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Watch the 17 minute Battlefield 4 gameplay video here

After a flurry of Battlefield 4 teaser videos, EA has finally dropped in the real deal. A lengthy 17 minute long gameplay video that showcases some of the finest visuals and sound I’ve seen in a game until now.

The video starts off with the now familiar in medias res format, where you see a scene and then it tracks back in the past to show you how you landed up there. You can’t tell much about the story, other than a bunch of soldiers trying to survive an attack who then later end up at the bottom of a lake inside a car.

If you thought Battlefield 3 looked good, wait till you get your retinae on this. The game looks so good that at first I thought I was looking at pre-rendered cutscenes. Admittedly, you’d require nothing short of the Titan supercomputer from Oak Ridge National Laboratory to be able to run this game at its maximum settings but if you’re lucky enough to have that sort of hardware then you are in for a treat. The sound is equally spectacular in this game, with each weapon producing the heart stopping bang you’d expect from a real weapon.

There are several moments in the video that will blow your mind, such as the one with the collapsing building. At several points you feel like you’re watching a really good action movie, rather than a gameplay video.

Personally, I cannot wait for the game to release, which will happen later this year. I do hope it delivers in the gameplay department, however, and is not just all show and no go, which is what the Battlefield 3 single player campaign mostly was.



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