are special and Rovio Mobile will air their Angry Birds Rio commercial today too. Read more »