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iPhone 4 to possibly get a 64GB version, iPod touch caught saying it had it in it all along

Remember those photos and videos of the 64GB iPhone 4 we saw a while back? Well, it seems that the device could be close to launch.

The info comes from a memo received by the guys at This is my next from the third-party Verizon retailer Russell Cellular, which references 32GB and 64GB iPhone 4 versions. There is no mention of the 16GB model, but that does not necessarily mean it won’t be available once they launch the 64GB model. Who knows, they might just discontinue the iPhone 3GS and then drop the price of the 16GB model to $99, while the 32GB and 64GB models would be priced at $199 and $299 respectively. Of course, these are all just speculations on my part so you should take it with a bucket of salt.

Still, it somehow seems strange that Apple would want to release a higher capacity model so close to the launch of the next generation iPhone. Usually when a new iPhone is launched, Apple drops the storage capacity and the price of the older one while the new one gets the higher storage. And it’s unlikely that the next generation iPhone will have 128GB memory as that would be quite expensive. I guess we will have to wait and watch see how this one unfolds.

UPDATE: Turns out it was just a typo.



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