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Copy/paste, multi-tasking and more coming soon to Windows Phone 7 devices

by 18 comments

Rumor is a Windows Phone 7 update is planed for January 2011. It is said to be MASSIVE and should bring along tons of improvements including support for copy/paste, multi-tasking and more.

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Google Docs now with online text editing, available to Android and iOS users

by 3 comments

So far the popular Google Docs supported only viewing text documents but now Android and iOS users get to enjoy the recently added editing feature which is easily accessible through the web browsers of their mobile devices.

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Google and other companies to unveil first Chrome OS powered notebooks and smartbooks later this month?

by 320 comments

Leading companies are said to announce their first Chrome-powered smartbooks later in November 2010. But what is even more exciting, word is Google is about to present its own notebook based on the Chrome operating system as well.

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CrystalRoc unveils a Swarovski-encrusted Samsung Galaxy Tab, due on 1 November

by 3 comments

The London-based company CrystalRoc is known for its passion for encrusting various gadgets with Swarovski crystals. This time their “victim” is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. CrystalRoc covered its back with a total of 5700 crystals and are launching it tomorrow, on 1 November.

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Barnes and Noble launches the Android-running NOOKcolor eBook reader, sells for 249 US dollars

by 7 comments

Barnes and Noble has just unveiled its latest eBook reader, the NOOKcolor. It packs a 7-inch color touchscreen, offers Wi-Fi connectivity and runs Android. It’s so much more than a traditional eBook reader.

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Winamp for Android goes beta, now available at the Android Market

by 192 comments

All devices running thAndroid 2.1 or higher can now taste the first beta version of the Winamp app.

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Synapse will custom-build the Android smartphone of your dreams (Update: Or not?)

by 478 comments

If you’ve always been waiting for a company to start offering custom Android smartphones, you’re in for some good news. Synapse, a German company that we’ve hardly heard of before, is about to start dispatching the first custom-made Android smartphones in a few months (if they can get their website running, that is).

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The T-Mobile G2 CPU overclocked from 800 to 1420 MHz, you can try it if you dare

by 16 comments

Welcome the new benchmark record breaker, the T-Mobile G2. You can now overclock its processor from the miserable 800 MHz to the mind-blowing 1420 MHz. All you need to do is spend a few minutes reading the instructions and download a few files.

But the final results is worth everything. Just take a look at the screenshot above – the overclocked T-Mobile G2 (a.k.a. HTC Desire Z) CPU allows the Froyo-serving smartphone to offer you unbeatable performance. Read more »

Angry Birds for Android reaches two million downloads in two days, puts servers on their knees

by 188 comments

The Android-compatible final version of the popular Angry Birds game was released last Friday and now, two days later, more than two million people around the globe are already enjoying it.

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QWERTY flip BlackBerry Style 9670 heads for Sprint, yours for 100 bucks

by 3 comments

Just as we thought that the clamshell form factor is dead, here comes BlackBery to disprove us.

After months of waiting we can finally welcome the BlackBerry Style 9670 (previously rumored as Bold 9670), RIM’s first flip smartphone equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone is hitting the Sprint stores across the US on October 31st.

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Limera1n makes it rain, jailbreaks iOS 4.1 iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, greenpois0n gets delayed

by 15 comments

The wait is finally over. The limera1n iOS jailbreaking tool is here to make it rain again. The newly released software tool is still in beta but if you dare to give it a try it would jailbreak your iOS 4.1 iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch 3G and 4G. However, you should know a few more things about it before you go for it.

Meanwhile, the greenpois0n, the other upcoming jailbreak tool that was due for a today’s launch, is getting delayed.

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Android-driven Motorola DROID PRO and CITRUS headed for Verizon US

by 727 comments

The guys over at Motorola couldn’t help but announce their latest Android-running smartphones hours before the beginning of this year’s CTIA Enterprise & Applications show, which takes place in San Francisco from 6 to 8 October 2010. Along with the GSM-loving Motorola BRAVO, FLIPSIDE and SPICE we get to meet two CDMA-compatible devices, the Motorola DROID PRO and the more affordable CITRUS.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab enjoys Gorilla Glass protection for its 7-inch screen

by 17 comments

The Galaxy Tab was announced a month ago but details about it are continuing to surface. Take this one, for instance. The Froyo-serving tablet is packing a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. And this isn’t the only device in the Samsung lineup to have one of those. The Galaxy S (in all of its forms) features a Gorilla Glass as well.

Gorilla Glass is a thin but robust translucent glass that has a special coating making it not only easy to clean, but also heavy-duty resistant to the daily wear and tear.

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We finally got our hands on the Nokia 5250, let’s get to business

by 13 comments

The Nokia 5250, company’s most affordable full touch smartphone, was unveiled a month ago and now we’re already holding our Nokia 5250 review unit in our hands. And while the 5250 is still cooking, the unboxing video is ready.

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Cheaper, Wi-Fi-only Samsung Tab in the works

by 449 comments

It’s been a couple of weeks since Samsung introduced its first Android-running 3G and Wi-Fi capable Galaxy Tab and now rumor is the company is about to release a more affordable Wi-Fi-only version of the tablet.

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