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Google I/O 2011 Keynote and speeches hit YouTube

If your a fan of Google’s I/O events each year, but got caught short and ended up missing out on watching the big announcements unfold live, good news! Both the Keynotes and sessions from the 2011 event are now up and online for your viewing pleasure, available from the Google Developers YouTube Channel, here.

Google I/O banner

This years I/O conference was attended by nearly 1 million developers and was live-streamed over 161 countries worldwide. The focus of day 1′s Keynote was Android. Where director of Android Product Management, Hugo Barra spoke about movies on the Android Market, Music Beta by Google, Android @ Home and the Android Open Accessory. They even threw up the official logo for the next iteration of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich.

Day 2 saw Google Chrome’s Senior VP, Sundar Pichai show off the HTML5 version of Angry Birds, talk about Chromebooks and in-app payments. Along with the two big topics, Google I/O 2011 also covered over 30 other announcements, unveiling new APIs for devs and a host of sessions that can be watched in HD too. All that’s left is to wait to see what comes out of the eight Google Developer Days scheduled to happen later this year across the globe.

If you can’t wait a moment longer to get some I/O action however, we’ve been kind enough to bring you day one and two of the Keynotes so sit back, relax and let the Google fan within you enjoy:

Day 1

Day 2



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