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Samsung Galaxy S II stars in second ad, no hands required [VIDEO]

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The second Samsung Galaxy S II ad is out and it takes us far north where an Eskimo faces a challenge – send an SMS with gloves on. Taking the gloves off isn’t recommended, even predictive text input can’t make sense of text typed with freezing, shaking hands.

So, how does the Galaxy S II help the Eskimo? Well… Read more »

Shop your phone online Minority Report multi-touch style [VIDEO]

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The gap between the sci-fi future of Minority Report and our future just got a little bit smaller.

3 live shop touchscreen

3 Live Shop takes the online shopping experience to the next level using the latest technology and techno-wizardry. Developed in partnership by B-REEL, Teenage Engineering and Isotop, the new tech allows a touchscreen wielding ’3′ sales assistant to help you with info about your potential purchase by showing you an interactive visual overlay on your own computer screen. They can drag, drop, resize, scale and rotate images and information beaming it straight to you. Read more »

The Nokia N8 takes a second batch of spectacular aerial photos of Britain

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Do you still remember Nokia’s HD Horizons project? It was about capturing the most beautiful places in Britain with a Nokia N8 from the air. Two weeks ago I told you about the first batch of awesome pictures taken by the popular aerial photographer Jason Hawkes.

Nokia N8 camera sample (click to enlarge)

Yesterday Nokia released 34 new breath-taking photos. You have to admit the phone did splendidly. Read more »

iPad 2 goes 3D without glasses

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So far, it’s only a tech demo, guys, but it sure looks promising. The guys over at EHCI Research Group have found a rather clever way to track the movement of the user’s head with the front facing camera and, along with some software magic, have managed to create an impressive real-time 3D experience on Apple’s own iPad.

Read more »

Here’s how you drive a car using an XPERIA Arc (actually, three of them)

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Sony Ericsson came up with another brilliant way to advertise its new XPERIA lineup starting with an Arc video. They replaced all windows and windshields with tin sheets and then cut three holes for the XPERIA Arc screens.

It seems the two phones on the front windshield and the other on the driver’s window were enough for making this wild video: Read more »

50 Years in Space: An Infographic

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It’s been 50 years since the first flight into space (hats off to Yuri Gagarin), pretty remarkable when your average car nowadays has more computing power than the earliest manned spacecraft. The infographic below details some of the amazing ways we’ve traveled beyond into the space starting with Gagarin’s first manned flight, which took place on 12 April 1961.

50 years in space Read more »

Add an extra touch of professionalism to you Guerilla mobile filmmaking with Steadycam for iOS devices

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Want to shoot a high-speed pursuit from the passenger window of your car? Perhaps a chase scene on foot through city streets or maybe you just want smoother looking videos?

iPhone Stead Cam

Adding a touch of professionalism to any budding film makers shots, app developer Midnox have released SteadyCam Pro, promising “a professional film camera in your pocket”. Read more »

This is how a Nokia with iOS would look like, courtesy of Ovi Store

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We stumbled into this photo from the Ovi Store and were nothing short of stunned to find a Symbian application demoed with iPhone screenshots on a Nokia device.

We are wondering if this is an honest mistake, or a purposeful act by a disgruntled group of workers from the Symbian division of the company. Just kidding, aight? Read more »

How do you spot fake Chinese USB hard drives? Well, you take them apart

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The story I am about to retell you starts in China. Some guy finds a really cheap portable 500GB USB hard drive in a store there. He buys one after he has it tested in the shop.

Then he goes home (in Russia) and starts filling it with data. But the drive doesn’t seem to work properly. You upload a movie on it, and you can only play just a few minutes from it. Why?

Here is what the guys at the near repair shop found out. Read more »

Watch the mobile phone evolve in a unique video

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It’s not so common for carriers to make such a great video presentation that actually catches ours (and yours) attention. But Vodafone has a history with viral videos involving mobile phones and the guys from the UK branch did a great job presenting the evolution of the mobile phone in a special video.

It’s so good that in the end when the question “What’s next?” pops out, you are already so hooked that you would really want to know the answer.

Read more »

The XPERIA Play new video ad ditches creepiness for good, is nice too [VIDEO]

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play has just hit the shelves in a number of countries and the marketing campaign has finally started to make sense.

Instead of the previous creepy and even scary ads, we now have a more mature and adrenaline-rushing video experience. Watch it below: Read more »

Forza Motorsport 4 gameplay video accidentally leaks on YouTube, looks cool

by 231 comments

Whether it is a leak, or simply a marketing gimmick, a fact is a fact – an internal gameplay video of the highly anticipated Forza Motorsport by Turn 10 Studios found its way on YouTube.

With a rather fascinating narrative for an “internal” video document, the short clip previews some of the major features of the upcoming Xbox 360 video game. Read more »

The sum of all iPhone 5 rumors is an infographic away

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We love infographics as much as we love rumors about upcoming devices. What we stumbled into today though, combines both of these features and concerns the most anticipated launch in the mobile phone industry for 2011 – the iPhone 5.

The infographic is designed by the guys over at Nowhereelse, who gave us last year’s infographic. As you’ll notice the new inforgraphic looks so much better. Read more »

Plasticine iPad makes for an amusing stop-motion video

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It appears the the iPad, along with its multiple entertaining qualities, can also serve as an inspiration for a session of arts and crafts.

We stumbled upon this wonderful stop-motion video of the work of a Ukrainian design artist from the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow). It’s an iPad made of plasticine. We can’t help but be amazed by the attention to detail and the execution. Enjoy!!! Read more »

Here is how Qualcomm keeps its engineers at their best [Video]

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I don’t know about you, but designing processors and graphics chips isn’t the easiest job in the world. That’s why Qualcomm has developed a new, and rather innovative way of making sure their chipset engineers are always giving a top-notch performance.

Welcome to a real Dragons Retreat. A place where the humbleness of the nature, the brilliance of the human mind and… komodo dragons can connect and be in real harmony. Check this awesome video of how Qualcomm employed dragons help people design Snapdragons. Read more »