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Nokia Human Research Department viral videos allow you to enjoy the *mini* things in life

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When things come slightly smaller, our test subjects start feeling good… Really, really good – the Nokia Human Research Department concludes in one of their latest test researches.

This post is not about reporting about any serious scientific proof of anything. The Nokia Human Research Department is about good old fun and we hope you enjoy those “mini” sized bites. The reactions of the innocent by-standers certainly call for a laugh or two as well.

Nokia N97 mini virals

If you haven’t got it yet – here are two viral video ads of Nokia N97 mini that you most probably won’t see on TV.

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Canon vs. Nikon battle takes over the stage

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This is hardly really tech news but it’s so hilarious that we couldn’t help ourselves but share it with you. Apparently the eternal my lens-is-brighter-than-your-lens war is now taking over the music stage. The rap video below tells the story of the contemporary Romeo and Juliet who cannot be together due to the differences in their photography gear tastes.

The video probably won’t bring any Grammy awards to its creators but we bet it can bring a smile on your face. Check it out after the break.

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Making 3D models with just a webcam and what it’s good for

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If you read tech blogs you’ve probably seen a demo of ProFORMA, which uses just a single, ordinary webcam to generate a 3D model of something… in real time. And although it’s still a work in progress, the creators say that in a few months there will be a demo up for download, which works on Linux, with the Windows version following soon after. This means we only have a few months to figure out what to do with it. Let’s see…

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Music genes are for real, they determine what genres we like, sort of

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According to a Nokia Music study genes determine our taste in music… well, sort of. As it turned out genetics are more or less involved in the final results depending on the genRes themselves and their influence is decreased with the age.

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