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Microsoft Rally Ball will make you wish you had a Kinect-ed Xbox and a WP7 smartphone

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Here’s a video showcasing how your Windows Phone 7 smartphone could be turning into an Xbox 360 controller (Kinect included). It’s a tech demo only and it’s not certain whether the integration between the Windows Phone and the Xbox ecosystem will ever run so deep.

But it’s a cool video nonetheless and it surely deserves your geeky attention. Read more »

LG Optimus Pad kicks the butt of another tablet in a Transformers-inspired commercial

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LG has issued a new action-packet ad inspired by the Transformers movie, where the LG Optimus Pad is represented by Optimus Prime fighting some Mega…tablet… tron.

Even though the clip is not Hollywood material, the latest advertisement for the Optimus Pad from LG is sure worth a thousand words (and laughs). Just watch the epic battle between good and evil, and I’ll see you after the break. Read more »

Angry birds gets a 15-level worth of an update, we get a sneak peak at Valentine’s Day edition

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Angry Birds needs no introduction, so let’s just cut to the chase – Rovio has just released an update to the game. There are some 15 new levels plus 15 soon-to-come levels. The update is not the rumored St. Valentine’s day edition. But we have new news on that last one too. We found a series of screenshots that show what this new romantic level pack will look like.

Also today is one of the biggest Sundays in the USA NFL season – the Super Bowl. And if there’s one thing this sports event is famous for (besides the game itself), it’s the ads. Watched by millions of Americans each year, the Super Bowl advertisements are special and Rovio Mobile will air their Angry Birds Rio commercial today too. Read more »

How would you like to fly a water Jetpack at the beach? Meet the JetLev

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Having the best time you can possible have is what going to the beach is all about. It’s sunny, you’ve hopefully brought friends along and there are plenty of activities to keep you happy like building castles made of sand (over the said friends) and whatnot. And here comes the Jetlev – a hybrid Jetpack, running on water, to up the level of the summer fun-having.

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Two sisters are the new texting champs in the LG Mobile WorldCup

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Two sisters from Panama won the second LG Mobile WorldCup becoming the fastest texters on the planet. More than 13 million people from 16 countries participated in the tournament, where LG gave away $130,000 worth of prizess.

The second LG Mobile WorldCup finals were held in New York. Every country was represented by a team of two – the winners from previously held local tournaments.

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Driving a BMW remotely with a Nokia C7 makes you a real-life James Bond

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I remember seeing James Bond remote-control a BMW with his phone in Tomorrow Never Dies. Pure fantasy, right? Except, two guys did pretty much the same using a Nokia C7

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Get your Motorola ATRIX fix with this short video ad marathon

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The Motorola ATRIX was among the most interesting announcements at this year’s CES. Not only because it’s among the few Android smartphones powered by the powerful Tegra 2 platform, but also because it comes with a bunch of docking accessories, which can turn the device from a TV video player with its own remote to a slim netbook (or smartbook, if you like) with a proper screen and a hardware keyboard.

Motorola ATRIX

I’ve got you a whole playlist of short video ads of the Atrix. The playlist includes 10 clips and it’s total running time is 3 minutes. Read more »

Here is my list of the best iOS games of 2010, signed and sealed

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I’m sure you don’t need to hear about mobile gaming evolution over the last few years once again. The Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS pocket consoles have millions of fans and some really good titles, but mobile phones, and especially the iOS devices, keep threatening their existence. Every new iDevice eats deeper and deeper into their sales.

The introduction of the iPhone 4 and the Apple iPad this year marked a turning point in the iOS evolution. Thanks to the superior hardware of these devices – proper processing power and high resolution – we can now play mobile games we’ve only dreamt of before.

The Apple gadgets don’t have the means to be a game changer (pun intended), but they are preferred by millions of users and the AppStore gaming demand grows by the day. This, of course, brought us lots of quality game titles in 2010.

Here are the games that deserved my money and might easily get yours.

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The Top 10 video games to watch out for in 2011

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It’s that time of the year that I like to take a look back at the past year and set my hopes for the next. So as a second part of a gaming mini-series I intend to do this holiday season I plan to point you to some of the best video games to look out for in the upcoming 2011.

I already took you through the Top 10 video games of 2010 and you can tell it was a good year for gamers like me. But when I look at the upcoming games, I’m sure 2011 will be THE year.

We are going to see the ending of a few trilogies, reboots of popular and fundamental classics, and if we are lucky “forever” will be equal to 14.

Let’s take a look…

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The definitive guide to surviving Christmas zombie infestation: don’t prioritize your pies

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Now this one is a must-see video in case you get a zombie outbreak just around Christmas. The precious advice is compiled in a nice looking video with proper demonstrations. Oh, zombies – as if the holiday wasn’t stressful enough.

Surviving zombie Christmas

So are you ready to fight off some zombie hordes while you bake your pies? Watch and you’ll see. Read more »

The Top 10 video games in 2010 as I saw them

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It’s that time of the year that I like to take a look back at the past year and set my hopes for the next. So as part of a small mini-series I intend to do this holiday season I plan to take you through the best video games this year and the best video games to look out for in the upcoming 2011.

Year 2010 offered us lots of gaming titles, but most of them were sequels of popular and best-selling games. That way the publishers didn’t take any risks with new franchises and bet on safe ones instead. This is not a bad thing, but aren’t we tired of seeing 2,3,4…13 in the game titles? Of course there were some exceptions like Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Vanquish and Red Dead Redemption, but generally most of the games I played throughout 2010 were sequels.

Anyway, it was a good gaming year and I definitely can’t complain of what I got to play with in 2010.

It’s always hard to tell which game is best so I won’t put any ratings to the titles I’ve chosen to pinpoint. The ten games below surely made quite an impression and deserved equal places in my heart. I know everyone has a personal favorite (mine is Mass Effect 2), but let’s admit – when a game is good enough, nothing else matters. And the good games of 2010 are:

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My BlackBerry is not working! And I also have a problem with my Apple

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What should you do if BlackBerry is completely frozen and not working? Or if you Apple doesn’t boot? Find the answer in the following hilarious video, coming from the “The One Ronnie” show on BBC.

If you consider yourself to be a real geek with a proper sense of humor you should be rolling on the floor laughing about half way through it. Read more »

Nokia N8 shoots the cover for a photographic magazine

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The December issue of the South African PiX photographic magazine is a special one. You can’t see why just by looking at it, but when you learn how it was shot you’ll know it deserves a big credit.

Nokia N8, the highly acclaimed cameraphone, took the cover photo. In fact, the phone did all the shots from which the cover shot was picked.

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Sony is launching official PlayStation app on iOS and Android

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Sony just announced that it will launch a PlayStation app for all iOS 4+ and Android 1.6+ devices. The app will give existing users of Sony’s consoles access to their PSN profiles, trophies and online statuses. Other than that it will be useful for keeping up with all the latest PlayStation news, games and announcements.

The new PlayStation app will feature similar user interface as the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

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Nokia looks for Top 5 social superstars, will give them $10,000 and 21 Nokia C7s to throw a party

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Nokia is offering to help you throw an outrageous party – they’ll provide you with a $10,000 dollar budget and 21 Nokia C7 phones and you must provide enough votes from your friends to put you in the Top 5…

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