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AT&T said to be ‘working with’ Apple to add a 4G indicator to the iPhone 4S’ status bar

US customers have been exposed to the term ’4G’ in marketing material for a while now. The problem is some 4G technologies are more legitimate than others.

With carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T marketing certain devices as 4G from their existing lines and now with AT&T rolling out their LTE infrastucture, confusion is bound to ensue.

Despite such confusion however AT&T show no sign of changing tack with respect to all things 4G. In fact this latest development raises eyebrows and to some extent their latest move almost impresses us. AT&T are apparently ‘working with Apple’ in an attempt to have their version of the upcoming iPhone 4S to display a ’4G’ icon in the status bar.

Apple were more than happy to show off their ‘fastest iPhone yet’ at the Cupertino launch event last week, but working alongside a carrier in such a close manner as this is a more surprising, feat all its own. What is more, the team over at The Verge have received follow up confirmation that these two big names are indeed “working together” and that “customers will get 4G speeds from day one” regardless.

So, the AT&T flavored iPhone 4S might just have a one up on its fellow 4S’ brethren if this is the case, but we don’t want to give them any real praise until their LTE service is up and running in full force.



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