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Three videos of the Google Nexus One you shouldn’t miss

Hot on the heels of the Google Nexus One announcement, Google released the first demo and instructional videos about their new phone. Here’s my selection of the available videos – I’ve singled out only the most interesting and entertaining ones here.

First off, it’s the Google Nexus One promo video, showcasing its main new features including:

  • The Cooliris 3D gallery with Picasa integration
  • The new News and Weather widget
  • The upcoming Google Earth for Android app
  • 3D spinning main menu (a.k.a. application launcher)

But check out the video for yourselves:

Then, there’s the Nexus One camera and 3D gallery demo:

And finally, here’s a sample of Google Nexus One dynamic wallpaper and new News and Weather widget(s):



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