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What makes the new Xbox 360 Slim so much better than the previous ones

OK, the new Xbox 360 Slim is way thinner than the previous Xboxes. And features 250GB of storage and Wi-Fi support. But you already knew that. But it’s also less noisy, a lot more power efficient and doesn’t get as hot as the older ones. But what makes it a true must buy is the fact that this is the most powerful Xbox out there.

I’ve just went through AnandTech‘s extensive and quite intriguing review of the new Xbox 360 (a.k.a. Xbox 360 Slim) and found some quite interesting information in there. Let’s start with that one: it’s cooler than its predecessors so the overheating problems (a.k.a. RRoD) from the Xbox past are not likely to appear again.

The newbie is not only sleeker and way more compact but it’s also smarter (thanks the CPU, GPU and eDRAM, which all share a single 45nm chip) and less power hungry. The latest Xbox 360 needs good 20% less power that the most recent Xbox 360 and more than 50% less than the original Xbox.

For further details on the Xbox 360 Slim’s performance as well as more useful information on the thing, hit the Source link to read the review.



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