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SkyDrive API updated, lets 3rd party apps access it

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Microsoft has just added some improvements to its SkyDrive service, making it play nice with 3rd party apps. SkyDrive, which is one of the key selling points of Windows Phone platform, now grants non-Microsoft apps full access to SkyDrive, allowing them to upload and share all kinds of files.

This should allow the development of much richer WP apps that don’t take a lot of space. And since the Microsoft platform refuses to allow user replacement of the microSD cards (where available), storage is quite valuable there. Read more »

Google wants you to have more fun in you spare time, introduces Schemer

by 8 comments

Google just introduced another one of the cool side-projects of its software developers to the world. Dubbed Schemer, the new service aims to let you make better use of your spare time by sharing fun ideas with people around the world.

Here’s what Schemer should, ideally be all about, according to the developers: Read more »

Skyrim wins the Game of the Year award at VGA 2011, here are the rest of the winners

by 34 comments

The winners of Spike TV’s Video Game Awards 2011 have recently been announced. Currently in its eight year, the VGA honors some of the best games across different categories.

As some of you may have guessed and wished for, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim won the Game of the Year award at this year’s VGA. Considering the fact that it was against formidable rivals such as Batman: Arkham City, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Portal 2 and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, that is quite a victory. But that wasn’t the only category. Here are the rest of the winners along with the nominees. Read more »

The 7″ Toshiba Thrive tablet is now on sale, can be yours for $379.99

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Toshiba quietly launched its 7″ Thrive tablet, running Android 3.2 Honeycomb on sale today. The manufacturer has, therefore, made good on its promise for a December launch, which it made back at the device’s announcement.

The pricing of the rugged looking, NVIDIA Tegra 2 packing tablet starts Read more »

Here are some of the latest game trailers for your viewing pleasure

by 28 comments

You may remember our last game trailer compilation, which featured some of the best then upcoming games. Today we are back with round two of the latest and greatest game trailers to grace teh internetz.

As before, the list is not complete and you’re more than welcome to suggest your own for us to include. So let us get on with it, then. Read more »

Samsung returns with another Galaxy S II ad, boasts about music streaming features

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After mocking iPhone fans in general and then returning to tout the 4G LTE feature of its Galaxy S II smartphone, Samsung is back again with the third installment of what is now clearly a series of ads.

In the latest ad Samsung talks about the iPhone users sticking to iPhones for the fear of ‘giving up’ all their music and movies whereas Galaxy S II owners have nothing to worry about because all of their music comes from the cloud and that they have tons of other places to download their movies from. Read more »

Apple introduces refurbished iPad 2, lets you save up to $100 compared to new units

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As if the iPad 2 wasn’t well-priced already, here’s your chance to get one for an even lower price. Apple has started selling refurbished units from their online store and prices start at a very attractive $419 for the base 16GB Wi-Fi-only model, which usually sells for $499.

You will find a similar $80 discount on the 16GB 3G model and a $100 discount on the 32GB and 64GB models. You can even find the first generation 64GB 3G + Wi-Fi model for a $499, a whole $230 less than what it once used to sell for. Read more »

Nokia Lumia 800 battery test now over, see how it did [TEST]

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The Nokia Lumia 800 battery test just finished and we are rushing to bring you the results. Everyone with any degree of interest in Windows Phone certainly has the Finns’ flagship on their shortlist, so we figured plenty of people will be interested to see how it did.

Coming with a 1450 mAh battery and a WVGA 3.7″ screen, the Lumia 800 started this test in a slightly more favorable position than its Nokia N9 sibling. The MeeGo flagship features the same battery, but its screen is 0.2″ larger and has 54 pixels higher vertical resolution, so we’d expect the Lumia 800 to do better. Read more »

iOS 5 finally gets an untethered jailbreak, public availability coming soon [VIDEO]

by 22 comments

Ever since Apple released iOS 5, a lot of its users have been waiting for an untethered jailbreak to come up. Well, it appears that the long wait is about be over as we got a video from the Chronic Dev Team that demonstrates a working untethered jailbreak solution.

The French hacker going by the name of ThePod2g announced that he found a bug that could be used for the jailbreak about a month ago and now he and his team have already found a way to utilize it. Read more »

Samsung FINALLY allowed to sell the Galaxy Tab in Australia

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After a long game of inflicting and lifting bans backwards and forwards, finally the Australian High Court has allowed Samsung to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country.

The High Court had a week to decide on a verdict whether to accept Apple’s application to appeal to the Federal Court decision of overturning the ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Read more »

Flipboard for iPhone review – shrinking the magazine style the right way

by 19 comments

Flipboard is a digital magazine-like application that combines all of your Facebook, Twitter, website news, articles, photos and more into one live feed for simple (and gorgeous) browsing from one dedicated place. It used to be an iPad exclusive up until the other day when Flipboard launched a version for the iPhone too and we thought we’d take it for a spin and do a little impromptu review of it.

Once the app launched yesterday things went seriously wrong and Flipboard’s servers were overwhelmed by the incredible demand. Today Flipboard updated the app and things started working again. We’ve prepared screen shots for you guys and also a video demo of Flipboard for iPhone, join us after the break for the full scoop. Read more »

Serious Sam 3 pirated copies come with a nasty surprise, an invincible enemy doesn’t let you finish the game [VIDEO]

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As far as anti-piracy measures go, this is probably the coolest trick we have ever seen. A version of Serious Sam 3 available for download in many torrent sites features an invincible mutant scorpion, which prevents unsanctioned users from completing the game.

The developers from Croteam deny any comment on the story, but rumor has it that the “special” edition of the game has been leaked on purpose. Read more »

Asus Transformer Prime Nenamark 2 results come up, confirm that Tegra 3 has a beefy GPU

by 22 comments

Still sitting on the fence regarding the purchase of the Asus Transformer Prime? Well, this latest piece of info might just be enough to make you reach for your wallet. We just got the NenaMark 2 results that the slate achieved and we can confirm that it has the graphics power to match its impressive CPU.

No one really doubted the CPU power of the Tegra 3 chipset that the Transformer Prime uses – after all it uses the same architecture as the current crop of top-shelf smart devices and is adds a couple of extra cores. However, some were suspecting that the GPU didn’t get a sufficient enough update and the Transformer Prime might struggle with graphics performance. Read more »

Batman Arkham City Lockdown comes out for iOS, lets you fight crime on the iPhone

by 31 comments

Are you a big Batman fan? Then you must have enjoyed playing Batman: Arkham City that was recently released for the consoles and the PC. And if you enjoyed playing that game then you will probably love Batman Arkham City Lockdown as well, provided you have an iOS device.

Publisher Warner Bros. and developer NetherRealm Studios have brought the epic action of the Batman games on to the smaller screen of your smartphone and tablets. Batman Arkham City Lockdown makes use of the popular Unreal Engine that was found under the hood of the gorgeous Infinity Blade games and promises to be just as visually impressive. Read more »

Twitter goes through a major redesign, updates the web UI, TweetDeck and mobile applications in one go

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Twitter released a major update yesterday that spanned their website, mobile applications and even the recently acquired TweetDeck. The web interface now includes a new top bar with three new tabs for Home, Connect and Discover.

Home is your timeline where you can see tweets from the people you follow and yourself. The profile information and additional options that were present on the right side of the previous design have been shifted to the left. You can now click on tweets to expand them and if there are any images or videos embedded then they can be viewed right then and there. Read more »