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LG Optimus L7 joins the review queue, the hands-on video awaits you

by 8 comments

It’s been over three months since the LG Optimus L7 was announced back at the MWC. The mid-ranger promised to bring some high-end features at an affordable price and we are here to check if it delivers.

After we finally got to welcome the Optimus L7 to our office, we were surprised to see how good it actually turned out to be. Read more »

Nifty app lets you ‘beam’ images from your iPhone to any WiFi-enabled display

by 24 comments

Popular developer Scalado has just released its latest product dubbed Photobeamer. The cool app lets you send any image currently being displayed on your iPhone to another display almost instantly.

All you need to make it work is have a display capable of opening a webpage. Read more »

Australian maker Kogan unveils Agora 10 ICS tablet, asks $179 for it

by 13 comments

Australian maker Kogan is joining the super cheap tablet race with the Agora 10 tablet. The slate boasts Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 10″ XGA screen, HDMI port and more for just $179 (not sure if Australian dollars or US, but they’re about the same). Most other bargain tablets are 7″, so getting a 10″ tablet at such a low price does sound appealing.

Of course, there are tradeoffs to be made – the Kogan Agora 10 is powered by a single-core Cortex-A8 CPU running at 1.2GHz, but it does have 1GB of RAM. Read more »

Opera to cost Facebook north of a billion dollars, analysts say

by 58 comments

After buying Instagram for a billion dollars, Zuckerberg now has plans for acquiring Opera Software, according to recent reports.

The reason Facebook might be interested in acquiring Opera is the increased mobile traffic to the social network, which the company is unable to fully take advantage of. Buying Opera might be a huge step in solving this problem, according to analysts, and if Zuckerbeg wants to make this happen, he might have to fork out north of a billion dollars. Read more »

Samsung revamps Music Hub, aims to rival iTunes and Google Music

by 17 comments

Samsung has stepped up its game with Music Hub, now offering unlimited streaming of your music and access to a library of over 19 million songs for 10 euro a month.

Currently Music Hub is a Galaxy S III exclusive but will become available across Samsung’s smartphones eventually. Read more »

Angry Birds and PES 2012 are a no go for Windows Phone devices with 256MB of RAM (Updated)

by 62 comments

It turns out that Skype won’t be the only app that will be giving the cold shoulder to Windows Phone smartphones with 256MB of RAM. Angry Birds, PES 2012, and the video call app Tango have also joined the list of applications that won’t be available for the lower-tiered Windows Phones.

Update: The folks at Rovio are working on an update of Angry Birds, which will support devices with 256MB of RAM.

While the omission of PES 2012 is somewhat understandable given its graphic intensive nature, the unavailability of Angry Birds in particular is quite baffling. Read more »

Facebook could buy, make tagging easier than ever

by 16 comments

There are unconfirmed reports circling the web saying that Facebook is aimed at buying face recognition company for between $80 and $100 million.

This might mean that Facebook will implement the face recognition technology of to automatically tag the people in your photos and spare you the effort. Read more »

Leaked S Voice digital assistant works again, droids from all makers are invited

by 50 comments

A little after Samsung’s new Siri-killer app S Voice leaked, the South Korean company blocked it on non-Galaxy S III devices. Now that restriction seems to have been lifted as the app started working again, even on phones by other manufacturers.

We’re not sure what caused this change of heart or how long this will last, so you’d better hurry and ask S Voice all the joke questions you can think of before Samsung flips the off switch again. Read more »

Monster announces three new headhpone models at the Monaco Grand Prix

by 76 comments

If you are a fan of the Monster headphones, you’d be glad to know that the company has just announced new models.

Called Inspiration, Diamond Tears Edge and VEKTR, they are all quite the lookers. Read more »

LG announces world’s first FullHD smartphone display with a pixel density of 440ppi

by 152 comments

LG has created a new display for the ever evolving smartphone that involves packing in 1920 x 1080 pixels in just 5-inches of display space. This is the world’s first FullHD smartphone display and has a pixel density of an astonishing 440ppi, way ahead of what we currently have in our phones.

The panel used in the display is an Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching or AH-IPS LCD. This is the same technology that LG used in one of its panels last year for which they also won an award. Compared to standard IPS panels, AH-IPS panels have greater color accuracy, wider viewing angles and greater light transmission which leads to lower power consumption. Read more »

Gizmon Clip-On Lenses lets you add interchangeable lenses to your iPhone and iPad

by 41 comments

You may already be aware of the olloclip lens for the iPhone. Gizmon Clip-On Lenses are similar but gives you the option to change the lens and also works with an iPad.

You have a basic clip that slides on top of your iPhone or iPad and then you get three interchangeable lenses that you can screw on top of the clip. There are fish-eye, 3 image mirage filter and circular polarizer lenses available by default. Read more »

Samsung Mobile PIN stores opening in London on May 29, here are some pictures

by 31 comments

Earlier this month, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S III at London, they also announced that they will be starting a new range of retain stores called the Samsung Mobile PIN. The first of these miniature stores will open in London on May 29, the same day the Galaxy S III will go on sale in Europe.

As we have explained before, these PIN stores are small so they can be moved from one location to another and are meant to be placed within popular destinations such as malls. They are meant to give people hands-on experience with the phone and also the option to purchase it. Read more »

AT&T HTC One X bootloader gets unofficially unlocked

by 14 comments

Since last year, HTC started giving users the option to unlock the bootloader on their phones if that is what they wished for. However, the AT&T One X was not part of the list of handsets for which HTC is offering the unlock. The reason for this was widely believed to be AT&T, although HTC never actually officially mentioned that.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the people at xda-developers, who view restrictions as hurdles instead of a dead ends, managed to get the phone unlocked and as usual they have come through. Read more »

The smallest of the bunch is here – meet the Samsung Galaxy Pocket

by 49 comments

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket has come for a visit so we got out the camera and filmed the whole thing. It’s among the smallest Android handsets around and is evidence of Samsung’s determination to conquer Android from the low through the mid and finally the high range.

Everything about the Galaxy Pocket screams compromise, the specs sheet that can fit on a napkin, the retail package that is as modest as they come but all of this promises a price not too many smartphones can compete against. Read more »

Bing Maps to now use Nokia’s traffic and geocoding information

by 31 comments

When Nokia partnered with Microsoft to make Windows Phone as their primary smartphone platform, they also mentioned that this partnership will run a lot deeper than simply installing Windows Phone on their devices. It would be a two-way street, with both companies bringing something to the table.

Till now we have seen Nokia release phones based on the Windows Phone operating system but now we are going to see the other side of this partnership. From now onward, Microsoft’s Bing Map service will use Nokia’s traffic and geocoding information. Read more »