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LG announces new X Note Z350 Ultrabook

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LG has announced the new X Note Z350 Ultrabook with a 13.3-inch display, which is the successor to the older Z330 model. It is based on Intel’s third generation Core i-series platform (Ivy Bridge) and boasts of a boot up time of only nine seconds.

Another feather in its sleek silver body is a Red Dot Design Award, even though it does sort of look like every other Ultrabook we have seen recently. LG also claims that it is the thinnest Ultrabook in the world, with a thickness of just 14.7mm. And at 1.2kg, it’s also very light. Read more »

picplz to shut down permanently on July 3

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By now you may have heard about or used the picplz service. They had mobile apps on iOS and Android that allowed you to capture, edit and upload image on to their servers. From there the users had the option to share the image to other social networking services.

picplz has now announced that it will be shutting down permanently on July 3. Their iOS and Android apps have also been pulled from the App Store and the Play Store respectively. Read more »

Sony announces Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition for the PS3, PSVita and mobile devices

by 13 comments

Last year, Sony launched the Wireless Stereo Headset for the PlayStation 3, which is an amazing product for the price and something I can personally vouch for having owned it for the past several months. Now, Sony has launched the new Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition, which not only works with the PS3 but also with the PSVita and other mobile devices.

The main feature of this headset is the BassImpact technology. It turns bass sounds into pulses that sync with the sound. Basically, you will feel the headset vibrating along with bass in the audio, which Sony believes creates a greater sense of immersion. Read more »

Dead Trigger is another epic shooter coming our way from Madfinger Games

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For those of you who are already too good at playing Shadowgun from Madfinger Games, we have some good news. There is another epic first person shooter coming our way from the developed, carrying the title Dead Trigger.

As the game’s title mildly suggests, there are zombies involved in the action – lots of them to be precise, as well as plenty of weapons at your disposal to face them. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III gets the teardown treatment by iFixit and Chipworks

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Well, it was only going to be a matter of time before the inquisitive minds at iFixit or Chipworks got their hands on the new Galaxy S III and skillfully take it apart bit by bit and so finally they have.

This has lead to some rather interesting discoveries as mentioned below. Read more »

Sony Xperia P battery life gets tested, 1305mAh found lacking by WhiteMagic screen

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The Sony Xperia P packs a special screen with WhiteMagic technology, which promises a lot of power-saving – up to 50% Sony says. But the other variable we need to consider here is the battery – and its meager 1305mAh capacity.

So, the screen may seem well suited to display web sites (which are predominantly white) with its white subpixels, but the battery is smaller than the one on a Samsung Galaxy S, which came out two years ago with a similarly-sized screen and a single core chipset. Read more »

Sony showcases the rugged Xperia acro S and Xperia go on another video

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The Xperia acro S and Xperia go went official couple of days ago, but Sony has decided that their impressive specs sheet and ruggedness deserve another video.

The acro S and go got their specifications listed on separate videos, and some of the highlight features even got tested. Read more »

Opera Mini 7 with Smart Page now available for feature phones

by 18 comments

The world’s most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, has now been updated to version 7 and brings the new Smart Page feature. What this does is brings all your news and updates from your social networks onto a single page.

Once you install the browser, you will notice a new Home tab. Here you will see your bookmarks, the news feeds you have subscribed to and updates from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Read more »

Microsoft releases Windows 8 Release Preview

by 41 comments

Just like we said yesterday, Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Release Preview on the stipulated date. As with the Consumer Preview, you can download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant that analyzes your computer and provides a smaller download or you can download the full 32-bit or 64-bit ISO files.

Among the major changes in this new version includes a bunch of new apps that include Bing Travel, News and Sports apps, as well as Gaming and Music Xbox apps that integrate with your Zune pass. The Mail, Photos and People apps have also been updated. Read more »

The HTC One X moonlights as a hammer, lives to tell the story

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It’s becoming a bit of a trend this – using nails and hammers on smartphones. After the Nokia Lumia 900 display took some really painful hits, a guy from Russia decided that his HTC One X could do a lot better and decided to skip the hammer part all together.

So here we have this video where the HTC One X is used as a hammer, driving nails through wood. And the results? This is not the kind of stuff I would recommend for the faint of heart.
Read more »

CryENGINE 3 demo surfaces, new soft body physics showcased

by 23 comments

A video demo of the new CryENGINE 3 shows its enhanced physics in action with a wobbly 4-by-4 pick-up truck doing lots of collisions and stress tests.

The CryENGINE by Crytek is what powers the highly popular game Crysis (1 and 2). In the video you’ll see the the new version of the popular engine coupled with the beam physics system. Read more »

Samsung showcases the main Galaxy S III features in a lengthy real-life scenario

by 75 comments

The Samsung Galaxy S III is arguably the hottest Android smartphones ever, scoring over 9 million pre-orders.

Naturally, a huge part of this success is due to the phones numerous features, which Samsung has kindly decided to demonstrate in a real-life scenario. This includes taking photos, reading a children’s book, playing music, browsing the Internet and of course, wireless sharing. Read more »

Core i7 Ivy Bridge CPU overclocked to record 7.032GHz on a Gigabyte motherboard

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Ivy Bridge reviews mostly agree that the new architecture doesn’t overclock as well as Sandy Bridge, but that didn’t stop intrepid overclocker HiCookie from reaching 7.032GHz – a world record – with an Intel Core i7 3770K running on a Gigabyte motherboard. He also set a world record for DDR3 overclocking while he was at it.

The world records have been validated by CPUz and Canard PC and you can watch them being set on video (after the break). Read more »

Microsoft to allegedly release Windows 8 Release Preview on May 31

by 35 comments

It seems Microsoft is all set to release the next version of Windows 8 Release Preview today on May 31. This information comes courtesy The Next Web, who noticed a prematurely published blog post on Microsoft’s developer website announcing the launch of the new update.

The post was written by Chuck Chan, Corporate Vice President on the Windows Development team who talked about the Release Preview. The blog post was written yesterday on May 30 but had May 31 time stamp. Needless to say the post has since been pulled down but you might see it being live soon. Read more »

Google adds accessories for the Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store

by 12 comments

Recently, Google started selling the unlocked GSM variant of the Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store. Now, they have added some accessories to go along with it.

For now you only have three types of docks available. Read more »