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ASUS to release Ice Cream Sandwich update for Transformer by the end of the month, apologizes for giving incorrect date earlier

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Last week ASUS announced that the original Transformer TF101 will be receiving the ICS update shortly after the Transformer Prime got it. They even confirmed it later on their Facebook page that the update will, in fact, be released today.

Later however that update was pulled down from the account and replaced with a proper statement saying that the original Transformer will in fact be getting the ICS update around end of this month, along with an apology for giving the wrong date earlier and invariably getting everyone’s hopes up. Read more »

Cooler Master showcases a heat sink with a computer built-in, begs you to ask “Why?!”

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Looks like Cooler Master is out to do some ‘Heatsinkception’, with a computer built-into a heat sink, which will then go inside another computer.

The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ CPU heatsink comes with a AMD E-350 Brazos APU on a micro motherboard built-in, along with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. Read more »

Nokia confirms the display on the Lumia 900 isn’t PenTile

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It’s common knowledge that the PenTile matrix layout is something you should ideally avoid if you want the absolute best image quality. Unfortunately, a large number of devices do ship with this display technology on-board, with Nokia’s Lumia 800 being one of them.

So when Nokia announced the Lumia 900, naturally everyone was curious as to whether the 900 carries over the same RGBG layout of the 800′s display. If it did, things would have gotten worse because the Lumia 900 has a larger display but with the same number of pixels, which means lower pixel density, where PenTile’s shortcomings become glaringly obvious. Read more »

16MP Android-running Polaroid SC1630 hands-on photos

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Our tour around the CES 2012 booth continued with Polaroid and their Android-running smartphone Polaroid SC1630. The 16 megapixel device is one of the very few phones to offer optical zoom, which lets it easily stand out in the crowd.

Back in the days, when this one was going by as Altek Leo it hardly turned into a great success, but now it has an even higher resolution camera and some of Kodak’s image processing magic, so it should have better chances on the market. Read more »

D-Link unveils Mobile Companion router, featuring on-the-go device charging, USB sharing, and Wi-Fi hotspot

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The DIR-505 All-in-One Mobile Companion by D-Link, which just came fresh out of the oven here at CES, is essentially a mini wireless router with a host of additional extras any traveling smartphone or tablet user would find useful.

In addition to being able to plug into any existing wired network using its integrated 10/100 Ethernet port and create a wireless access point, the DIR-505 can charge your device via its USB interface. Read more »

moneto NFC MicroSD card for Android and case for iPhone unveiled by DeviceFidelity and SpringCard

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DeviceFidelity and SpringCard have launched the moneto NFC-enabled MicroSD card for Android smartphones and NFC-enabled case for iPhone. Those allow you to add NFC capabilities to your regular Android smartphone or iPhone and use services like MasterCard’s PayPass.

The moneto MicroSD is storage-less and will set you back $30 while the iPhone case will cost $79.95 with a preloaded $10. Read more »

Google Maps update brings more indoor locations and its own Maps Game

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Google has just released an update to its Maps app for Android. The update brings more indoor floor plans and should prevent you from getting lost at CES or some of the other famous venues in Vegas.

The list of new places includes famous casinos and venues from the Las Vegas strip as well as Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The most interesting addition, however, is the new Google Maps game for Google+. Read more »

Hands-on with the LG Spectrum, 4.5″ 720p screen and LTE connectivity ogled

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LG is bringing their latest super droid to Verizon under the name Spectrum, a version of the South Korean Optimus LTE and the LG Nitro HD for AT&T. That means the Spectrum packs a 4.5″ AH-IPS LCD display of 720p resolution, a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and LTE connectivity.

Design-wise, the LG Spectrum is nearly identical to Optimus LTE LU6200, whereas AT&T’s version takes after Optimus LTE SU640. We noticed that the back has changed though – it’s now glossy and gets smudged all over with fingerprints very quickly. Read more »

Vimeo finally lands on Android, Windows Phone and the Kindle Fire with their official mobile apps

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Vimeo, famed video-sharing site, popular among users for its array of user-generated original and consistently high quality content, have just released a number of mobile apps for both Windows Phone and Android devices, alongside the Kindle Fire.

the droid touches down on Vimeo video service

Previously mobile users of Vimeo only had access via means of an iOS device or a clunky unofficial iteration, but now it would appear that the love has indeed been shared more freely with a bumper release onto two app stores at the same time. Read more »

Razer reveals Project Fiona, a tablet with controllers attached to it running on a Core i7 and Windows 8

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Razer piqued our interest a few days ago when they talked about the Project Fiona, promising a “PC gaming on an all-new form factor”. Little did we know it was going to be a tablet with controllers attached to it.

Razer’s Project Fiona is essentially that, a tablet with two PlayStation Move like controllers on the side. The controllers are fixed and so even when you’re not gaming you will still have them around. Each of the controller has a joystick on it with four buttons on the front and two shoulder buttons. The device includes force feedback, 3-axis gyro, magnetometer and an accelerometer. Read more »

Toshiba showcase three mysterious tablets at CES and tell us nothing about them

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The Excite X10 might be the tablet Toshiba are using CES to shout about, with it’s competent specs and measuring in at just 7.7mm thick (making it the thinnest tablet around).

A yet unnamed Toshiba 13.3

But there are three other members of Toshiba’s tab family that have caught our attention, despite a certain level of mysticism surrounding them. Read more »

Canon G1 X hands-on

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Yesterday we told you about the newly introduced Canon G1 X large sensor compact and now that CES is officially underway we even got a change to try it out. The 14 megapixel camera was naturally enjoying quite a lot of attention, but we still managed to get a unit for a quick photo session.

The Canon G1 X is built like a tank – once you hold it in your hand you just know that it is capable of enduring quite a lot of torture. Read more »

LTE-packing Pantech Element and Burst live photos

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We stopped by the Pantech booth at CES 2012 to see two more additions to the AT&T lineup of LTE-touting devices. The 4″ Pantech Burst smartphone and the 8″ Pantech Element tablet were kind enough to pose for a few pictures.

The $49.99 (on a contract, of course) Pantech Burst actually turned out a pretty nice Gingebread smartphone, upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich later in the year. Its dual core chipset and Super AMOLED display allow it to make way better first impression than most other smartphones in its class. Read more »

HTC Titan II vs. Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Samsung Focus S – the ultimate WP showdown [TABLE]

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CES 2012 certainly stirred things up a bit in the Windows Phone camp. Nokia unveiled their new flagship, the Lumia 900, while HTC announced the cameraphone monster that is the Titan II.

Both phones come with support for the blazing fast AT&T 4G LTE network and should appear on the shelves in the second quarter of this year. But the question remains – which one is the right one for you. We’ll try to find the answer to that by comparing them to one of the best pre-CES WP smartphones – the Samsung Focus S. Read more »

Google introduces Your World, makes search way more personal

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Google aims to make search results more personal with the new Your World add-ons, which displays individual search results, depending on your likes and the likes of those in your circles.

Google introduced personal results, profiles in search and also people and pages. Personal Results puts emphasis on stuff that has been shared with you or the ones around you on Google+. So for instance if you’ve ever wanted to search Google for pictures you’ve shared via Google+ you can now see them in your results. Read more »