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Bought an iPhone 4 Bumper case? Your money is on its way back to you

by 18 comments

As you might have heard, Apple is giving away free cases to the iPhone 4 owners and those who have already bought a Bumper case, will get their money back. Apparently, the company has just started issuing refunds automatically.

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Froyo not coming to the Motorola MILESTONE?

by 44 comments

Motorola is so keen on working on its upcoming devices that it seems to have forgotten about its currently available ones. According to James King, the company’s European marketing director, it isn’t quite sure whether the MILESTONE will ever get the eagerly anticipated Android v2.2 update.

I, like many other Motorola MILESTONE owners, have been thinking that this update is in the oven and is coming any moment now. But apparently, the Motorola team hasn’t started working on it yet. As James King says, the decision whether the Motorola MILESTONE is getting a Froyo treatment or not has not been made yet. Here is James King’s post on Facebook:

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Facebook keeps in touch 500 million users all over the world

by 20 comments

There are nearly 7 billion people living around the globe and as it seems 1/14 of them are part of the largest social network out there – Facebook. The 500 millionth Facebook user registered yesterday, only 6 years and a half years after the website’s launch back on 4 February 2004.

The first thought that crossed my mind was that even if there are so many Facebook accounts, only a small part of their owners actually use them. Wrong! Believe it or not, but, reportedly, 50% of all users login daily. And 100 million of the users (that’s one of every five users) visit Facebook through their mobile devices.
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Sharp launches a sexy looking Android-powered MID in Japan, say Hi to LYNX SH-10B

by 26 comments

I’ve always had a crush on the Japanese mobile phones. One would say they’re huge and ugly but, man, are they well equipped! And when I say “Japanese mobile phones” I mean devices like the new Sharp LYNX SH-10B. OK, it’s not exactly a phone but it can act like one too. And certainly looks hot.

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Firefox Home for iPhone now available over at the App Store

by 589 comments

It’s been only a couple of months since we first heard of the Firefox Home for iPhone and the application is already available for download over at the App Store. While it’s not the actual Firefox web browser, the Firefox Home app is still a quite handy application: it brings all bookmarks, open tabs and history from the computer’s web browser to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad via the Firefox Sync service.

While Firefox Home is not a full-blown web browser it makes use of a built-in Safari web browser to load pages from your bookmarks or the list with the currently opened tabs.

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1 billion apps flew off the Android Market shelves

by 222 comments

While the Android Market still can’t compete with the App Store when it comes to the total number of available applications, it sure is its most serious (and most rapidly improving) competitor. And here comes yet another proof of that: the billionth application recently flew off the Android Market shelves.

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Samsung Galaxy S sales reach seven figures, Samsung crosses fingers and hopes to push 9 more millions

by 59 comments

You may have been thinking that it’s only Apple that can sell millions of units of a single device in no time. Huh, think twice! Samsung’s current flagship, the I9000 Galaxy S, sold in one million units since it was released (that happened only a few weeks back) and the company expects this number to reach a total of 10 million units worldwide.

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Nokia strikes back at Eldar Murtazin, editior-in-chief of

by 35 comments

You may have been thinking that the war between Nokia and Eldar Murtazin of is over. It’s actually just beginning! Nokia has contacted the Russian authorities (read: the police) to help them retrieve the “stolen” intellectual property. How about that?

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Back-illuminated Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor goes to the Cyber-shot lineup, hello WX5 and TX9

by 9 comments

DSLR’s, beware, pocket cams just got a lot more powerful! Today Sony announced the latest additions to the Cyber-shot lineup, the WX5 and the TX9, which are the first Cyber-shot digital cameras to pack company’s low-light-loving Exmor R CMOS sensor as well as the 3D Sweep Panorama and the Background Defocus features. On top of that you get Full HD video recording capabilities.

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MeeGo-running Moorestown-based Aava prototype caught in the wild

by 245 comments

While we’re still waiting for Nokia to announce its first MeeGo-powered device, the Moorestown-based Aava Mobile smartphone has already started cropping up around the globe. It has just been caught in the wild and a video is about to show up within the next couple of days.

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Over 1000 of iOS developers cheating with Android?

by 763 comments

Google or Apple? Why not Gapple?! 3 percent of app developers are cheating on the iOS with its major rival, the Android platform. And if we look at it from another point of view, numbers get even more exciting: over 15 percent of Android’s developers have already released iOS-loving applications as well.

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Mozilla releases Firefox 1.1 for Nokia N900 and N810, hands-on video inside

by 28 comments

Here comes Firefox 1.1 web browser for Maemo-based devices such as the Nokia N810 and the more recent Nokia N900. There are only a few new things brought by the latest mobile version of the popular web browser but those are certainly worth a look.

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Early handset-loving MeeGo build released and demoed

by 168 comments

As promised, Nokia has just released a version of the MeeGo platform for mobile phones. This is still quite an early build though, so many of the components are missing or unstable. However, the handset baseline source code is just about fine and that should be great news for the eager application developers. By releasing the early MeeGo Handset Day1 build Nokia also makes the last step to the merger of Moblin and Maemo.

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What makes the new Xbox 360 Slim so much better than the previous ones

by 53 comments

OK, the new Xbox 360 Slim is way thinner than the previous Xboxes. And features 250GB of storage and Wi-Fi support. But you already knew that. But it’s also less noisy, a lot more power efficient and doesn’t get as hot as the older ones. But what makes it a true must buy is the fact that this is the most powerful Xbox out there.

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Parrot AR.Drone helicopter for iPhone goes to the USA in September, priced at 299 US dollars

by 44 comments

The iPhone-controlled quadricopter Parrot AR.Drone is coming soon. To be more specific, the toy will start selling across the USA this September for 299 US dollars. Join me after the break to see a short AR.Drone video demo.

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