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Rockstar issues a dozen new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Rockstar Games has released a dozen of new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots to build up even more hype about its upcoming game.

Though static, the new batch of screenshot is more action-packed than ever. There are car and bike chases, airplane flights, scuba-diving, skydiving. All screenshots showcase the game’s gorgeous scenery and graphics. One screenshot even depicts the three main game characters – Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Exactly a week ago, the company released a trailer showcasing the protagonists in detail. Rockstar boasts that the game features the biggest map it has ever created and the latest screenshots definitely support this claim.

Expected to launch on September 17, Grand Theft Auto V is going to be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Sadly, PC gamers are left out, as the company is figuring a way to save the game from being pirated.



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