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Latest Humble Bundle for Android is out

The latest Humble Bundle for Android is out and brings with it four great games. The first is Contre Jour, which recently arrived on Android recently. It’s a 2D puzzle game with beautiful animations and a wonderful, soothing soundtrack. Next are Anomaly Korea, which is a tower defense game, Bladeslinger, which is a 3D action game and Plants vs. Zombies, which we all know and love.

If you manage to beat the average of $4.57 then you also unlock the awesome The Room, which is making its Android debut (and we reviewed last year) and Metal Slug 3, a 2D side-scrolling arcade game.

As usual, you will also get soundtracks for all the games, except for Contre Jour, which you can download in MP3 or FLAC.

As usual, you can name your price and choose how it gets distributed among the developers, Humble Bundle folks and a charity.

You can download the new Humble Bundle for Android from the link below.



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