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Nexus One gets multi-touch support, Flash Player 10.1 also expected

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At time time of its announcement the Android-powered HTC Google Nexus One lacked multi-touch support so you were unable to use the popular pinch gesture for zooming in and out. Luckily, now there’s a cure for that. It’s unofficial, though.

And one more thing, apparently, the Nexus One will be among the blessed devices that are about to get the Flash Player 10.1. If that doesn’t ring a bell, let me tell you what this would mean to the owners of the Nexus One: full Flash support.
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Apple’s rumored iSlate tablet stars in yet another video

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7 days to go until January 27 when Apple’s heavily rumored tablet will see daylight for the first time (or so I hope, at least). Or maybe it already did: while digging in the web I found a pretty intriguing video of a device which is said to be the iSlate. I don’t know how I let this one slip by but it looks pretty interesting to see.

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According to the Motorola CEO, the majority of company’s future devices will feature multi-touch support

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In a recent interview Motorola’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, revealed that the company will release more multi-touch enabled devices in the future. However, it is still unknown whether those will reach the shores of the United States.

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Only 20 000 HTC Google Nexus One Android smartphones sold a whole week after its market launch

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HTC Google Nexus One is a superphone, indeed. And it seemed to have all it takes to become a market hit as well. But apperently something went wrong, because the start of its sales is seriously short of impressive? As it turns out only around 20 000 Nexus One Android smartphones have been sold during the first week after the official market launch of the device.

So, if this trend keeps up, the Google’s first smartphone might just fail to set the world alight. Let me remind you that analysts expected 5 to 6 million Nexus Ones to be sold by the end of the year.
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It didn’t really take long: the HTC Google Nexus One can already be unlocked and rooted

by 872 comments

Five short days was all it took the Android community to enable Google Nexus One unlocking and rooting. Read on to find how to gain administrative rights on your shiny new Android 2.1 device.

And the best part is that you don’t need to be a genius to do it on your own. There is even a video which leads you through the whole process. So, all you need are 8-9 minutes of spare time to watch it. Well that and a Nexus One phone, of course.
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A US government site makes us quit talking and texting while driving

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Have you ever thought how dangerous it might be to talk on the phone or to text while driving? The discussions on that matter began years ago but now the US government decided to make the next step towards solving that problem by launching the web site

And it is a serious problem indeed. As the statistics in there show, 80 percent of all crashes are connected to some kind of distraction. And if you dig deeper you’ll find some even more shocking details.
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Images taken with Nikon D3S know no noise, well, almost

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Taking images at night can be a tough challenge. Either you have to carry around a tripod or you’d better forget about shooting when lights are turned off. But guys, as it turns out, our prayers have been heard: the recently announced full-frame DSLR Nikon D3S may be the solution we’ve been waiting for.

Its specs list looked too good to be true but its first high-ISO tests prove that dreams come true (if you have piles of cash that is). Or at least the one of a camera capable of taking good images in low light.
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The Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard is making me lose my sleep

by 11 comments

OK, I admit, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find a proper application for this wireless keyboard/trackball combo but I just love it and I want it. Its killer looks and fair price turn it into a must-have no matter if you’re a high tech junkie or just like to be surrounded by nice looking things.

What’s stopping me of buying it (and the cause for my sleep disorders) is that it’s not something I’d use every day and so my practical side is putting a really good fight with my “I-want-it-now” side. But allow me to indulge myself with a quick walkthrough of the features of that mouse/keyboard crossbreed.
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Nokia Image Space lets you create 3D presentations of the places you’ve visited

by 220 comments

Nokia Image Space sounds just like the next service allowing you to upload your images to the Internet directly from your mobile phone. B-o-o-ring! But take a closer look. It actually let’s you do much more.

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Shortest day of the year brings shorter YouTube links

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Even if you haven’t heard, you should have felt it: yesterday was this year’s shortest day. It was also the day YouTube links got shorter. So, don’t be scared next time when you see a link starting with “” – it will get you a YouTube video. At first you might not realize how useful that change indeed is. But think twice: as of yesterday you’re able to share any YouTube videos using much less characters. And that’s quite an advantage to you twitters.

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The Snapdragon powered projector equipped LG GW820 eXpo smartphone caught on video

by 225 comments

When we are talking a projector-equipped handset like the newly revealed LG GW820 eXpo words are not quite enough to give you an exact idea of its capabilities. Luckily, here comes the first hand-on video demonstrating what the eXpo’s all about.

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Screen protector brings a tactile keyboard to the iPhone, meet the 4iThumbs

by 17 comments

Have an iPhone and miss the reassuring clicks and feedback of a REAL keyboard? Regardless of its generation, the iPhone has always been a great messaging (read: mailing) device but even after the added landscape software keyboard there is still no hardware one. Up until now. Thanks to 4iThumbs.

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Music genes are for real, they determine what genres we like, sort of

by 52 comments

According to a Nokia Music study genes determine our taste in music… well, sort of. As it turned out genetics are more or less involved in the final results depending on the genRes themselves and their influence is decreased with the age.

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Is Apple phasing out iPhone 3G, should we get ready for a cheaper 8GB 3GS?

by 198 comments

I’ve been hearing those rumors lately that Apple have a cheaper 8GB version of the latest 3GS ready in the oven. The sources are nothing in particular, but they add up, you know – and they come from various places. Now there’s not anything specific about market availability, but we sure hope that there will be some of those in stores around our parts on time for Christmas.

Obviously, there are one too many things to consider here. For one, Christmas coincides with the 6-month cycle that Apple usually uses for lowering their current models pricing. Introducing a new lower-spec’d model of the same generation actually sounds credible when you look at it this way. But you can bet there’s more to it. Read more »

Nokia, where is the next N91? [EDITORIAL]

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Our audio quality test points out the iPhone 3GS as the contemporary audio quality reference. But that was until we had the chance to test a now elderly Nokia N91, which I accidentally sourced brand new from a local mobile shop. I came upon it by chance as part of a strange series of events that deserve their own blog post altogether. But I digress.


Ever since Day One, the Nokia N91 has been praised with impeccable reputation of the best sounding mobile phone ever produced (the majority of stand alone portable music players can hardly compete with it either). It has nothing to do with loudness (though boy, that thing IS loud!), but it’s the audio reproduction that draws audiophiles (and me as well).

I know, it’s too big a phone to lug around all day and it’s even not that likeable by today’s standards of thin profiles and touchscreens. But I still find it as attractive as I fancied it years ago on all those billboards and magazine ads. Heck, it doesn’t even have a QVGA resolution screen, but who cares about the screen. It’s the music soul that sets it apart.

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