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Nokia puts its phones through grueling tests, brags about it on video

Over time Nokia phones have built up a reputation of being indestructible and Nokia reminds us of this with a cool video with pleasant music that describes the decidedly unpleasant process a phone has to go though.

“If testing shows a phone can be better, it’s back to the drawing board,” says the video. Here’s what testing includes.

Nokia first tests hardware durability of phones in a metal tumbler where phones spend several hours, then dropping them on a steel floor several hundred times and twisting and bending them. The keys on the phone are mashed hundreds of thousand times to make sure they are reliable, too.

Then a true Nokia phone must face the elements – a simulated tropical storm, then a hot, humid chamber for over a week and finally a jumble in a mixture of rock powder and metal filings.

Samsung is pretty rough with its phones too, it’s safe to say we wouldn’t want to be a phone.



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