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Nokia Windows RT tablet pictured, alleged full Windows 8 version on the way

What we may be seeing here is Nokia’s rumored Windows tablet, which has been doing the rounds in Rumorland for quite a long time now, but is yet to be officially confirmed.

The slate runs Windows RT nd not the full-blown Windows 8. However sources, allegedly close to the situation at Espoo, claim that Nokia may have given up on the RT version (pictured here) and will move its focus to delivering a slate with the full Windows experience.

The Nokia tablet was rumored to be running on a lowly Tegra 3 processor, have a 10″ display, HDMI and USB ports, SIM slot and a MagSafe charger, similar to that of the MacBook and Microsoft Surface – a charger that magnetically attaches to the port for convenience.

The tablet is said to sport the model number NVIDIA P1001, but we doubt it will be what the final version is called. When we hear more, we’ll update you immediately.

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