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Nokia sweet-talking devs into creating apps for WP7, partner with Microsoft to really reel them in

Nokia bet the house on the Microsoft deal, so they’re trying to make sure all goes well once their first Windows Phone 7 handset launches. They are reportedly talking to app developers, trying to lure them in and expand the app catalogue of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Microsoft is also trying to grow the developer base for WP7 through promotions of their own, so devs can cash in on the incentives from both companies.

Nokia is offering app developers funding for their projects, promises to promote the apps and will even pre-load some of them on the upcoming WP7 phone (the Sea Ray), according to people who are in talks with the Finnish company.

Also, Microsoft and Nokia together are offering assistance with coding the app and joint promotion.

It’s good to see both Nokia and Microsoft recognize the importance of a bountiful app store, the question now remains whether devs will bite.



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