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BBC iPlayer goes international, lands first on the iPad

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BBC is already running the iPlayer service in UK, allowing its viewers to catch up with all TV and radio shows aired in the past seven days. Its first international landing will be on the iPad, where all users will be able to watch on demand their favorite shows from the past week.

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Angry Birds Seasons out now, free update for iOS, brings the Halloween chapter on Android

by 7 comments

As promised Angry Birds Seasons is out now. Both iOS and Android versions include 25 Christmas-themed levels, but you can’t play all of them at once. Each level becomes available on the corresponding day of the month, so you’ll have to wait until Christmas to beat the pig boss.

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AR. Pursuit augmented reality games is another reason to buy the AR. Drone

by 3 comments

I’m sure there are lots of reasons to get the cool AR. Drone by Parrot, but in case you need more – here is another one for you. The iOS AR. Pursuit multi-player game is an awesome way to get some 3D action.

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Xbox 360 owner or not, Kinect is something you would want on your PC

by 13 comments

I am an Xbox 360 owner and I admit I would never buy a Kinect controller. I don’t like the games or the idea of making funny moves in front of my TV to play them.

But also I have a Windows 7-based PC connected to that TV. And I can be easily lured to buy a Kinect to do Si-Fi stuff on my computer while I’m sitting on my couch.

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Czech T-Mobile signs Chuck Norris, competitors to be roundhouse-kicked out of business

by 9 comments

Sorry to break it to our Czech fellas but their right to choose any carrier has been revoked effective immediately.

The Czech branch of T-Mobile has just established Chucktatorship and joining them seems the right thing to do as beating them is no longer an option.

Seriously though, we stumbled upon several T-Mobile ad videos, featuring no other than Chuck Norris. They are all in Czech but we think you will get the idea. Either that or the Texas Ranger will have to come and beat the sense out of you. Check them out! Read more »

OTECH F1 phone has Quad SIM support, probably glows in the dark, too

by 62 comments

Well, here’s something curious that popped into our email inbox – the OTECH F1. You might want to sit down for this – it has four SIM cars. Yep – four, 4, f-o-u-r. But wait, there’s more! All four cards are active all the time, not just one or two…

This is getting ridiculous – safety-razor level of ridiculous. It started of with one razor blade, uh sorry, SIM card, then came dual-SIM, then triple SIM and now this. Check the photos below – 4 SIM cards, 4 signal strength indicators and little use for such a thing.
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PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment premieres along with the dedicated The Shoot game

by 10 comments

All fans that miss 8-bit Nintendo (NES) gun will have the wonderful opportunity to experience the feeling once again. Thanks to the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment you can turn your Move controller into a gun and go hunting ducks…erhhh zombies.

The Move has already been on the move for some time, but it’s just today when the shooting attachment becomes available for 20 US dollars.

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Parrot AR.Drone goes on sale, can be yours for 300 bucks (in various currencies)

by 4 comments

Remember the smartphone-controlled quadricopter that stroke us with its awesomeness back in February? It missed its target launch date by a week but it’s already hitting the shelves and is waiting for you to go and get it.

The lucky fellas who live in the USA can snatch a shiny new Parrot AR.Drone for a penny under 300 dollars from Brookstone, Amazon or the company’s own online store. Read more »

Nintendo 3DS specs revealed, hits Japan in February, Europe and USA in March

by 18 comments

Nintendo 3DS specifications, release dates and price have been finally revealed. The new portable console will cost 250 euro in Japan and will be released on 26 February. Europe and USA launch will follow in March on a similar price.

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Nokia N8 feeds video to the largest cinema screen in the world

by 27 comments

What do you need for a home theater system? Usually you get a media player, a good sound system and a big TV or maybe a projector/screen combo. The Nokia N8 can substitute the media player as it can playback Full HD with true 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Plus over its HDMI output.

And don’t worry if your screen seems too big for the N8 to handle, Nokia tested that setup on a 1,428 square meter screen with a total of four projectors… Read more »

Watch two cellphones go head-to-head Transformers style

by 1,190 comments

Here’s a video that doesn’t need much introduction. It’s impressive as a videographer’s first attempt in DSLR video creation. The characters and the 3D animation are cool, as well. The video was shot mainly with a Canon 550D but they’ve included a Nikon D5000 as a sidekick as well. The second camera was used so that the author can shoot a scene from two angles simultaneously. The whole shooting was done in 2 hours, post took a good month.

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The Mozilla Seabird phone concept is a glimpse in the future, and has a nice video demo too

by 32 comments

Mozilla Seabird is a conceptual phone, unfortunately. After watching its video, you will want a time machine for sure.

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Nokia N8 is behind the shooting of this wonderful stop-motion short movie

by 27 comments

CellScope is a mobile phone holder/attachment that turns an autofocus cameraphone into a high-resolution digital microscope. The following stop-motion video was shot with Nokia N8 and CellScope. You can see the shooting rig in the final seconds of the clip.

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Nokia N8 interactive unboxing is here – Brenda, Suzy or Ryan will do it for you

by 36 comments

Nokia has made a very interesting unboxing video – it’s an interactive one. You can choose between two pretty girls and a guy to guide you all the way to stripping the N8 naked.

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PlayStation 3 finally jailbroken, 100 euro frees it from its shackles

by 53 comments

PlayStation 3 finally got hacked and playing games from ISO images is now possible. The tools are on a USB flash drive, which is currently selling for 100 euro. It’s expensive to be a pirate these days.

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