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Watch how this Tizen developer tablet runs Android apps without breaking a sweat

by 43 comments

Tizen is now officially into its version 1.0 era and development has been going great. However, when it becomes available for everyone to use, it probably won’t have 500,000 apps at its disposal.

That’s why Samsung and Intel have wittily enabled the platform to run Android applications as well. Using a special “Application Compatibility” layer, the Tizen platform, and the first tablet it powers can run virtually any app from the Google Play store. Read more »

Which virtual personal assistant is best for you? Siri vs. S Voice vs. Speaktoit Assistant

by 104 comments

Traditionally, personal assistants are for the wealthy with their lack of time for trivial chores. But with the introduction of Siri on the iPhone 4S everyone could suddenly have a personal butler to boss around. Shortly afterwards, a plethora of Android variations followed, giving users choice as wide as the Moon.

The latest one of the bunch is called S Voice. It is a love child of Samsung’s hate towards Apple and desire to pack as many features as possible in the Galaxy S III. It’s only logical then to see which one will serve you best – Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s S Voice or the third-party Speaktoit Assistant for Android. Read more »

Flipboard for Android gets an update

by 15 comments

Last week a member at xda-developers managed to extract the Flipboard app on the Galaxy S III and made it available for everyone else to download.

It’s obvious that by now the people at Flipboard must be aware of this but instead of trying to somehow restrict the functionality of the app to prevent people from using it on phones other than the Galaxy S III, they have pushed an update for it. Read more »

Here’s how the Leica M9-P Edition Hermes comes together

by 27 comments

In case the $8000 Leica M Monochrom is a tad too ordinary for you, don’t despair. The German manufacturer of high-end optics still has you covered with the Leica M9-P Edition Hermès.

As its name suggests, the camera is a product of the collaboration between Leica and the fashion powerhouse Hermès. Read more »

Ashton Kutcher spotted in Steve Job’s signature attire

by 54 comments

We all know a biopic based on the life of Steve Jobs is already being made and that Ashton Kutcher has been cast to play Jobs due to Kutcher’s remarkable resemblance to him back when he was young.

TMZ has now acquired photographs of Kutcher on the sets of the movie (which is reportedly being called ‘Jobs: Get Inspired’) dressed in Jobs’ famous blue Levi’s jeans and black turtleneck, which was originally designed by Issey Miyake exclusively for Jobs. And all of this strikes me as a bit odd. Read more »

Apple renames iPad Wi-Fi + 4G to iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular in certain regions following complaints

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Apple has changed the nomenclature for the new iPad in select markets from the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G to a more vague iPad W-Fi + Cellular. This is due to customer complaints regarding the use of the term “4G” after the launch of the new iPad a couple of months ago.

Recently, Apple was sued in Australia because they referred to it as iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, even though the 4G LTE functionality does not work on Australia’s LTE network. Read more »

Glimpses of a Finnish Spring – a spectacular video shot with the 808 PureView

by 90 comments

A lucky YouTube user got his hands on a Nokia 808 PureView and to our delight focused on its camcorder abilities instead of its imaging skills.

He shot a series of video clips at different scene modes with the Nokia 808 PureView and a tripod, and patched them into one clip using the Sony Vegas editing software. Read more »

Machinarium arrives on Android

by 42 comments

Popular and award winning puzzle solving game Machinarium has landed on Android. It’s available on the Play Store for $3.99 and only works with devices that have an HD display.

The game involves guiding a little robot through a steam punk world and to progress to the next stage you have to solve puzzles. Read more »

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III battery life test concludes, results come out promising

by 150 comments

We’re done testing the battery endurance of the new Samsung flagship and we are ready to share the results with you. The I9300 Galaxy S III has a huge 2100 mAh battery, but its 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED still causes concern.

It was also interesting to see how the new-generation Exynos 4212 Quad chipset fared. It has no companion core to handle less demanding tasks, but all of its four Cortex-A9 cores are built on a 32nm process, so they should be pretty efficient. Read more »

Nokia Reading ready for prime time, launches in six countries

by 27 comments

Nokia has just unveiled its plan for the global roll-out of the Nokia Reading app and service. The app will serve like a reader and a bookstore at the same time, allowing for Nokia WP7 users to enjoy some quality reading.

The app will launch in the upcoming days for the Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710 and 610 in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the UK. Read more »

HTC EVO 4G LTE dropped by, here’s the video

by 21 comments

HTC EVO 4G LTE is the latest product of the partnership between Sprint Wireless and HTC. Like its predecessors, the smartphone aims to tick all the boxes in term of both hardware and software features. The latest EVO is also bound to take the role of a flagship for Sprint’s brand new and quickly developing LTE network.

A quick look at the spec sheet of the HTC EVO 4G LTE should be more than enough to reveal the handset’s close relation to the HTC One X for AT&T. Read more »

Nokia 808 PureView takes up a trip to Iceland, gets launched in space for a marvelous shot from above

by 38 comments

As the launch of the Nokia 808 PureView approaches, more and more cool samples and videos taken with its monstrous 41MP camera appear.

The latest piece of camera output comes all the way from the frozen hills of Iceland where the 808 PureView is the main star in an intriguing experiment. The objective? To take a look at the Earth from high up through its 41MP sensor. Read more »

Facebook may offer a new option for highlighting posts, costs $2 each time

by 22 comments

Reportedly Facebook is testing a new feature that will highlight your posts in your subscribers news feed. For example, you choose a post to highlight and Facebook will make it prominent in all of your subscribers’ feeds.

Guess what though? This might turn as Facebook’s first paid feature. Read more »

Assassin’s Creed III first gameplay trailer released

by 12 comments

Ubisoft unveiled Assassin’s Creed III and its debut cinematic trailer back in March. Recently it also launched a social campaign for unlocking the gameplay trailer.

The campaign is finally over – it took just three days to gather the 1776000 likes. And yes, we now have the trailer: Read more »

Apple to drop Google Maps in iOS 6 in favor of in-house Maps with cool 3D mode

by 26 comments

iOS 6 will reportedly ditch its current version of Maps with Google-driven data at the backend in favor of its own in-house Maps module. While this is not shocking at all, what 9to5Mac sources report is that the app will also feature a breathtaking 3D mode.

Featuring a similar design to the current Maps application, the substitute one is said to be faster, cleaner and hopefully will provide a more reliable user experience. Read more »