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Toyota’s new ad: Prius goes Plural, but in a creepy way [VIDEO]

The Toyota Prius is probably one of the most iconic and well known hybrid cars in modern motoring. Not only is it well regarded by the eco conscious Joe Bloggs, but Hollywood seem to have adopted it as the eco-celeb car of choice too.

All that aside, the Prius has been around for a while now, but been a lone hybrid in a sea of petrol and diesel Toyota’s, no longer though as this add aims to promote the complete Prius line.

First thoughts point to a good ad, but there is something creepy about the giant person made out of people. It’s an odd concept that looks like something M.C. Escher would have cooked up had he worked for a marketing team, but it certainly does the job and sticks in your mind. So without further ado, here is said ad, for your entertainment, enjoy!

In case it wasn’t clear, what you’re seeing is a mix of real life actors, greenscreen, VFX and animation. For the petrol-heads (read: hybrid-heads) amongst you, the four models in the video are the Prius (original), the Prius V (the big one), the Prius C concept (the city car) and the Prius Plug-In (the one that erm, plugs in…).

Want to know how they shot the ad, we’ve got the ‘making of’ here too, to reveal the secrets behind the creepiness, enjoy that as well.



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