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Footage of how it would feel to fly over Planet Earth [VIDEO]

Space has always captured the minds of people for centuries, from those who the spent time to map and document stars and planets across the night sky, to the first men and women who actually took flight beyond our atmosphere into the unknown.

curvature of the earth's ionosphere visible

Despite a lull is televised space exploration and media attention on space research in recent years, our love for this mysterious void is alive and well. Don’t believe me, just take a look at this recent footage from the International Space Station and try to not be impressed.

The video condenses a sizable rotation around the earth into all of 60 seconds, starting somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and moving across the America’s by night, before coming to daybreak over Antarctica and covering a host of other locales in between, such as Mexico, and the Amazon, check it out, it’s breathtaking.



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