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Samsung planning on making Bada OS open source next year?

According to some insider information, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is en route to open-source its home-baked Bada OS next year, making it possible for developers and even other manufacturers to tinker with it.

The move, should it turn out true, will aim to bring some more manufacturers to the Bada ecosystem and turn it into a viable alternative to Android for mid-range and high-end phones. That would give Samsung some independence from Google and Android and is supposed to be brought on, in part, by the Google-Motorola deal.

Symbian did make a similar move a while back and it didn’t quite work out so it will be interesting to see how things pan out with Bada. The platform is doing quite well in the low-end, where its lower system requirements give it an edge over Android, but it just doesn’t have enough to offer when there’s actually capable hardware at hand. Maybe open-sourcing it will speed up its development or maybe it will relegate it even further down the ranks (if there’s no interest at all).

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