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Intel unveil new Atom-based platform for smartphones and tablets, does 1080p videos and all

by 14 comments

Intel have just announced the second generation of their Atom-based platform (a.k.a. Moorestown). The new Z6XX series is expected to bring PC-like experience and 1080p video support to smartphones and tablets. On top of that, the new Atoms are said to be extremely efficient and not at all power-hungry.

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Samsung S8500 Wave and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S get cool TV ads

by 10 comments

While we’re waiting for two of Samsung’s most anticipated smartphones to hit the sheleves, they appeared on some cool TV ads. Of course I mean the Bada-based Samsung S8500 Wave and its Android-running bro, the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S.

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Apple’s iPad 3G is actually factory unlocked, but gets jailbroken and learns how to send text messages in a flash

by 2 comments

There is a bunch of news concerning the recently released iPad 3G. Apparently, the thing is factory unlocked and would accept with any SIM card cut down to the size of a micro SIM card. On top of that, like the non-3G iPad, the 3G capable one is also jailbrakeable and you can also make it send text messages if you want.

Plus you get a second juicy feature on board – the GPS receiver, which lacks on the Wi-Fi-only iPad.

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Adobe strikes back: no Flash for iPhone, end of story?

by 696 comments

As expected, Steve Job’s “Thoughts on Flash” couldn’t remain unnoticed by Adobe so now they are striking back. Apple refuse to let Flash to the iPhone? Well, Adobe won’t even bother bringing it to them then.

This story started a long time ago but the pressure has never escalated to such a high level. At least now it’s clearer than ever: iPhone won’t get Flash support. Read more »

Both Microsoft and HP are canceling their tablets?

by 175 comments

Word on the street is that Microsoft gave up on their rumored Courier tablet. But as it turns out, this isn’t the only company that is going to change its plans of upcoming tablet computers. Rumor has it that we won’t see the highly anticipated Windows-7-based HP Slate either. Sigh!

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A bunch of LG smartphones unveiled, meet the LU2300, the SU950/KU9500 and the GT500s

by 6 comments

LG finally decided to officially announce the LU2300, which has been circulating in the Internet for a little while. On top of that the company also unveiled a few more devices, namely the SU950/KU9500 and the GT500s.

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How to fry an egg: buy an Apple MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i7 insideā€¦

by 48 comments

Intel Core i7 CPUs are fast. But they might also turn your computer into a stove due to the generated heat. Apparently the Core-i7-equipped MacBook Pros (like the rest of the unibody MacBooks), which rely only on their metal casings to keep them from overheating (they’re like giant heatsinks), allow the temperature of the CPU reach a 100 degrees Celsius.

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Is this the iPhone 4G back cover? Hmm, I don’t think so…

by 27 comments

Yet another rumor involving the still unannounced next generation iPhone. Well, keep them coming! This time I came upon some images that are said to show how the iPhone HD back cover will look like. However, one of them clearly shows something else: that they are fake!

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GetOlympus iPhone app teaches Olympus fans how to take beautiful pictures with ease

by 247 comments

Olympus fans can now enjoy the GetOlympus app for iPhone which has been available at the App Store for a little while. With its help Olympus users will be able to improve their photography skills, browse a gallery of user-submitted images and read the latest Olympus news.

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Woods might be scarier than expected, the Nokia SatNav ad says why

by 161 comments

A hearty laugh, a healthy heart they say. Well, if you still haven’t taken your dose of laughter for today, you gotta see this Nokia SatNav ad.

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Samsung i8910 Omnia HD turned out a real powerhouse, runs 63 apps at the same time

by 17 comments

While some more recent smartphones pack as much RAM memory as some not that old computers, the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD relies on only 256 megabytes. Nowadays, that doesn’t seem to be much but as the following video proves, it’s enough for the Omnia HD to run 63 applications simultaneously.

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Compact DSLR-wannabe Samsung NX10 gets reviewed but not liked

by 4 comments

The Samsung NX10 is the most compact interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C sized sensor on the market. But is it also the ultimate camera for photography enthusiasts? Luckily, the review I’ve found gives the answers to most questions that you and I have about the NX10.

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Microsoft’s Turtle and Pure to be unveiled on 12 April

by 207 comments

Do you happen to remember the phones that Microsoft were said to be developing, Turtle and Pure? Their images surfaced good six months ago but there is still no information on their features. It appears that this is about to change in a few days since both devices are expected to be announced on 12 April.

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Android 2.1 powered LG LU2300 preps for the South Korean market, caught in the wild

by 191 comments

Yet another Android-powered smartphone has been caught in the wild. What appears to be the next LG multimedia powerhouse just posed for a couple of live shots. The rumored LG LU2300 is said to hit the stores in South Korea in April or May.

The slider packs a side-slide 4-row QWERTY keyboard, a D-pad and large 3.5″ capacitive AMOLED touchscreen of WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels). It is expected to run on the Android OS v2.1 and to come with a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU on board. Read more »

The iPad torn to pieces, the 1GHz A4 CPU turns out an overclocked iPhone 3GS CPU?

by 37 comments

You’ve probably heard all about Apple’s new iPad. Everybody obviously loves the snappiness of the thing and the 1GHz A4 CPU that ticks inside obviously plays a big role in that.

Well, since the guys over at iFixIt tore the thing down, they’ve been working hard on figuring what’s finding what’s hiding under the packaging. And it turned out an overclocked Cortex A8 CPU – the same processor the iPhone 3GS uses at 600MHz.

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