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Google Realtime Search gets refreshed – scores a dedicated web address, too

by 554 comments

The Google Realtime Search was introduced back in December 2009 and now it gets its own homepage and some major improvements, which should make it even better. Those include location-based search refinement, email updates and conversations view.

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Voice calls through Gmail are now official, and cheap

by 601 comments

Yesterday I told you that Google is about to integrate a web-based VoIP client in Gmail. Well, the new service was launched later on following my yesterday’s blog post about the rumors of it. So, if you have a Gmail account both voice and video calls are only a web browser plug-in and a few clicks away from you.

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Voice calls coming to your Gmail inbox soon

by 787 comments

Rumor has it, you’ll be soon able to make voice calls directly from your Gmail inbox. Groundbreaking? I don’t know. But the important thing is this makes things much easier. No need to download dedicated apps or whatsoever.

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First-person shooter RAGE demoed on an iPhone 4, ready to blow your minds in 2011

by 29 comments

I’ve always had a crush on first-person shooters and, as a matter of fact, good FPS games are what I’ve always missed most on my mobile phones. But maybe the waiting is finally over! After all, 2011 is just around the corner and so is the RAGE. It was demoed on an iPhone 4 during this year’s QuakeCon and all I can say about what I saw on the video after the break is: amazing!

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Motorola DROID 2 unleashed, hits the Verizon Wireless stores on August 12

by 1 comments

After DROID comes DROID 2. Logical, huh? Motorola’s newest Android-powered smartphone, the DROID 2, has already made several public appearances without its parents’ permission so it was high time that the company finally announced it officially.

As a matter of fact, Motorola’s press release (see the source link) reveals much less than the numerous leaks starring DROID 2.

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Firmware update v51.0.006 comes to Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, brings a few bug fixes

by 37 comments

All the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic users out there can now enjoy the latest 5800 XM firmware update, v51.0.006. There aren’t any major improvements brought by the new Firmware, but fixes some bugs so it’s certainly worth downloading.

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Nokia N8 goes on pre-order in Germany as well, quite pricey yet again

by 351 comments

Nokia fans in one more country can now go to the company’s web page and pre-order the upcoming Nokia N8. However, once again, the device is priced higher than promised.

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Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo to arrive at Motorola DROID X by early September?

by 19 comments

While the DROID is already tasting Froyo, its bigger bro, the DROID X, will have to wait for another month to finally get the awaited Android 2.2 update.

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Sexy Motorola GLAM launched in South Korea

by 484 comments

OK, Motorola might not know when is the perfect time to release a software update, but the company sure knows how to make outstandingly good looking phones (nope, I don’t mean that Grasp thing). Just take a look at the sexy Moto GLAM. It’s coming to South Korea any moment now and, hopefully, to us, in Europe, a tad later.

Now, that my MILESTONE is gone (two weeks after I purchased it, I just couldn’t get over waiting until the end of September to finally see what Froyo is like), there is enough room in my heart for another high-tech device. Would that be the GLAM which was launched the other day in South Korea?

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Google releases multiple sign-in, does what is says, Search History introduced as well

by 13 comments

Having more than one Google account may be pretty uncomfortable at times. But Google has finally find the solution for that: multiple sign-in. Now, logging into just one of your accounts will grant you access to your other accounts, as well. And that’s not all: as of today US Google customers can take advantage of another new feature called Search History.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini and X10 mini pro get rooted

by 595 comments

Another couple has just joined the happy family of rooted Android-powered devices. Guys, say Hi to the rooted Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini and its QWERTY-fied twin, the X10 mini pro.

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Microsoft Street Slide brings Bing Maps to a whole new level, video demo inside

by 192 comments

If you think Street View is awesome, you’ve got to check Microsoft’s Street Slide. Virtual sightseeing (and even window shopping) will from now on be a lot more fun. Check out the video demo inside.

Street View is my favorite Google Maps feature but that doesn’t mean that I’ve missed its flaws. Moving along the street (virtually) happens by moving from one 360-degree photographic bubble to another. While you’re in a bubble you can hardly see what’s in the next. And zooming in doesn’t help much either so you need to move to the next bubble – step by step, click by click.

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Chinese HTC Androids come with the Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo out of the box

by 16 comments

Up until now HTC devices have been sold across China under the Dopod brand (Dopod being a subsidiary of HTC). However, the Taiwanese company decided that its name, HTC, is already popular enough in China to start selling there HTC-branded devices. And the Android-based among them will feature Android’s latest Froyo right out of the box.

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Developers can now enjoy the iOS 4.1 beta 2, proximity sensor issues finally solved

by 308 comments

Does your iPhone 4′s proximity sensor acting weird on you? If it does, I ‘ve got some great news to share with you: the solution is on its way. The iOS4 beta 2 has just been released to developers. That< means you can expect it to come to your iPhone 4 in a few weeks time.

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Antennagate bears on: Motorola DROID X is the next death-grip victim

by 248 comments

As it seems, Apple doesn’t plan on ending Antennagate any time soon. The iPhone 4 reception issues continue and so do Apple demonstrations of other smartphones losing signal just as well. And here comes Apple’s next victim, the Motorola DROID X, which “turns out” to be affected by iPhone 4′s decease, too.

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