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According to the Motorola CEO, the majority of company’s future devices will feature multi-touch support

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In a recent interview Motorola’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, revealed that the company will release more multi-touch enabled devices in the future. However, it is still unknown whether those will reach the shores of the United States.

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Only 20 000 HTC Google Nexus One Android smartphones sold a whole week after its market launch

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HTC Google Nexus One is a superphone, indeed. And it seemed to have all it takes to become a market hit as well. But apperently something went wrong, because the start of its sales is seriously short of impressive? As it turns out only around 20 000 Nexus One Android smartphones have been sold during the first week after the official market launch of the device.

So, if this trend keeps up, the Google’s first smartphone might just fail to set the world alight. Let me remind you that analysts expected 5 to 6 million Nexus Ones to be sold by the end of the year.
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It didn’t really take long: the HTC Google Nexus One can already be unlocked and rooted

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Five short days was all it took the Android community to enable Google Nexus One unlocking and rooting. Read on to find how to gain administrative rights on your shiny new Android 2.1 device.

And the best part is that you don’t need to be a genius to do it on your own. There is even a video which leads you through the whole process. So, all you need are 8-9 minutes of spare time to watch it. Well that and a Nexus One phone, of course.
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Nokia X6 enters the review queue in all its capacitive goodness

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I do admit that is running a bit late on X6 review. Unfortunately sometimes getting the phones is not as easy as some of you might think. Especially when we are talking a handset of such high public interest as the Nokia X6, on which everyone wants to get their hands.

Nokia X6Nokia X6Nokia X6Nokia X6
Nokia X6 at ours

But now that we have it in, we can guarantee you that we will do our best to come up with a detailed review as soon as possible. But for now we have prepared a short unboxing video as a brief warm-up. This will also give you a chance to ask some questions that you want answered in the review.

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Capacitive screens test round 1 – iPhone, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Milestone and Google Nexus One

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Now you know having a capacitive touchscreen is cool but have you ever wondered which one is the coolest of them non-stylus lot? MOTO developed very simple and yet effective test for comparing different capacitive touchscreens. The first four handsets to be tested are four of the top-end smartphones available on the market – iPhone, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Milestone and Google Nexus One.

The test is rather simple – drawing lines on the screen with a finger – the first time barely touching the screen and applying some force on the second go. Now there are several outside factors that can affect the performance of each device (moisture of the finger or how steady the hand of the tester is to name the two most obvious) but hopefully the guys from MOTO took them into consideration and did their best so the test remains as objective as possible.

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Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon CPU coming before the end of the year

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And all of a sudden your 1GHz Snapdraggon-powered HTC HD2 doesn’t seem all that powerful any more. Apparently Qualcomm are almost done with the development of not one but two new mobile CPU units that are about to top their lineup.

Before January has ended 1.3 GHz Snapdragon 8X50A CPU with reduced-size 45nm core process will be offered to manufacturers and is expected to appear in end-products by the end of this year. We guess, HTC HD3 will be getting one of those.

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Samsung Bada S8200 will be the pioneer with the new OS, 4-inch Galaxy 2 is on the way

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Eldar Murtazin posted a tweet with some juicy info about two new Samsung smartphones.

The first is Bada S8200, which name is more than enough to conclude it will be the first smartphone with the new Bada OS.
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Nexus One torn apart, Wi-Fi 802.11n and FM radio transmitter/receiver found hiding inside

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The guys at iFixit sure have picked a strange name for their site, considering they tear down everything high-tech they get their hands on. But they are pros at it and very often they uncover interesting things.

Take the Nexus One teardown for example – it turns out that Google’s Superphone contains a Broadcom BCM4329 chip, which can do 802.11n Wi-Fi and FM radio receiving and transmitting. Neither of those three things is listed in the official specs though…

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LG GW990 is a Moorestown-powered MID, and it will probably make calls as well

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LG is moving in to resurrect the MID with its Moorestown-powered LG GW990. Moorestown platform might just be the precursor to Atom-powered smartphones, but for now is just a resurgence of the Mobile Internet Device platform – something, which made obsolete by modern smartphones – just like PDAs.

Here’s what we know of the LG GW990 – it is powered by the Intel Moorestown platform, which includes a 45nm Atom-core Pineview CPU (basically like those new netbooks, though possibly at a lower clockspeed), a graphics controller and built-in wireless capabilities – 7.2Mbps HSDPA and 5.76Mbps HSPA in the case of the LG GW990. Moorestown platform is extra light on the gas pedal and power consumption is deemed 10 times lower than that of last year’s Atom platforms.

LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990
LG GW990 could be the saviour of the MID

The GW990 screen is 4.8″ with 1024×480 pixels resolution, putting it midway between smartphones and tablets size-wise – the sweet spot for MIDs (monsters like the HTC HD2 skew things a bit but still). The LG GW990 also packs a 5-megapixel camera as well as a built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS and digital compass. The battery is 1850mAh but we don’t know what that means for battery life.

There’s no information on the OS for the LG GW990, but the interface is a definite S-Class derivative. Under the hood, it’s probably a modified Moblin OS, which is a Linux-based thing designed specifically for Moorestown devices. The wide screen is put to good use thanks to the “Multi-Window” view for enhanced multitasking- it places three screens side by side in landscape view, looking quite similar to the cards of WebOS.

LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990 LG GW990
More LG GW990 promises desktop browsing on the go

LG GW990 labels promise HD video and 3D gaming on the LG GW990 but as far as real-life usability goes, we’ll have to see it to judge it.

It doesn’t seem like the LG GW990 is capable of voice calls over the 3G network, but you can always use VoIP, I guess. There’s a handy earpice on board for that. Straight from the birth of the Moorestown platform Intel have been promising call capabilities so we wouldn;t be surprised if this thing can even be used as a mobile phone.

Intel and LG have partnered up and have been promising a MID for 2010 – and they’ve obviously kept their word with the GW990.

Three videos of the Google Nexus One you shouldn’t miss

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Hot on the heels of the Google Nexus One announcement, Google released the first demo and instructional videos about their new phone. Here’s my selection of the available videos – I’ve singled out only the most interesting and entertaining ones here.

First off, it’s the Google Nexus One promo video, showcasing its main new features including:

  • The Cooliris 3D gallery with Picasa integration
  • The new News and Weather widget
  • The upcoming Google Earth for Android app
  • 3D spinning main menu (a.k.a. application launcher)

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MWC 2010 no-shows: Nokia and LG decide to throw their own parties instead

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The MWC 2010 is getting a lot of “Sorry, can’t make it” calls lately. First, it was rumors that Nokia won’t have a booth and now LG is backing out as well.

The truth is that neither Nokia nor LG will be exhibiting anything – at least not on the MWC Congress grounds. Instead Read more »

A US government site makes us quit talking and texting while driving

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Have you ever thought how dangerous it might be to talk on the phone or to text while driving? The discussions on that matter began years ago but now the US government decided to make the next step towards solving that problem by launching the web site

And it is a serious problem indeed. As the statistics in there show, 80 percent of all crashes are connected to some kind of distraction. And if you dig deeper you’ll find some even more shocking details.
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10 good reasons to jailbreak your iPhone, no matter what generation

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I guess there’s a large number of iPhone owners that are still hesitant to jailbreak their iPhones. They consider jailbreaking a dangerous and daunting task that may eventually void their warranty. Since I’m on the other side of that barricade, I’ve put down a nice list of the 10 new features you will get if you go for jailbreaking. The benefits are more than ten, but I’ve compiled the most major ones.

Jailbreaking is a software process that unlocks the access to the iPhone original system files so that you can modify some of them for the better. You shouldn’t confuse it with a carrier unlock. Jailbreaking allows us to unleash the true power of the Apple’s iPhone.

iPhone jailbreak

Getting your iPhone jailbroken is like getting a totally different device – at least software-wise. And while I find it next to impossible to resist the tempting new features, I can totally understand you may have perfectly good reasons to keep your iPhone untouched. But hopefully, this list will help you convert.

And a word of warning! This post is not a tutorial in jailbreaking your iPhone. If you need one, a nice place to start is iClarified iPhone section. Installing unofficial third-party apps may cause unwanted side effects so always rely on your good judgment when dealing with those. I am not to be held responsible for any damage you may inflict to your iPhone.

Now that I’ve taken that off my chest, please, say hello to freedom.

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Nokia Image Space lets you create 3D presentations of the places you’ve visited

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Nokia Image Space sounds just like the next service allowing you to upload your images to the Internet directly from your mobile phone. B-o-o-ring! But take a closer look. It actually let’s you do much more.

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Shortest day of the year brings shorter YouTube links

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Even if you haven’t heard, you should have felt it: yesterday was this year’s shortest day. It was also the day YouTube links got shorter. So, don’t be scared next time when you see a link starting with “” – it will get you a YouTube video. At first you might not realize how useful that change indeed is. But think twice: as of yesterday you’re able to share any YouTube videos using much less characters. And that’s quite an advantage to you twitters.

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