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Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 Android ICS tablet goes on sale in the US, brings along an optional keyboard dock

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Lenovo just put the IdeaTab S2110 on sale in the US – it’s a 10″ Android ICS tablet with an optional keyboard dock, a la Asus Transformer. The keyboard dock features a battery that boosts battery life by 10 hours, two full-size USB ports and a 3-in-1 SD card reader.

The tablet itself features a 10.1″ IPS LCD display, a 5MP main camera (with LED flash), 1.3MP front-facing camera and a pair of speakers with SRS TruMedia enhancement. The Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 APQ8060A chipset with two Krait cores clocked at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM and Adreno 225 GPU. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Note new specs revealed

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Samsung is obviously finding it hard to keep the revamped Galaxy Note 10.1 under wraps. The slate was announced back on the MWC in February, but never made it to the shelves and was returned to the company’s R&D center for a specs overhaul instead.

It was just yesterday when we saw the Galaxy Note 10.1 S-Pen ad on YouTube. Today, some lucky guy from Korea managed to get a retail Galaxy Note 10.1 unit and was kind enough to share the unboxing pictures and the official specs of the slate with the rest of us. Read more »

Apple gets the Galaxy Tab 7.7 sales banned in EU, loses in the Galaxy Tab 10.1N case

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Apple and Samsung had another round in the Dusseldorf’s Higher Regional Court that ended up badly for the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Apple scored a victory in its crusade against the Super AMOLED-packing tablet and got its sales banned across the European Union. It’s up to the members of the EU to decide whether to respect this decision or not though. Read more »

Asus confirm JB update for Transformer Pad 300, Prime and Infinity

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Asus have just confirmed that they will be delivering an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to three of their tablets. The company’s Finnish branch confirmed on their Facebook page that the Asus Transformer Pad 300, the Transformer Pad Prime and the Transformer Pad Infinity will all be treated to the latest version of Android.

The announcement is hardly surprising, given that all three slates are powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset with the powerful 4-PLUS-1 CPU at its heart which should easily be able to run Android 4.1. It’s always good to get an official confirmation from the manufacturer though. Read more »

Apple releases new iPhone 4S ad, starring Martin Scorsese

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Apple has released yet another ad for the iPhone 4S highlighting the Siri functionality. And this time, they have none other than Mr. Martin Scorsese himself.

This new ad sticks to the same formula as the previous ones. The celebrity is using the Siri functionality on the iPhone 4S to manage day to day tasks such as changing appointment schedules, which highlights the ease of using just your voice to do these otherwise tedious tasks while simultaneously highlighting the conversational nature of Siri. Read more »

Motorola XOOM Android 4.1.1 update changelog leaked

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The Android 4.1, Jelly Bean update is coming for the Motorola XOOM. That much we know, since Google themselves said so on the stage at the Google I/O. But there has been no sign of it so far, even though we are well past the mid-July phase now and the other two promised Nexus devices having already gotten their updates.

Well, we don’t have news on when exactly you will be getting Jelly Bean on your XOOM but if it’s any consolation, we have got the changelog for you, so you know what to expect when the update finally starts rolling out, whenever it does. Read more »

Meizu MX 4-core battery life test concludes, results are inside

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The Meizu MX 4-core is a revamped version of the ambitions MX smartphone, which challenged both the iPhone and its Android kin alike with a heavily customized OS. The MX 4-core, as the name suggests, uses a quad-core Exynos chipset from Samsung (like the one in the Galaxy S III) and also has a slightly bigger battery than its predecessor – 1700mAh vs. 1600mAh.

What other changes has Meizu done under the hood to improve battery life? The Chinese haven’t gone into specifics, but we saw improvement across the board. Read more »

Another Xperia go torture video surfaces

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Sony has hyped the Xperia go as a rugged smartphone ever since its recent release, and it now yet another group of sadistic testers have decided to see just how resilient it really is.

The guys from German tech site A1 have taken it upon themselves to put the Xperia Go through a gauntlet of various tests to push the limits of its IP67 certification, including dunking it in a pool, running it over with a car, and making it into an ice cream sandwich. Get it, Ice Cream Sandwich? Read more »

New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 video ad lands on YouTube, announcement to come in three weeks

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An official video ad of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was uploaded on YouTube. It focuses on the S-Pen input and unfortunately reveals nothing, but the supposedly retail design.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 was initially announced at the MWC in February and was supposed to be powered by a dual-core Exynos chipset. Later, though, Samsung decided to delay the tablet and equip it with a better CPU. Read more »

Dead Trigger is now free on Android, devs blame rampant piracy on Android

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One of the hottest mobile games of this summer – Dead Trigger – is now free on Android’s Play Store. This is not a limited time promotion, nor has the developer implemented in-game ads to make up for drop in price.

The reason is something Android has been blamed since its dawn – the piracy rate. Read more »

Google can’t keep up with demand, stops 16GB Nexus 7 orders temporarily

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With a price tag like that, the Google Nexus 7 was always going to be a hot-selling device. However it appears that the demand for the Tegra 3-packing slate managed to surprise even Google themselves, as the company was forced to temporarily suspend the orders for its 16GB version.

The device is currently unavailable for purchase from the Google Play store, leaving third party retailers as your only option if you want to order it now. And we suspect supplies won’t last too long there either, so you might want to hurry up if you want to be among the first to have a Nexus 7. Read more »

Huawei releases video for the upcoming MediaPad 10 FHD Android tablet

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We saw the Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD back at Mobile World Congress earlier this year but there hasn’t been any news about it ever since.

Now it seems the device is close to its release and so Huawei has released an official video mentioning some of the key features of this 10-inch Android tablet. Read more »

Canon officially announces the EOS M, their first mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera

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A few days ago we reported about the leaked image of the then unannounced Canon EOS M camera. This was to be the first mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera from the company and was supposed to be announced on July 23. And just as expected, here comes the full announcement from Canon.

As with other cameras of this kind, Canon is boasting about the existence of a DSLR size sensor and the ability to change lenses in a relatively compact camera that you can carry around with you every where. They are also targeting the everyday photographers with this camera, that is, the people you see going around clicking pictures of things usually with their mobile phone cameras, but with this they can do the same with much better results. Read more »

Beats and HTC part ways, but mobile exclusivity will continue

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Today HTC and Beats have taken another step apart in their partnership, as Beats have purchased back some of the shares they sold to HTC last year.

Beats execs once again have a controlling interest in their own company, as HTC have agreed to sell them back half of the shares purchased in last years acquisition. Beats now have 75% of the shares, while the remaining roughly 25% still belong to HTC. Read more »

Tiny Wings for iOS game review

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You may have heard about the game Tiny Wings by now. It was released in February last year and so far has only been available on the iPhone and iPod touch.

A few days ago, developer Andreas Illiger released the v2.0 of Tiny Wings that introduces some new gameplay mechanics, along with an iPad version. Let’s take a look at it. Read more »