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Two more Micro Four Thirds cameras unveiled, meet the new Panasonic DMC-G2 and DMC-G10

by 8 comments

The rumors on Panasonic G1′s successor, the G2, and their bro, the G10, have been circulating in the internet for a little while but as of yesterday the veil has been lifted and both cameras saw daylight for the first time.

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The iPad is hitting the USA on 3 April, preorders start in a week

by 328 comments

The iPad is coming. On April 3. And that’s as official as it gets. And if you want to be among the first owners of Apple’s latest creation, you can pre-order one starting on March 12.

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HTC’s latest eye-popping Sense UI ported over to Motorola DROID

by 178 comments

Motorola Droid does a lot. And now it even does HTC’s latest Sense UI version. Who cares about the missing MotoBLUR when new Sense UI is so cool!

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zForce Pad, cheaper and cooler touchscreen displays made by Neonode to show up soon

by 10 comments

Nope, zForce Pad has nothing to do with Apple. It’s how Neonode call their latest product, a range of 5″ to 13″ touchscreen displays for a range of devices, including mobile internet devices, e-book readers, even mobile phones.

Neonode used to manufacture some of the tiniest touchscreen equipped mobile phones (I even can’t think of a more compact phone packing a touchscreen than the Neonode N2) but these days are now over and the company has a new survival plan: production of touchscreen displays.

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Sun-spotting on your iPhone, solar physics for beginners

by 1,109 comments

You know, apps for the iPhone no longer vary from useful to nuisance. Not when NASA gets involved. A new iPhone application gives you a live view of the sun as well as alerts, images and even videos of interesting events (how about the death of a comet?).

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Yet another video of the super sleek Dell Mini 5 surfaces

by 427 comments

The Dell Mini 5 first popped up last month at the CES. Back then the company called it a “5-inch tablet concept” and showed some images just to tease people. Only a few features have been revealed so a lot of questions remained unanswered. Well, the following video will answer some of them. Just watch!

As you can see, the 5-inch tablet concept Mini 5 is not only a MID but a smartphone as well. It would be awkward to talk on a thing as huge as that but luckily, it packs a standard 3.5mm audio jack so a headset is always welcome.

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Rumored Nokia N8 to be introduced at the MWC 2010, packing a 12MP camera with 720p video recording

by 79 comments

In less than 4 days the mystery surrounding the rumored Nokia N8 done with. Even if there is no Nokia device called N8 waiting to be announced soon, I hope that there will be a Nokia phone packing all those features I’m about to share with you after the jump. The name hardly matters. But the features do!

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Apple considers iPad price cut, in the meantime Hutchison welcomes the device in Austria

by 17 comments

While operators show their trust in the iPad, Apple seem to start losing faith in their newborn. These days, the CEO of Hutchison Austria announced that the operator will be the first in the country to offer the device to its customers. In the meantime Apple are considering a price cut if the first iPad sales aren’t as high as expected.

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The rumored LG LU9400 Arena Max gets pictured, looks worse than the original

by 10 comments

It’s only a matter of time before the LG KM900 Arena gets a successor. We’ve heard rumors of one, but little was known: its name, LU9400 Arena Max, and the fact that it will support Wi-Fi. Not much, huh? Well, read on, I have something to share with you.

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The novelties Windows Mobile 6.5.3 will bring along…

by 710 comments

The recently announced Sony Ericsson Aspen comes with the WinMo’s latest reincarnation – 6.5.3. OK, Sony Ericsson let us know what new brings the phone itself but we have to guess what the new WinMo version has to offer. Well, here is the full list of improvement brought by Windows Mobile 6.5.3.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness is up for a challenge – meet its cheap dual SIM twin, the Somy X5

by 15 comments

They just won’t stop doing it, will they? Those guys in China clone everything and it was about time that we meet the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness clone as well. Here is the so called Somy X5. In addition to offering a design hardly distinguishable from the original Pureness, the Somy X5 costs good 11 times less than the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness.

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Another photo of HTC Supersonic, the Android-powered HD2 twin

by 286 comments

These days you might have spotted quite a few leaked images of the rumored CDMA-compatible HTC Supersonic. Well, today we have the best one so far to show you. The phone looks like an HD2 clone and guess what, according to the rumors, the similarities between both devices don’t end up with the design.

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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition gets unboxed

by 829 comments

If you happen to have missed the news on the Fender Limited Edition of T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G Android-based smartphone, this is the right moment to catch up. Now, that the phone is already available in the US, the unboxing videos are spreading like wildfire. And one of them is right after the break, along with some live images of the myTouch 3G Fender Edition.

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The Motz MusicBox FM radio is probably the tiniest boombox out there

by 13 comments

Sometimes it’s the tiniest of things that make my day! So you better put some glasses on or you might miss the Motz FM radio pictured below. It weighs only 17grams and fits in a small child’s palm but it actually is a usable portable FM radio. And on top of that it even doubles as a portable MP3 player speaker.

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Kaspersky Lab false positive: Google ads spread no virus

by 10 comments

If you happen to use antivirus software created by Kaspersky Lab, you have probably seen the virus warring quite a lot of times today. It turns out that a flaw in several of the company’s software products caused the unnecessary panic by recognizing all Google ads websites as infected. ZoneAlarm as well as F-Secure antivirus software products have also been affected by this problem.

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