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Apple allegedly inks deal with Sony, iRadio service all but certain for WWDC 2013

According to a report by AllThingsD Apple has sealed а deal with Sony and, having secured deals with Warner and Universal, could be all but ready to launch its rumored iRadio service at the WWDC event starting on June 10.

iRadio (or whatever it will be called) is touted as Apple’s answer for services like Spotify and Pandora (and not to mention major rivals in the face of Amazon and Google) and will bring music streaming with the option for purchasing songs (see picture above).

Apple will allegedly pay Warner 10% of ad revenue in exchange for its services in iRadio, while its own iAds will be re-touched to bring audio ads for the upcoming service.

Still it’s not officially confirmed yet Sony has agreed to Apple’s terms, so until we get a proper press release take it with a pinch of salt.

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