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New Samsung Galaxy S II ad, puts heat on zippy 1.2 GHz dual-core processor

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Samsung has released yet another ad for their flagship extraordinaire, the Galaxy S II. This time the main focus is on the industry-leading (so far) Exynos chipset, packing a dual-core processor, clocked at 1.2 GHz and the HSPA+ internet speeds. The ad promises there will be no more breaks, just smooth sailing.

The video is shot on a square in front of a beautiful building in some desirable location (probably) and displays two sets of dance groups. One of them represents the hiccup performance with the brakes, stuttering while dancing and then comes the zippier, more fluid one, which dances circles around the first one. Read more »

Amazon launches 69c MP3 store, stabbing the Apple’s iTunes store in the back

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First, it was the Appstore for Android. Now, Amazon is trying to steal some business from another industry heavyweight with the launch of its 69 cents MP3 store for “bestselling new songs.”

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Watch the latest Transformers 3 trailer here [VIDEO]

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A new Transformers 3 trailer is out and it looks very cool. There’s some heavy bashing, robots flying around and splitting buildings in half, American soldiers running hopelessly and a new hot babe replacing Megan Fox.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the new hottie in this one and the events of latest part of the Transformers trilogy: Dark of the moon see a backlash between the Autobots and Decepticons, which strarts with the finding of a Cybertronian spacecraft, buried on the Moon. Read more »

Galaxy S II stars in a new ad, late for Easter, are we?[VIDEO]

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The latest Samsung Galaxy S II ad is for the birds – or, um, hens at least. Previous ads already boasted about some of the cool features of Samsung’s new flagship, but this one shows off one of my favorites – the SuperAMOLED Plus display.

So, do the virtual objects on the Galaxy S II screen look exactly like the real thing? The screen already fooled a little girl, but can it fool a chicken? Here’s the answer… Read more »

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer is out, promises some epic stuff

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As you should well know, the last Harry Potter movie was split into two parts, because the seventh book turned out impossible to fit into a two-hour movie. The first part of the Deathly Hallows premiered last November and it was really good and the script was very close to the book.

Today the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer was released and it looks epic. Let’s hope the movie keeps that spirit. Read more »

Here’s how people use their smartphones, a survey by Google [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Google has conducted a survey on the use of smartphones and how they influence our lives and how we influence businesses with our smartphones daily. The survey was carried out by Ipsos OTX and it features many statistical facts and a short video, explaining the results. Of ocurse, the research was focused on marketing and it aims to explore and promote the smartphone as the next-gen ad platform and a source of new revenue for Google (their business is ads, you know).

The results of the research show that we use our smartphones vigorously throughout our day, at home and at the office, and even in the bathroom. Read more »

Nintendo Wii 2 aka Project Cafe announced, specs and prices leak

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Two days ago Nintendo announced its plans to launch a Wii successor next year. The better part of this announcement was that Nintendo will actually demo the new console on the upcoming E3 expo this June in LA.

Nintendo gave no more official information on the subject, but its CEO promised to bring a new approach to home gaming consoles. Read more »

Samsung continues its marketing invasion for Galaxy S2 with a new ad

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I already love the Samsung Galaxy S2. It is definitely looking like the Android phone to have when it launches. And Samsung is making serious efforts to make it known to everyone with the release of yet another ad for its flagship.

This time, the phone feature in focus is its slim waistline. At only 8.49 mm the phone is currently without analog in its class. Check out the commercial below:
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New Samsung Galaxy S II video ad brags about Voice Talk feature, again

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The “Before – After” scenario seems to be working for Samsung as a new ad for the Galaxy S II proves. It flaunts the Voice Talk feature of the phone, which can aid you (particularly in this case) in sending a text while driving, without the need to, you know, create havoc on the road.

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Unboxing the Galaxy S II: the EXTREME version(s)

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The Samsung Galaxy S2 is just around the corner and it has already more than proven itself as the next-gen smartphone. How about seeing it get unboxed in a bunch of extreme situations? Yup, it’s the greatest thing to be captured on film since extreme ironing (yes, that’s real too).

Galaxy S2 Rally Read more »

The EAster brings special discounts on popular iOS games in the UK

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EA seems to be in a holiday spirit. Some of its games for iOS are getting a price cut of up to 80% for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners in the UK and its giving away a free iPad 2 to users in the UK, France and Germany, who just need to answer 3 video questions on Facebook.

The discount begins today and the company has dubbed this promotion the EAster – catchy ain’t it? Read more »

Rovio and NASA exchange tweets, new Angry Birds Seasons ad launches in space

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“Join the hunt for Golden Eggs!” is Rovio’s slogan appearing in the latest Angry Birds Season commercial. There are golden eggs, Indiana Jones styled font, a really angry bird and… a space shuttle.!/NASA/status/61051714173800448

NASA even tweeted on Rovio’s wall about this. May be the next Angry Birds is going up…literally? Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S II stars in second ad, no hands required [VIDEO]

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The second Samsung Galaxy S II ad is out and it takes us far north where an Eskimo faces a challenge – send an SMS with gloves on. Taking the gloves off isn’t recommended, even predictive text input can’t make sense of text typed with freezing, shaking hands.

So, how does the Galaxy S II help the Eskimo? Well… Read more »

Shop your phone online Minority Report multi-touch style [VIDEO]

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The gap between the sci-fi future of Minority Report and our future just got a little bit smaller.

3 live shop touchscreen

3 Live Shop takes the online shopping experience to the next level using the latest technology and techno-wizardry. Developed in partnership by B-REEL, Teenage Engineering and Isotop, the new tech allows a touchscreen wielding ’3′ sales assistant to help you with info about your potential purchase by showing you an interactive visual overlay on your own computer screen. They can drag, drop, resize, scale and rotate images and information beaming it straight to you. Read more »

The Nokia N8 takes a second batch of spectacular aerial photos of Britain

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Do you still remember Nokia’s HD Horizons project? It was about capturing the most beautiful places in Britain with a Nokia N8 from the air. Two weeks ago I told you about the first batch of awesome pictures taken by the popular aerial photographer Jason Hawkes.

Nokia N8 camera sample (click to enlarge)

Yesterday Nokia released 34 new breath-taking photos. You have to admit the phone did splendidly. Read more »