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Angry Birds Space releases tomorrow. Meet all the new birds first.

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Rovio’s space themed Angry Birds Space marks the first real departure from their usual bird flinging action. I mean it’s still bird flinging, but this time it’s in space, which means the gravitational force in action here is a little different from the one you experience on Earth.

After a ton of promotion, including by NASA, the game is finally set to launch tomorrow, on March 22 on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. But before you download and start playing the game, here are some short videos to familiarize yourself with the updated birds that you will be playing with in this new game. Read more »

Apple talks about the new iPad heating complaints

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A few hours ago we told you that some users are complaining that their new iPad is hotter than the iPad 2. The test shows it is indeed warmer than its predecessor when put on stress with just over 5°C.

Apple quickly issued a statement on the matter. Here it is: Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III to support wireless charging out of the box?

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More rumors on the upcoming Galaxy S III have hit the mill and the latest one suggest that the next Samsung flagship will be using wireless charging, rather than the conventional microUSB charging.

According to DDaily, the back of the device will integrate all the elements needed for wireless charging and you won’t even have to place the smartphone on a charging pad. Rumor has it that it will work even with the Galaxy S III located as far away as two meters from it. Read more »

Viber for Symbian confirmed, Maemo stays ignored in the corner

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Symbian Nokia OS fans, rejoice! Viber officially confirmed that its famous free calling app will be getting support for your platform soon.

The good news came, weirdly, from the Maemo community forum, but since they were delivered directly by Viber representatives they are as official as it gets. They confirmed that a Viber version compatible with the Nokia proprietary platform is under development, but sadly, Maemo users will have to wait a bit more. Read more »

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio updated with more levels

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Rovio just updated its Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio titles with new levels. Just two days before the launch of the brand new Angry Birds Space game, the company’s developers delivered a nice treat to the Angry Birds addicts around the world.

Angry Birds new UI • Angry Birds Rio new bonus levels

The original Angry Birds game got 15 new tropical themed levels, part of the new 45-level Surf and Turf episode. In addition to the new levels, the update also brings new UI, new animated tutorial and some gameplay improvements such as the fast-forward key for quickly jump to the score screen after you’ve killed the last pig. Read more »

HTC HD2 gets Windows Phone 7 Tango ROM, proves it can run anything

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The HTC HD2 is probably the most versatile smartphone out there. Why? Well, not only there’s an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich port and a Windows Phone 7 ROM available, but the HD2 can even dual boot them. And if that wasn’t enough, you can add Ubuntu to the boot equation.

So the love of the developer community for the smartphone should come as a surprise to no one. And neither should the HTC HD2′s latest achievement – running Windows Phone 7 Tango. Read more »

BBC iPlayer goes live for Xbox 360 in the UK

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The BBC’s popular VOD service iPlayer, which brings you popular TV and Radio programs from their site as well as on various mobile devices and and web-enabled TV’s, is now also available on the Xbox 360.

One cool feature that the developers have implemented for this version is the ability to control the application using gestures via the Xbox Kinect controller. Read more »

Seagate achieves one terabit per square inch, 60TB HDDs are on the way

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Seagate has made a breakthrough squeezing one terabit (1 trillion bits) of memory on a square inch of platter (which is, as the PR would gladly point out, a lot more than all the stars in our Milky Way galaxy). To achieve this Seagate uses the completely new Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology, as opposed to the current Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) tech. This means the very first 3.5” generation of these new drives will offer north of 6TB capacity.

We all knew this moment was coming for quite some time. The current generation of hard drives reached its limits – the 3.5” PMR drives could offer maximum of 3TB storage (or 750GB for the 2.5” ones). Read more »

New iPad runs 5 degrees Celsius hotter than the iPad 2

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The new iPad has double the GPU cores count of the iPad 2 model and Apple had to increase the battery to handle the increased power usage. However, the increased power consumption isn’t the only problem that the extra GPU power creates – it also produces more heat and causes the new iPad to run hotter than its predecessor.

Many users reported that the new iPad feels hotter, but brought out a thermal camera to get exact numbers. Read more »

First Windows 8 tablets coming in October, to be fewer than five

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We are about six months away from seeing the first Windows 8 tablets and personal computers hit the shelves now. Sources close to the matter were quoted by Bloomberg as saying that the next edition of the Windows 8 platform development will be complete by this summer and the first devices carrying it will hit the market in October.

Microsoft’s goal is to ship the x86 and the ARM versions of Windows 8 simultaneously and the company already confirmed there will be devices running both at launch day. Read more »

Apple sells 3 million new iPads since launch

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Yesterday, during the conference call, CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the new iPad had a record-breaking opening weekend, but did not provide any actual figures. Well, that information has arrived, as usual, with its own press release. Apple has sold over 3 million new iPads since launch.

When I say ‘launch’ I mean March 16, which is when the device officially went on sale. So basically Apple sold a million new iPad every day since then. And as AppleInsider explains, this number does not include the pre-orders, which were made before the device went on sale. Read more »

New iPad having trouble working with some of the older Smart Covers

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It seems there is trouble in paradise for owners of the new iPad who wanted to use it with the Smart Cover that they bought for their iPad 2. The problem is that with some users the Smart Cover does not work well with the new iPad, i.e., the display does not switch on and off as it should. This is not only a problem with Apple’s Smart Cover but also with some of the third party ones.

So what could be the reason for this? The answer lies in the polarity of the magnets, as Mark Booth has explained fantastically on his blog. Read more »

The new iPad browser benchmarks are here

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Lots of people are using the iPads just for web browsing so naturally the browser benchmarks matter a lot. We’ve put all the three iPads and the Transformer Prime through SunSpider and Browser Benchmark and the results are now out.

Long story short – the new iPad seems to offer the same browsing performance as the iPad 2. Read more »

Watch how the new iPad handles concrete floors and machine gun fire

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The new iPad is heavier and thicker than its predecessor but do those facts automatically make Apple’s latest iPad tougher than before? To help us find out come two videos where the new iPad’s survival skills are put to the test.

The first video comes from the gadget insurance company SquareTrade and aims to test how the new iPad in an accidental drop, while in the other video, things get a bit more extreme. Read more »

New Apple iPad scores record sales in first weekend of availability

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At its dividend and share buyback conference Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the iPad had a record opening weekend, sales-wise.

No specific numbers were quoted, but the iPad 2 opening weekend sales were said to be in the region of 1 million units, so now we are obviously looking at numbers higher than that. Read more »