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iPhone 4S photos pop up on Apple’s site, should be released on October 14th

It’s time to shed any remaining doubt about the iPhone 4S (not that there was much left). Images from Apple’s own website show the black and white 4S model (the file name clearly says “4s”), that is practically indistinguishable from the iPhone 4.

However, have a closer look at the icon just above the “Phone” app. It’s the Newsstand app, which is a part of iOS5 – the OS that the 4S will launch with. The black and white versions are both shown – hopefully, that means both colors will be launched simultaneously.

Update: It’s out. Meet the iPhone 4S.

The Japanese Apple store jumped the gun too and posted a launch date for the 4S – October 14th, or in other words next Friday. Tune in for the announcement in a couple of minutes, we’ll be covering the launch of Apple’s new smartphone(s).

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